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The United Nations vs Me

Jennifer Government NationStatesThe other day I was digging through my Junk folder when I found an e-mail from the United Nations. I know what you’re thinking: “Wow! That is one politically astute mail filter.” But pretty much all email to my public address without the word “duck” in the subject, as per my contact page, gets flagged as spam, and the UN chose not to do that. Apparently arbitrary yet effective protocols for ensuring open communication aren’t something the UN wants anything to do with. Or maybe they have something against ducks. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, they went with the subject, “Notice of cease and desist.”

Naturally, it was about NationStates. It’s always about NationStates. I have Nike shooting teenagers and Coke marketing Fukk, that’s no problem. But one player says something mean to another in my web game and they’re going to sue me into oblivion. Anyway, what upset the United Nations was that I put them into NationStates. It’s the place where players come together to debate and pass international law; in the five years the game has been running, they’ve implemented privacy safeguards, promoted religious tolerance, passed a universal bill of rights, and outlawed child labor, amongst 240 other resolutions.

Clearly this wasn’t anything the real UN wanted to be associated with:

Dear Mr. Barry,

It has come to our attention that you are operating an online game called “NationStates”,, and that this game uses the UN name and emblem, without authorization…

We therefore demand that you immediately cease and desist from using the United Nations name and emblem in the above-referenced online game, and that in the future you refrain from using or making any reference to them in connection with your activities.

[ Full Letter ]

My first reaction was pride. Receiving a threatening letter from the United Nations; I finally felt like I’d done something with my life. Also, there is something inherently amusing about UN threats. I mean, I think the UN does a lot of great work, but let’s face it, they tend to specialize in demands backed by the threat of further, even more stridently voiced demands. Frankly, “You are hereby ordered to cease and desist” was a lot scarier before I got to “says the UN.”

But they did have a point. In 2002, I whacked the United Nations into my game, complete with copyrighted emblem, not so much in parody as to say, “Hey, look, this is just like the real UN.” I can’t remember ever thinking about the legal consequences; I probably assumed that even if the UN noticed, they’d have plenty of blood-thirsty dictators and international war crimes to prosecute before me. But what with Saddam behind bars and all that world peace you’ve been hearing so much about, I guess they worked their way down to me.

I wondered whether it was worth fighting. It would probably be eight years before they got inspections organized, and by then I could keep moving my UN references around where they wouldn’t find them. And it could be great fun. I could represent myself and wear cheap suits and tell the court that it was on trial. But for that to work, I would need an opponent who might actually be embarrassed by the expense and public profile involved in a petty IP lawsuit, and I just wasn’t confident the UN falls into that category. That the single biggest label on the front page of the UN web site is “Copyright, United Nations, 2008” struck me as an ill omen. Also, I do support the UN. I mean, sure, it’s about as functional as a cat with 192 heads, and a lot of those heads are corrupt. But at least they’re trying. At least the heads have to look at each other. I feel like if I’m going into legal battle with somebody, it probably shouldn’t be an organization whose foremost goal is world peace.

Plus I got a lawyer’s opinion, and he said I was blatantly in the wrong. So I decided to cave.

So now I have to rename my UN. I was tempted to go with something a little insulting, like “Discordant Nations,” or “Ridiculously Petty Bureaucracy of Nations Who Should Have Better Things To Do.” But no, that would be sinking to their level. NationStates now has a “World Assembly.”


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Tim (#3461)

Location: San Diego
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Posted: 5924 days ago


Machine Man subscriber Stygian Emperor (#2947)

Location: the Stygian Empire
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Posted: 5924 days ago

They're probably just jealous of the UN in NationStates. It seems to actually get things done every once in a while, and there are a lot more nations involved.

Whatever, as long as they don't decide they would like to be the "World Assembly," and trademark that, you'll be fine. And if they do, you could change it to the "Planetary Congregation."

Or you could go interstellar with NationStates and have the "Universal Tribunal" or something. It would take them some serious time to work their way up to that.

