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New Book Feels


A graphic titled The Book I'm Working On. There are two charts. The first, labeled Reality, shows a bell curve where the likelihood of the book being garbage at one extreme or genius at the other extreme is very low, and the likelihood of it being just okay is high. The second chart, labeled How It Feels, shows an inverted curve, so that the likelihood of the book being either garbage or genius is high, while the likelihood of it being simply okay is low


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towr (#1914)

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 1488 days ago

The statistician in me would love those odds. I mean, commercially the difference between an OK book and a garbage book is much smaller than between an OK book and a genius book; so if garbage and genius are equally likely and there's no middle ground, then you have a great expected value.

Anyway, as far as I know that second curve only holds for incomprehensible philosophy books (and essays -- It's how you get essay-generators with output that will pass the peer review of some philosophy journals).

David (#7316)

Location: USA
Posted: 1457 days ago

Understandable. Sometimes the quality of the outline and the prose quality can never really be reconciled. Nothing to apologize for.

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