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Max Does a Workshop

Writing And sorry to abuse your email inbox, but I’ve just signed on with the good people at to run an online writing workshop based around novel-writing. Places are limited, so if you want in, clicky clicky:

Max at

Yes, they photoshopped me into a suit.


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Machine Man subscriber Bushra (#36)

Location: Fremont, California
Quote: ""
Posted: 4558 days ago

Ah! I would love to do the workshop, but I'll be traveling for part of that time. Good luck with the workshop Max!

Linnea1928 (#2654)

Location: Rosemount, MN
Posted: 4558 days ago

I would like to as well, but unfortunately my schedule is full right now with school and work and tutoring. Why couldn't you have done it in the summer, Max?

Keely (#1602)

Location: of course!
Quote: "I always wanted to see the lights of Broadway... but then you get there and they're really kind of annoying."
Posted: 4557 days ago

This sounds like a stellar workshop! Now, here is where I cross my fingers and pray I can convince my parents to pay for it.

Lottie (#3093)

Location: Sheffield, UK
Posted: 4557 days ago

Woah, that banner is snazzy...

Helen (#362)

Location: UK
Posted: 4557 days ago

I couldn't see the picture of you photoshopped into a suit at first because it looked like one of those adverts for expensive software that less reputable sites put in the middle of their articles. My brain just wouldn't read it.

HAL 9000 (#271)

Location: Boston
Quote: "Let them hate me, so long as they fear me."
Posted: 4557 days ago

Yes, they did photoshop you... and didn't do such a hot job. But you know, in a suit, you've got a hit-man thing going... something out of a Guy Ritchie movie.... it works well.

Keely (#1602)

Location: of course!
Quote: "I always wanted to see the lights of Broadway... but then you get there and they're really kind of annoying."
Posted: 4557 days ago

Well, I caught my mom in a good mood. I'll be in the workshop! (If it isn't full already, that is...)

Machine Man subscriber Thomas Rice (#952)

Posted: 4557 days ago

Hal 9000 is right, you do have a bit of a hitman look going for you. :)

Kalle (#1278)

Quote: "Sex is herital. If your parents never had it, chanses are you'll never have it either."
Posted: 4557 days ago

I could make a more realistic-looking suit in mspaint. Someone obviously was in a hurry. :P

Kalixis (#663)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posted: 4557 days ago

You are 47 from the Hitman games, easily. The resemblance is uncanny.


Machine Man subscriber Marleen (#2741)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Quote: "I want more expensive shoes in one place than I've ever seen in my whole life."
Posted: 4556 days ago

Max, your face scares me an that one. O_O

CameoAppearance (#2439)

Location: Vancouver, BC
Quote: "Please tell me I'm not related to these people."
Posted: 4555 days ago

On the one hand, this would be right up my alley; I'm good at starting projects but horrible at finishing them.

On the other, I can't afford it myself and the chance of my parents paying $295 US so I can learn how to write a novel seems slim at best, I have school to worry about, and I've never done one of these before and am therefore very anxious about the potential to screw it up if I do sign up. So I'm probably not going to actually do it.

Jennifer M. Dambeck (#3061)

Location: NJ, USA
Quote: "Rock on"
Posted: 4553 days ago

I hope it goes GREAT! I'd like to try the next one . . .

Tim Ashwood (#595)

Location: Sydney
Posted: 4534 days ago

Why do you look like Dan Castellaneta's younger brother in a suit? Is there something you're not telling us?

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