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I loved the Syrup movie, but who would have been your dream casting choices for the main characters?


I’m not sure I get to answer this after the movie is made. That seems like it would be rude. Probably no-one wants to have people come along and look at a job you did and discuss who would have done it better.

I never have a dream cast in mind for my own books anyway. It’s like trying to imagine movie stars playing your family. Whoever you pick, it’s going to be weird.

But I do love the cast I got. I especially love that Amber Heard, who plays 6, is right now being pursued by the Australian government for smuggling two tiny dogs into the country, in what has become known as Terriergate. I was fortunate enough to meet Pistol, one of the smuggled dogs, on the Syrup set, and let me tell you: It was no surprise to me when he ended up in the middle of an international incident. Australia has very strict quarrantine laws, being an island, but I don’t think we want to push Amber on this one. She really loves that dog.


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Funny story I only just saw Syrup this year, despite reading it back when it came out. Ok not that funny of a story. I thought Amber Heard did a good job - wasn't crazy about Shilo. It was an indie film, and I like indie films, and it didn't stink. I did think your Stan Lee moment was a bit odd, I can see better why they only give him a few seconds per film.

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