Reviews & Praise

“A wonderfully dark look at cybernetics, prosthetics and commidification... witty, riveting, and sometimes chilling.”

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 2011

“Inspired... memorable, thought-provoking, sardonic and flat-out nerdy... Machine Man is the cyborg novel you've been waiting for.”

“Mind. Officially. Blown.”

John Birmingham, author Weapons of Choice

“Barry’s razor-sharp authorial voice perfectly articulates Charlie’s inner desires, and anyone who’s worked with, studied as, or loved an engineer will appreciate the host of in-jokes that pepper the novel. With clever commentary on the military-industrial complex and the modern consumer’s desires, Barry brings a nerdy sense of humor to an entirely believable premise no longer limited to the realm of science fiction. Darkly comic, genuinely tender, with more than a few great fight scenes, this is a triumph.”


“A cut above.”

The Sunday Age

“Don't open this one unless you're prepared to keep reading until the last page is done. Once again, Barry delivers.”

Seth Godin, author Linchpin

“...a smart, cynical book packed with both action and very geeky ideas... If you've never read anything by Max Barry, now's a great time to start.”

“A gleaming, terrifying device: part love story, part horror story, part thought experiment, all entertaining.”

Charles Yu, author How To Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

“A meticulously devised, deviant little parable—once it starts, you can't look away.”

Austin Grossman, author Soon I Will Be Invincible

“When we first encounter Dr. Charles Neumann, the hero of Max Barry’s wickedly entertaining new novel, he’s human in body, but sadly machine-like in spirit. Then Barry begins the long process of inverting this equation, whittling away at poor Charlie’s flesh while he simultaneously prods his soul into a hesitant, wavering sort of life. It’s a brilliant book: caustically funny, and—by its closing chapter—surprisingly moving.”

Scott Smith, author The Ruins

“As in his previous novels, Barry takes scenarios that ought to be tragic and cannily reshapes them into smart, piercing comedy about contemporary workaday life. Here the target is both corporate greed and technological obsession, though this time the humor grows bleaker and more grotesque—Barry nervily explores how much of the body can be mechanized, right down to heartbeats and synapses.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Sinister and sincere, a unique tale from the ever-entertaining Max Barry that charms and thrills in equal measure... a fun, fascinating tale that hides an emotional wallop.”

Louisville Courier-Journal

“A cornucopia of scientific and futuristic ideas”

The Age

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