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Gavin Quinn

In the not-too-distant future, Australia and the UK are part of the U.S. government, law enforcement has become a for-profit business, and corporate ethics have been reduced to a simple question of economics (more so than now, anyway).

Hoping for promotion from his dead-end merchandising job, Hack Nike takes a special assignment from two Nike executives, which, he discovers, requires him to gun down teenagers to promote a tough urban image for Nike's new line of shoes. Finding that the family of one of the victims can afford to pay for the investigation, Jennifer Government takes the case to find the killers and expose the Nike conspiracy. As she gets closer to the truth, Nike hatches a plan to end government interference in business forever, and all-out war erupts between two rival marketing superpowers, comprising the largest companies from nearly every industry.

Though pensive readers may extract political commentary from it, Barry's novel has more value as entertainment. A refreshingly creative and unique read.

YA: A rip-roaring, action-packed, off-the-wall kind of story, with great YA appeal. LW.

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