Some people (like me) like to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into a novel. Others, however, find that sort of thing to be self-indulgent prattle. If you're one of the latter, who the hell's forcing you to read this? Sure isn't me.

Deleted Scenes

Bits of Jennifer Government that were too crappy to make it into the final version! Oh yeah!

The Cover Evolution

Slick, professional-looking book covers don't just fall out of the sky. They get created for you by anonymous graphic design artists you never meet and paid for by your publisher. Which is kind of the same thing. However, these early cover versions give a glimpse of the process the artist goes through, from “God, no!” to “Hell, yeah!”

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Final Version

The cover was designed by Michael J. Windsor, who I have just discovered (Nov 2009) is responsible for some of the most iconic book jackets of the last decade, including The Da Vinci Code. In this interview, he says Jennifer Government is still one of his favorite designs!


Jennifer Government: NationStatesNationStates is an internet game I created based on Jennifer Government. It's free, you can play in your browser, and you get to create your own country and run it according to your own warped politics. What's not to like?


Go behind the scenes on Jennifer Government! Why the book jacket lies to you, how I came up with the idea (*cough* *cough*), and why Violet has such a dull surname.

Jennifer Government wallpaper
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[800 x 600]


I was browsing around for a new desktop background the other day, then I remembered I have a novel with a really cool cover. If you want your desktop to look like this, click one of the links to the left, right-click on the image that loads and select "Set as Background".

Update! (May 2010) See also this sizzling new design.


These are editions of the Jennifer Government newsletter, which I sent out in 2002 to keep people informed about the book's march toward publication: