Newsletter: Edition 2

June 2002

Houston, We Have a Cover

For an author, waiting for your publisher to produce your book cover is very scary. If they come up with something terrible, there's nothing you can do. You just have to sit there while they say, "Everyone's very buzzed about this cover, we just love it," resisting the urge to run screaming through their offices, knocking heads against walls. So when your publisher comes up with a good cover--nay, a great cover--you want to get down and kiss their little brown shoes.

This is how I feel. Doubleday have come up with a great cover, and from today it's on my web site.

The Film

The good news is that there is, in fact, news. This is a lot rarer than you would expect in the film industry, which tends to option books (and screenplays for that matter) and then use them as drink coasters. But Section Eight is making good progress, with a director and screenwriter now attached. I can't announce names yet because contracts are yet to be signed, but both these guys have done great work and it's very exciting to have them on board.

Get Out Yer Wallets

A couple of online booksellers, including Amazon and BookSense, have started letting people pre-order Jennifer Government. So now you know: I'm not just making this book up. It really is coming!

-- Max Barry.