Arancaytar (#2358)

Location: Frankfurt
Quote: "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. -Sagan"
Posted: 5924 days ago

You pranked me hook, line and sinker. I "knew" this was a joke a second after I saw it.

I don't think I've been had this thoroughly ever before.

And I really liked that UN emblem. Now it's gone. At the risk of a pun:


Kings World (#3476)

Location: Arrakis
Posted: 5924 days ago

Should have just renamed it "Nations United" and turned the UN Flag upside down with a color change. Then it'd just be a parody.

Machine Man subscriber Danni (#357)

Location: England
Quote: "Eagerly awaiting the European Tour."
Posted: 5924 days ago

What? You didn't rename it League of Nations? :P

I am wondering why it took the UN so long to find out. How many years ago did you create NationStates? That said, maybe they needed that long for someone to get a computer installed there.

Chris (#1228)

Location: London, UK
Posted: 5924 days ago

By all means comply, since you're legally in the wrong. But you at the very least have to send a strongly-worded letter back to the UN informing them that, law or no law, they're a bunch of petty idiots who are squandering UN money on pointless things like this.

blab (#1632)

Location: The Sandwich Isles
Quote: "Adventure is just poor planning"
Posted: 5924 days ago

I'm with Chris 100% and Kingsworld's comment ain't half bad either . . .

Romanar (#2831)

Posted: 5924 days ago

This is weird! I guess that proves that truth really IS stranger than fiction!

Kostemetsia (#3477)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Quote: "Somebody should pass a resolution in the real United Nations Condemning NationStates and making Max an International Pariah. Now that would be bad-ass."
Posted: 5924 days ago

I like the new logo and colour. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :D

You know, perhaps NS nations should be included in JG:2. :P

Ad'ihan (#3478)

Location: Singapore
Posted: 5924 days ago

Somehow, Max, I doubt the Deputy Director of the Office of Legal Affairs at the UN would return exactly 0 results on Google. ;)

Tomme (#3479)

Location: UK
Posted: 5924 days ago

It's hilarious that all us NationStates players assumed the rename was an April fool..

Ad'ihan (#3478)

Location: Singapore
Posted: 5924 days ago

Scratch that. Got led to a wrong URL.

Machine Man subscriber Adam (#24)

Location: Morristown, Indiana
Quote: "Why do I blog? Simple, because Max Barry blogs."
Posted: 5924 days ago

My favorite part of waking up today was seeing the follow up news update on nationstates entitled "April Fool's No-prank" with this quote

" What this means is if you were thinking this year's April Fool's prank wasn't very believable and didn't fool you for a second... you've been no-pranked."

and of course the "You can't be fooled by anything...except the truth."



PS I remember once when Max blogged about was a long time ago.

Morgan (#1413)

Location: TX
Posted: 5924 days ago

:P Saddam is dead silly.

rAcHeL j. (#1524)

Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Quote: "Never believe anything until it's been officially denied."
Posted: 5924 days ago

Psst, Max, over here... I guess you haven't heard... Saddam's not behind bars anymore. Yeah, they, you know, they deleted him. Yeah, in 2006. Shhh. The readers might not know either, let's not upset 'em. Just pretend we're having a chat about the kids. :) I know just what you mean, you can't take your eyes off them, they'll be out the door or into the pantry before you know it.

Gregor (#1182)

Location: Toronto
Quote: "The righteous man is beset on all sides by the tyrannies of evil men."
Posted: 5924 days ago

Hey Max,
You are still funny. Maybe you'll make it all the way up to George Bernard Shaw status. I think you might.
Best wishes

Jeffrey (#2286)

Location: Right here
Quote: "Mathematics is a powerful language. Just look at how mathematicians destroyed the housing market."
Posted: 5924 days ago

That's retarded lol. I mean seriously. You'd think they have enough to deal with. You should have went with some old school "League of Nations" lol.

