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Mind-bending Novel of the Mid-Year
Kept me up well past my bedtime... a page-turner that also holds up in terms of its metaphysical conceit.

—Chicago Tribune

A thrilling ride in every dimension.

—Washington Post

A classic catch-the-stalker thriller... dynamic and intense.


Original, intelligent, unputdownable... one of the most interesting explorations of the many worlds theory that I’ve read in years.

—The Guardian

Endlessly inventive and entertaining... A very clever, unpredictable little murder mystery with some bittersweet tones about the things we do for love.

—Kirkus Reviews

“An exhilarating rocket shot of a thriller tempered with Barry’s trademark wit and warmth.”

—David Yoon, author of Version Zero and Frankly in Love

A thriller of cyclonic speed and intensity... Barry is a spectacular entertainer.


“With unrelenting tension, Max Barry weaves a complex tapestry where a sociopath's insatiable obsession knows no bounds, not even time and space, and only two things are certain—he will kill her again because he's killed her before. I devoured this novel in one sitting.”

—J.D. Barker, author of A Caller's Game

A wild, epic ride... this is a cinematic, vastly entertaining action-adventure that stills the world around you as you read it.


“It's frenetic and funny and gut-wrenching by turns, and I absolutely could not put it down. You need to read this book. Do it. Do it now.”

—Edward Ashton, author of The End of Ordinary

Blends psychological suspense and incidental humor in a tense, well-paced novel... supercharging the serial-killer thriller using alternate realities.

—The Sydney Morning Herald

A joy to read—which may sound like an odd thing to say about a book with ‘murders’ in the title, but it’s true.

The Newtown Review of Books

“Spectacularly inventive”

—Jeffery Deaver, author of The Final Twist

“Felicity is an ordinary person out of her depth, and traveling with her as she comes to terms with the fact that she’ll never go back to her own life has some satisfying moments.”


Absolutely brilliant... should be your next summer read.

—Game Vortex

Masterfully constructed... Thrilling and smart, with loads of humor and heart to spare, this may be Mr. Barry’s best book yet. It’s certainly one of the best female-centered takes on the stalker genre I’ve ever read, in addition to being a truly absorbing tale of cross-dimensional travel.

—Criminal Element

Fast-paced... not your typical thriller.


Max Barry has never failed on that front and doesn't disappoint here, either.

—The Digital Fix

Fascinating... packed with suspense.

—Country Living

A page-turning thriller with an engaging and relatable protagonist up against an implacable, resourceful enemy clashing in a series of well-staged, escalating set-pieces... builds to a tense and explosive finale.

—Pile by the Bed

A page turner... Barry [is] an expert in speculative fiction.


★★★★⯨ Wow... inventive, intelligent, and ingenious. Completely engrossed me.

—Scrappy Mags

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