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Machine Man Word Cloud

Machine Man I discovered a word cloud generator, so naturally enough I pasted Machine Man into it.

It looks like this:

Machine Man Word Cloud
Image courtesy

That’s pretty awesome. I love the big Lola. I’m disappointed “just” is so big, though. I have to stop using that. Possibly I am overdoing the similes, too, with a “like” of those dimensions. But the scattering of body parts is nice.


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Gregor (#1182)

Location: Toronto
Quote: "The righteous man is beset on all sides by the tyrannies of evil men."
Posted: 5350 days ago

I am in awe that the word 'contour' has been so prolific. This must be your best work yet! :)
Have you found your favourite word yet by comparing all your novels in Wordle?

Machine Man subscriber Electrichead (#3898)

Location: Toronto
Posted: 5350 days ago

What's interesting is the size of "Page". Anything larger than that was used at least once on every single page. Lola was probably in there enough to be spread out twice on each page!

Machine Man subscriber Scolopendra (#3998)

Location: San Diego, CA
Quote: "Hrowar!"
Posted: 5350 days ago

I think this is, like, a really, like, good thing, y'know, like it can, like, point out like the words you like use and stuff.

Machine Man subscriber Julie (#3943)

Location: Charlotte, NC
Quote: ""Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one." -- Eleanor Roosevelt"
Posted: 5350 days ago

Also of note is the fact that Cassandra Cautery appears in relatively large letters right about the large word "Like". Wonder where that one's going, Maxx? The subconscious doesn't lie. ;-)

Machine Man subscriber Russell (#3897)

Location: USA
Quote: "O Lord, Protect us from those to whom you speak directly"
Posted: 5350 days ago

The good news is now i don't have to read the whole thing. All i have to do is somehow redistribute the letters in the right order, placing them proportionally to their size.....

Machine Man subscriber SilverKnight (#2210)

Location: St. Louis
Posted: 5350 days ago

@Julie: Random assignment of position does. :)

Something else, Max apparently doesn't trust us to remember Cassandra's last name. Either that or he's making some kind of statement that she somehow needs two names, like the opposite of Madonna. I also like how "something" was another big one. I imagine a common sentence to go "Cassandra Cautery and Lola were like... something." :D

Machine Man subscriber gstein42 (#585)

Quote: "That's not change! That's more of the same!"
Posted: 5350 days ago

yeah, interesting that "Cassandra" and "Cautery" are so large (both similar in size), "Lola" is larger, and "banks" is smaller.

John Reynolds (#2534)

Location: New York, USA
Posted: 5350 days ago

I wish "Parts" was bigger.

I really enjoy the tiny "Jason" tucked away in the corner, though.

Machine Man subscriber Kester Park (#4475)

Location: York, UK
Quote: "I fell in love with Max Barry and all I got was this unedited manuscript."
Posted: 5350 days ago

As if writers didn't have enough to tempt them away from getting some bloody work done.

Having said that, I put my wife's books through it and the results will make lovely place mats.

Simon (#3192)

Location: Melbourne
Quote: "I'd rather be arrogant than wrong"
Posted: 5350 days ago

That is just beautiful.

Machine Man subscriber Chemical Rascal (#3964)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Posted: 5350 days ago

Regarding that "Like" and "Cassandra" locality - Note that they are at a right-angle to each other. Haw.

Other than that, I find it interesting that "Dr" is so small (That's it underneath "Page" there. No, not that, that's a fleck of dust on your screen. There.) Perhaps this reflects the average level of final education of the main characters. Or something.

Machine Man subscriber CrystalR (#4160)

Posted: 5349 days ago

help Jason
feel metal"


metalbiteme (#1495)

Location: WALES UK
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Posted: 5327 days ago

My little ginger girl cat is called Lola.
Love the name

Machine Man subscriber Ben (#3924)

Location: Alberta, Canada
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Posted: 5322 days ago

Maybe I am missing something here but isnt ONE pretty big? No other big numbers so its nothing to do with numbering pages.

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