Caufman (#1791)

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Quote: "The Game."
Posted: 5924 days ago

I can't believe you capitulated to the United Nations! You were my hero. You were supposed to stand up to flagrant human rights violations conducted by the one world government. But you sold old, man. You sold us all out.

So this is what it's like to watch your hero die.

Arancaytar (#2358)

Location: Frankfurt
Quote: "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. -Sagan"
Posted: 5924 days ago

I agree that "League of Nations" would have been far better.

At the time, I didn't think much of the new name, given that it wasn't here to stay and all, and seemed to be deliberately picked to be ridiculous. But now that it's settling in permanently, I must say that all those delegates turning into WADs is somewhat old.

Unless the UN has a copyright or trademark on that name as well...

Max (#2421)

Location: ::1
Quote: "I'm bloody bored."
Posted: 5924 days ago

Just move the NS servers to a non-(RL)-UN-member nation. GA 92 (I) only affects member nations (obviously).

James (#2261)

Location: New York
Quote: "Whoever desires to found a state and give it laws, must start with assuming that all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature, whenever they may find occasion for it. - Niccolo Machiavelli"
Posted: 5924 days ago

I think this is, technically, the first time the United Nations has ever actually succeeded at something. You should not have caved, I mean what are they going to do, get the U.S. to invade you? It's nice to see though that the United Nations is working so hard to stop online roleplaying games that actually fulfilling any of their mandate.

Max Barry for Secretary General!

Linnea1928 (#2654)

Location: Rosemount, MN
Posted: 5924 days ago

Oh well... Hey at least it's a good story, right? Anyways I think th new logo is way cooler than their stinky stupid old one.
PS, if you think about it, even though he's dead, saddam's behind metaphoric bars... I'm sure that's what Max meant. :)

Kalle (#1278)

Quote: "Sex is herital. If your parents never had it, chanses are you'll never have it either."
Posted: 5924 days ago

Huh? Whu? This is for real, or are you all playing along April fools?

Katie (#3484)

Location: Clune, PA
Posted: 5924 days ago

You're very convincing, Mr. Max Barry.

A. Holst (#3485)

Location: somwhere in denmark i think..
Quote: ""The Democracy replaces the dominance of the few corrupt with the election of the many incompetent"- George Bernard Shaw"
Posted: 5924 days ago

if this is a april fool: Good job, verry well made.
if it aint a april fool: United nations? wow, you gets letters from the united nations!! i am impressed!! NOT! for gods sake, i was whriting to the danish prime minster when i was 4 (and i got an answer), you are what 35? and still you havent gotten any longer than getting hate mail from UN, my cousin got hate mails from most of grimsby (a british city)when he was 12, so is it just me or are australians slow at getting political influence?
but if you really want to piss off UN, move your server to a non-UN contry, then it is out of their power... and you can use as many copyrigthed UN stuffs as you like...

A. Holst (#3485)

Location: somwhere in denmark i think..
Quote: ""The Democracy replaces the dominance of the few corrupt with the election of the many incompetent"- George Bernard Shaw"
Posted: 5924 days ago

by the way, i have just checked wich nations are in the UN and wich are not (in real world), it turns out that only 3 nations in the whole world aint members, it is:
The Pope state (yes the pope has his own contry of i think it was 40 or 400 square meters inside rome)
West sahara (it is being administrated by morocco, wich is a member state, so it aint really a real non-UN state)
and last but not least:
The south pole...

and as the Pope shurely wont have you inside his little contry, and west sahara aint a possibility, there is only the south pole left... so if you can make your server ice free, you will be able to move your server, otherwise: stick to WA..

Machine Man subscriber SRD (#2889)

Location: Ogden, Utah
Posted: 5924 days ago

I'm surprised they didn't say in the letter "We expect you to take down our logo within the next 3 - 5 years or we'll send you another letter."

Octane (#3488)

Posted: 5924 days ago

The letter was sent on 21 January; the notice we get is on 1 April.

