Sun 09

Syrup 101

Syrup Today I achieved one of my life-long goals: I was used as a case study in a marketing textbook! This is cool because in Syrup, Scat lives in fear of becoming a “How Not To” case study. Now I am one! Only in a good way.

Just in case this is of interest to anyone other than myself, the textbook is Strategic Internet Marketing 2.0 by Susan & Stephen Dann, and it talks about how the NationStates game I wrote helped promote Jennifer Government.


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Saxum (#2214)

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Posted: 5130 days ago

I noticed this entry didn't have any comments. I guess that makes me kind of sad in a way. But I suppose not, since I'm sure your site visitation has increased since Sun, 09 Nov 2003, and I guess that's a good thing.

I wonder if you get an email or some kind of notification whenever you get a new comment. That would get a little annoying, I think, so you probably don't. Which means no one is likely to read this. I don't think that makes me as sad as what I said before does - if you can weed through the nebulous grammar that makes sense.

I like the color of the text on the left side, like "Max" and "Writing" and the little "(13)" next to 2006. Though that's likely to change. I wonder if you have any say in that. I'm sure you probably do, if you don't design the whole site yourself, but I don't really know.

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