Reviews & Praise

New York Times Notable Book

2003 Borders Original Voices Award: Finalist

Has you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning... a compelling story about consumerism, greed, and the people who try to survive in between.

USA Today

The most fun you'll find in a bookstore this year

TimeOut New York

A total blast... funny and clever

The New York Times Book Review

Brilliant and hilarious

Naomi Klein, author 'No Logo'

Does just about everything right... wicked and wonderful, fast-moving and funny

Washington Post

Refreshingly creative and unique... rip-roaring, action-packed, off-the-wall


Extremely funny... Barry is a smart writer with a Cassandra's gift for dark-edged prognostication

Time Magazine

Frightening and funny... a riotous satirical rant

Entertainment Weekly

Searing... hilarious... a thoroughly modern tale in the tradition of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley

Book Magazine

Catch-22 by way of The Matrix

Kirkus Reviews

Fresh and very clever... plenty entertaining

The Boston Globe

Without a doubt, the best book I have read in a long time

Dennis Widmyer,

Very cool... wonderfully dark

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Darkly hilarious

San Diego Union-Tribune

Barry's got a snap and crackle few pop novelists can muster, let alone match

Bully Magazine

Both funny and on target

Las Vegas Mercury

Will hold up as one of 2003's best reads... whiplash action with sharp, and often hilarious, social commentary


Electrifying... once you pick it up, you won't put it down

An anarchic and witty satire of the culture of lifestyle marketing... a novel of both action and insight

Spoiled Ink

Smartass punky satire for the late capitalist era

Corporations take a body slam... riotous parody


Barry never allows the pace to falter

The Fort Myers News-Press

Deftly humorous... as entertaining as it is thought-provoking

The Seattle Times

You weren't expecting anything ordinary from the author of Syrup, were you?

Library Journal

A brilliant novel ... funny and cutting by turns, Jennifer Government is an essential addition to any bookcase


Hits its targets with unerring accuracy and wit... moves with a verve and pace that makes it one of the reads of the summer

Time Out

Breathtakingly assured... funny, exciting, touching and thought-provoking

The Leeds Guide

Unforgiving satire

The Times

A fast-paced, page-turning thriller... deliciously wicked and subversive... Barry choreographs the action with a dexterity that's on a par with Elmore Leonard

The Independent on Sunday

A fast read peppered with neat gags... a combination of action movie and farce

The Independent

Caustically funny... chillingly possible

The Observor

A riveting page-turner and irresistible smile inducer... strong on dialogue, paced like a runaway thriller, and with endearingly eccentric or deliciously dark characters, Jennifer Government is Max Barry's considerably lighter version of 1984

Irish Examiner

Frighteningly good... the racy plot is gripping from twisted start to terrifying finish


Fast paced and hitting all the right buttons... the moments of over the top humour are a delight

The Third Alternative

Vitriolic... about as topical as you could imagine... enormous fun

The Big Issue in the North

Satire at its very best... one of the superior offerings of 2003

The Evening Herald (Ireland)

A fast-paced and funny debut

The Big Issue

Barry's comic touch never fails


A blackly comic novel with a hilariously absurd plot... terrific fun!


Packed with inventive ideas... if contemporary SF is to aspire to anything more than lame shoot-em-ups and fanboy wish fulfillment, this is exactly the nettle writers ought to be grasping


A wicked slab of satire... very funny - read it before the writs come flooding in


No Logo rewritten as a funny, touching work of fiction


A new breed of socially aware thriller, with all the action, humour and adventure you could ever hope for

Waterstone's SF & Horror

Destined to become a cult classic

The Bookseller