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The Real Conspiracy

What Max Reckons Boy there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. It seems like nowadays people will pick up any half-baked idea and turn it into a conspiracy. That’s how it seems. But that’s what they want you to think. In fact, these conspiracy theories are being developed and seeded by a secret network of powerful forces.

I know what you’re thinking: That sounds like a conspiracy theory. Exactly. You see the brilliance of it. If you’re the kind of person who buys into conspiracy theories, you’re lost to the 5G and Bill Gates insanity. But if you’re not, you’re ignorant to the real conspiracy, which is to spread conspiracy theories.

Like all effective conspiracies, it has a public part and a secret part. The public part is what we see: the media, including the social media platforms. Good people work for the public part and don’t even realize they’re part of the conspiracy. For that reason, we tend to let the public part off the hook, even when we see them engaged in bad behavior—like spreading conspiracy theories. The problem seems to be confined to a few bad apples. But over time, you might notice the bad apples don’t seem to go away. You’d expect someone with a cart full of apples to want to remove the bad ones. Instead, the bad apples keep getting rewarded. It takes a real firestorm to remove a bad apple, it seems, and even then, most of the time, the replacement is another bad apple.

Because bad apples are the point of the public part. They’re its most essential feature. It’s the good apples who are superfluous. You look at the public part and see mostly good apples, but what they do is largely irrelevant—which you can tell from how they get replaced more often and more easily. They exist for only one reason: because otherwise you’d be able to see that the whole cart is full of bad apples.

Behind this is the secret part. This is a network of the rich and powerful who want to stay that way—or, more realistically, become more so. They’ve collected vast amounts of wealth and influence via family connections and lobbying, but it’s become a tough sell to convince people they need more trickle-down economics and fewer public services when working-class and middle-class incomes have been stuck in a ditch since 1980. For the network, the nightmare is an intelligent, well-educated, reasonable society. That would be the end of them.

So they need new lies. And after test-marketing a few candidates, they came up with a winner: all of them. Anything that sows discord, that makes people confused, ignorant, or angry at someone else. The more conspiracy theories, the better, because the more enemies people have, the smaller the target on the real conspiracy.

I used to get mad at people who believed in conspiracy theories. My thinking was: It’s 2020, you have the internet, learn how to do critical thinking. But that was on the assumption that conspiracy theories were randomly burped into existence, like viruses—as opposed to bio-weapons expertly engineered in a lab somewhere, like other viruses. Now I have a darker view of conspiracy theories and where they come from. They come from the conspiracy. They have a purpose.


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Machine Man subscriber Mapuche (#1184)

Location: Darwin, Australia
Quote: "Inconceivable!"
Posted: 1321 days ago

Does that make this the conspiracy theory conspiracy theory? Or is it the conspiracy theory theory? Or even the conspiracy theory conspiracy? Should those all be capitalised? I'm so confused!

Machine Man subscriber Yawnder (#1840)

Location: Brossard, Qc, Ca
Quote: "Smile, Tomorrow Will Be Worse... - Murphy"
Posted: 1321 days ago

I've been thinking more or less the same, but not as well articulated. When you put these words to it, it makes it even more scary.

What scares me the most is that it's not really fixable, in my humble opinion. Some people with way more resources, and way less moral barriers than me are on "the other side", so what's my option beside trying to ignore it the best I can?

Aaron the Evil HR Guy (#2252)

Location: Denver
Quote: "'The HR Department is a breeding ground for monsters' Michael Scott"
Posted: 1321 days ago

My favorite conspiracy theory that I secretly wish were true: Lizard People! Zuckerburg. Obama. the Bush family. Queen Elizabeth. Tony Blair. All Lizard People! Thank you David Icke for making this popular!

Daniel Bort (#8183)

Location: Upstate New York
Quote: ""The best lies about me are the ones I told" -Rothfuss"
Posted: 1321 days ago

"You look at the public part and see mostly good apples, but what they do is largely irrelevant"
One might argue that all of the apples are irrelevant. I'd imagine the anger which results from the conspiracy gluttons is but another apple. One which critical thinkers are meant to pick up. Anyone who interacts with the cart will inevitably be disappointed.
The "network of rich and powerful" will play its games, and the easiest way to win is not to play at all. Be intelligent and reasonable when it pleases you. As long as we make our own choices we are still playing. So what if some people catch a bit of fake news? Everyone sees the world differently (I, for one, have a firm belief that most backaches are actually phantom pains from amputated wings). As you very well know, free will seems like an illusion-the more you think about it, the flimsier it feels, but thankfully, we have the pick of dozens of philosophies to deal with that sort of thing.
Is it better to live a lie? #chickenrun
If the working-class and middle-class are the chickens, who are the farmers? I do not think it is the network. They are slaves to their money, unable to confront their own lack of purpose same as the rest of us. When you break a person down, you find a person. The psychological playing field is level. If you want an intriguing novel about the breakdown of society in the midst of maximum discord, try S.M. Stirling's Dies the Fire.

Djoules (#1553)

Location: Paris, France
Quote: "yes... maybe."
Posted: 1321 days ago

They would hire a well known novelist and make him write a meta conspiracy so the idea of meta conspiracy would end in the "fiction" section. More smoke, more mirrors!

Brenda (#7217)

Location: Berowra Bushland
Quote: "entering your world via the book portal is awesome"
Posted: 1321 days ago

I have been considering the news in total. "It’s 2020, you have the internet, learn how to do critical thinking." Now that news print has gone the way of the trees there is mostly the 'free for all' Internet. How can journalists and independent news groups survive to ensure we can access well researched information. With journalists under threat from some factions in government, whistle-blowers hunted down and put to 'secret' trials. Scientists bought out to fund their research and then there is Julian Assange...... I am beginning to wonder if a rethink is in order so that we use our critical thinking to source independent journalism and pay a subscription to ensure they survive.

Nalini (#7120)

Location: Canberra
Quote: "Geeks will inherit the Galaxy"
Posted: 1321 days ago

My conspiracy theory: earlier in 2020, Gladys Berejiklian, premier of NSW, was dubbed #KoalaKiller for - after the bushfires - allowing and even promoting logging and mining that further endangered koalas. Then yesterday Barilaro announced the hill he and the National Party would die on was the right to murder koalas while developing land he owns. Or something like that.

Today Gladys is being praised for standing her ground, her earlier promotion of koala killing via supporting logging and mining etc conveniently forgotten.

The conspiracies I see are mostly political parties, Murdoch and mining interests combined, especially when those conspiracies see millions of Australian taxpayer dollars sent to the Caymans to companies with significant LNP interests, giving mining magnate Forrest $10,000 per cashless welfare card because it makes totes sense to gift him $10k per Centrelink recipient instead of helping Centrelink recipients do things like eat, have a roof over their heads, buy clothes and other superfluous activities that apparently, according to Liberals, have zero impact on the economy. And those politicians remaining teflon-coated. And promoting mining, including mining under a Sydney drinking-water catchment - this won’t end badly! - for what? Money. They’ll watch the world burn from Kirribilli parties and similar.

From this short rant readers may understand why I love your books like Company, Jennifer Government and Machine Man so very much.

I don’t want to be a conspiracy nut. But I’m horrified with the way politics has headed in Oz, UK and the USA.

FO (#7743)

Posted: 1321 days ago

The medium is the message

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