Gee, can't help but wonder at the timing (and the long delay). Maybe Mr. Barry fabricated this whole affair, and is really triple-punking his devoted fans.

Chris McBride (#1977)

Location: Belfast, N.Ireland
Quote: "Plagiarism saves thinking time"
Posted: 5924 days ago

Don't feel bad, even the mighty juggernaut that is Doctor Who eventually caved into UN litigation (hence why we rarely hear of UNIT in the new series)

philbert smyth (#3490)

Location: Ottumwa ,IA,U.S.A
Quote: "ladys and gentlemen take my advice pull down your pants and slide on the ice"
Posted: 5924 days ago

how lame can they get... if it's true also hate mail from the UN lol

Janet (#2030)

Location: California
Quote: "There are three kinds of people in this world: Those that can count and those that can't. Which one are you?"
Posted: 5924 days ago


So awesome.

You pranked us by not pranking us o.O

Hobbie (#1359)

Location: Cornwall, England
Quote: "There was a little man in his hair!"
Posted: 5924 days ago

Either that's the best April Fool's I've seen this year, or the UN is even more fucked up and redundant than I imagined.
"Umm... let's see, will we be spending time and energy dealing with Zimbabwe? Kenya, perhaps? Isn't it about time that Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Palestine, Israel, and Afghanistan were finally dealt with? China, Tibet, Myanmar, and Sudan? No, wait, I have it! Let's go pick on Max Barry instead. Afterall, we might actually get somewhere with him, let's face it we don't have a hope in hell with any of the others..."

Patricia (#3408)

Location: Suburbs
Quote: "Why?"
Posted: 5924 days ago

I like the World's logo matches my flag better :P

Simon (#3192)

Location: Melbourne
Quote: "I'd rather be arrogant than wrong"
Posted: 5924 days ago

Better watch out they wear blue helmets! Scary!

Duct Tape Avenger (#3495)

Location: NC
Quote: "A sticky pillar of justice"
Posted: 5924 days ago

Of course, the next step is to send C&D letters to every middle school that runs a model UN. I bet the 14-year-olds in Debate Club will wipe the floor with the UN lawyers once it goes to trial.

Oodge (#2790)

Location: Tas
Quote: "'Ooh look Marge, Maggie lost her baby legs.'"
Posted: 5924 days ago

And you just happened to reveal that on April Fool's? On the one April Fool's day that there isn't an April Fool's joke?

Rose (#3496)

Location: USA
Posted: 5923 days ago

Yeah and the UN members need to get a life. They can't do anything more useful then harass an online game... I would feel sorry for the poor kids they go after next, but I agree with the person who said the kids will wipe the floor with them.

I also prefer the League of Nations to World Assembly. Not like my WA delegate even bothers to ask... *goes to remove endorcement* Anyways I personally feel we should go with “Discordant Nations,” or “Ridiculously Petty Bureacracy of Nations Who Should Have Better Things To Do.” ^_^ The last being my personal favorite. Discolour the emblem, flip it upside down, and there we go.

Eben07 (#3497)

Posted: 5923 days ago

I second the renaming to "League of Nations"
Trump them with trivial international organizations for $200 type jeopardy answer.

Charlotte Ryberg (#3498)

Location: Funen
Quote: "We're old chuffers in the very alien world!"
Posted: 5923 days ago

The World assembly and it's flag is a bad name. I suggest that you set up an open contest for a new name and a new flag. And besides, if it was an April Fool's Joke it should have reverted back to 'NationStates United Nations', with the disclaimer: "The NSUN is not associated or affiliated with the real-0world UN in any way or another."

The third option would be simply to ask for permission in the first place.


Charlotte Ryberg, Old-timer Traditionalist and Trusty NS-UN Delegate for Funen.

Kostemetsia (#3477)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Quote: "Somebody should pass a resolution in the real United Nations Condemning NationStates and making Max an International Pariah. Now that would be bad-ass."
Posted: 5923 days ago

*trouts Charlotte*

Ms Ryberg, you are the NS-WA Delegate for Funen now. Show some adherence to current events!

