Wed 05

I Updated My Site

Providence Well, I finally did it. I updated my web site. It sounds so simple when I put it like that. Let me tell you, it wasn’t. It was not simple. I’ve been tinkering with this website since 1998 and each time I just slather more code on top of the old stuff. How it still works is a miracle.

The problem with doing this, instead of biting the bullet and making something new and modern from scratch, is that it becomes increasingly difficult to do anything without causing weird side-effects, like when you try to move a jigsaw puzzle, or colonize the Americas. It’s a real house of cards at this point.

But I had to update it, because the previous site was built around a photo of me from 2007, and it was feeling more and more like deceptive advertising. I mean, I wouldn’t be the first author to use an old picture. There’s one guy, I don’t want to name names, because I thought it was Tony Ross but then when I went to check maybe I was misremembering, he looks mid-thirties in his author photo, but in reality, he was born in the mid-thirties. I know this kind of thing does happen.

And I doubt anyone has been buying novels because of the vibrant youthful beauty of the author—in my case, I mean. I am guessing no. But either way, it was just too dated. It was a nice photo but I want people to be able to recognize me at book readings. So here we are.


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Eluvatar (#2716)

Location: Boston
Quote: "Man i waithtir nin tiruva?"
Posted: 969 days ago

I feel like an ant in an antfarm that has been tipped sideways. Everything is still there, but down is now east and west is now up. I should probably check on the larvae to see if they're baking in the sun now.

Also, there is now a very large human in front of me, where before the human was not so large. They don't appear to be carrying a magnifying glass, so I'll probably be okay.

towr (#1914)

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 968 days ago

Hehe. You don't want to know what this site looks like on my regular browser. I should really update my firefox, but mozilla keeps removing features I like :(

The man of no nation (#8158)

Quote: "The ones with no left where to go have the best story's to tell of the where’s they have been-some guy"
Posted: 941 days ago

Keep up the good work mate!

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