Reviews & Praise

Usually I provide links to the full text of my reviews, but since you'll enjoy Company more if you're unaware of a particular plot twist, I'm only linking to those that don't give this away.

American Reviews

Make(s) topics like outsourcing, mission statements and H.R. come alive, breathe fire and vomit all over your in-basket... smart and fast paced

The New York Times Book Review (Douglas Coupland)

Hilarious... Barry underscores his credentials as both satirist and saboteur... Company is Mr. Barry's breakout book”

The New York Times

“A raucous black comedy... enters some sublimely Kafkaesque territory”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Barry's accomplished an impossible feat—he's written three books without succumbing to a sophomore slump. Insightful and devlish... if you're reading a management book right now, any management book, put it down and get this instead.


Laugh-out-loud funny... superbly observed

The Washington Post

“Biting, hilarious”

People Magazine

Establishes (Barry) as one of the keenest and shrewdest minds in corporate satire... utterly original... A-”

Entertainment Weekly

“As bitter as break-room coffee... eviscerates modern management techniques”

Publisher's Weekly

“Would do Evelyn Waugh proud... management types will double over laughing”

The Economist

Inspired... compelling... hilarious

The Portland Mercury

“A chillingly funny look at corporate ethics... biting, edgy, and downright wicked”

Tucson Citizen

“Intriguing and extremely funny... an entertaining page-turner that is sure to have readers looking at their own place of employment in a new and critical way”


“A fairly brilliant conceit... Barry's willingness to take his humor to absurd darkness makes him much more than just a Down Under version of Douglas Coupland”

The Sunday Oregonian

Joseph Heller meets Monty Python meets workers you know

The New York Times (Paperback Row)