*frowns scoldingly*

In all seriousness, I like the new World Assembly. The problem is, what about all those anti-UN regions that have used "antiUN" in their website or forum name? How are they going to deal with the change?

Machine Man subscriber Lisa (#2587)

Location: Enfield, Connecticut USA
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Posted: 5923 days ago

I confused should we now change the duck safe word to chicken in our emails?

Aaron (#3500)

Location: Oregon, USA
Quote: ""The ability to quote is a servicable substitute for wit." -- W. Somerset Maugham"
Posted: 5923 days ago

It's hard for me to believe that nobody has commented on anything but the cosmetics of Max's action on this matter. Who cares what the world level governmental body is called, or what the flag looks like? However -- wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch on the existing body of legislation -- a breathtaking change indeed! I expect that many players wish, as I do, that we could do something similar with some of our real-world collections of legislation. A fascinating opportunity for the players, and a powerful demonstration of GM power. Well played! Max, I salute you!

Charlotte Ryberg (#3498)

Location: Funen
Quote: "We're old chuffers in the very alien world!"
Posted: 5923 days ago

On the other hand, it is totally heartbreaking for Max Barry to wipe a pivotal part of realistic nation simulation, but there is very big room for reform. The problem is anyone can be UN delegate by number of endorsements, and therby they see it as a 'badge of honor'.

Loop (#3501)

Quote: "Made almost entirely out of Candy"
Posted: 5923 days ago

Hmm We need to have the WA pass a resolution condeeming the UN as a international bully gang lol.
picking on Max and whatnot.

Daniel (#3502)

Posted: 5923 days ago

They HAD noticed it before. Some sort of UN newsletter mentions it, about a quarter of the way down. The newsletter is after 2002, so NS had the UN.

Machine Man subscriber Max

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Quote: "I'm my number one fan!"
Posted: 5923 days ago

Ooh, well spotted Daniel.

Sel Appa (#3504)

Location: New Jersey
Posted: 5923 days ago

I had a feeling it was serious. It was plausible enough. The date was further back than an April Fools joke would have. It also looked realistic enough.

World Assembly sounds a bit cooler anyway for something that gets stuff done. ;)

Diana (#3505)

Location: North Carolina, USA
Quote: "Why get high when there are other ways to achieve a smug sense of superiority? Sarcasm, my anti-drug."
Posted: 5923 days ago

It's sad that the UN has the time to bug you about their name and symbol, yet they never seem to get anything esle done...

Connor C. (#3507)

Location: San Antonio, TX & Peoria, IL
Quote: "I think, therefore I am. This but merely scratches the surface of what it is to be Human"
Posted: 5923 days ago

I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

"So now I have to rename my UN. I was tempted to go with something a little insulting, like “Discordant Nations,” or “Ridiculously Petty Bureacracy of Nations Who Should Have Better Things To Do.”"

that was the best part. Although it sucks it was still probably the funniest thing I had read in awhile.

Govindia (#3508)

Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
Quote: "Find me a good quote and I'll use it here blast you!"
Posted: 5922 days ago

So this Deputy Director of Legal Affairs has nothing better to do than to challenge Max on a possible copyright infringement notice?

While his office could have been doing the following:
- Making sure Iran is following UN requests for nuclear inspections
- Making sure North Korea is fulfilling their end of the agreement
- Fighting for Darfur
- Making sure he pays his parking ticket to the City of New York if he was parking illegally.

I find it funny how he references the Lanham Act, yet the law doesn't apply as its US law and not Australian law.

I doubt they would really want to challenge you Max. I mean, the e-mail was in Jan., the game was created in what, 2002 or 2003? If they really wanted to see if you were coming into "compliance" with their request, surely they would have contacted you if they wished to?

I say ignore the request and point out the fact that this is A GAME and not trying to profit off of the UN. I mean, how many Model UN clubs are there in schools, and other groups that have mock UNs? Should they cease and desist as well?

blue sam3 (#3509)

Posted: 5922 days ago

There's 15 non-UN member states:

British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands
Cook Islands

French Polynesia




Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia

Occupied Palestinian Territory

Puerto Rico

Turks and Caicos Islands

Just copyright UN there

Matthew (#16)

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Quote: "Unicorn on mountain top. Wind blowing through mane."
Posted: 5922 days ago

This is amazing.

Sophie (#891)

Location: Devon
Posted: 5922 days ago

April Fools?

(I hope...)

Michael Robb (#3514)

Quote: ""It seemed a good idea at the time""
Posted: 5922 days ago

Perhaps the UN could file a business patent on "A method to terrify a population and remain in power without elections", then send cease-and-desist letters to all dictators? That should bring them into line.

Maybe they are planning to bring out UN merchandise like UN logo trainers, T-shirts, baseball caps and mouse-mats.

Resolution Keeper (#3515)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Quote: "before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes, so when you criticize them, you'll be a mile away with their shoes"
Posted: 5921 days ago

I have looked over the internet for Andrei Terekhov and the only one of note is a member of the Carlyle Group (which is a large private enterprise) and I have even looked on the UN site itself and their is no Andrei Terekhov or Terekhova mentioned anywhere on the site which leads me to believe that Max may have been duped.

the twoslit experiment (#3517)

Quote: "Nothing is stranger than quantum theory."
Posted: 5919 days ago

The term WAD now has a new meaning.

neil (#3518)

Location: Canada
Quote: "Extremely Moderate, Moderately Extreme"
Posted: 5919 days ago

You are seriously scared of the United Nations?

The United Nations is one of, if not the most dysfunctional on the planet. They bark loudly but they have no teeth, no claws and no bite.

What's the worst they would do.. pass a resolution against you... that you know won't be enforced anyways? And seriously, all you have to do to get it vetoed is suck up to the Russian or Chineese government for a week and voila... instant veto.

Alex (#3519)

Posted: 5919 days ago

I have a question. Why the hell is the UN even interested in preventing the use of their logo? Were they just all sitting around with translators asking each other "Hey, is there world peace yet?"... "No!?"... "Damn well does anybody have any ideas? We are losing credibility faster than George Bush here." Then some puppet dictator chimes in "Hey, I was surfing the internet the other day and noticed that our logo is being used... UNCOPYWRITED!!!"
*gasp. Then in one distressed e-mail they force all of us to conform to them. I guess the UN just doesn't have anything better to do. You should just tell them to piss off Max. Im sure they will tell you that they are sorry.

Leto (#3520)

Location: Canada
Quote: "Dare to be Stupid - Crazy Al."
Posted: 5919 days ago

A lot of people seem to misunderstand something here. The UN, like any major organisation (or even small one), has a departement related to legal affairs. This thing doesn't regard the US, or China, or the General Assembly or Security Council. No, France and England were not talking to each other and saying they should sue Max Barry. Someone in the legal departement decided that. And, they do have teeth on that matter. They could sue Max Barry for copyright issues. Hence why our beloved author had to respect the law here (mind you, I do agree that it's pretty much stupid to say there's a problem with this game having the UN... I don't think anyone really thought this game was related to the real UN... then again, you never now).

Oh, and Blue Sam3, most of these states aren't sovereign states, but are under the responsability of another country, which is member of the UN. So, the UN rules apply there also. Plus, most countries, and I'm pretty sure Australia is part of these, have international treaties saying basically that they respect copyrights from other countries, which would include the UN.

That being said... still weird that Max Barry was forced to change his things...

Eluvatar (#2716)

Location: Boston
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Posted: 5918 days ago

I'd like to add that I, too, was completely taken in.

I was absolutely certain this was an April fools joke. Good job Max, you fooled me good. :)

On another note, it would be nice if at least the World Assembly flag could be changed. It's a bit... bland.

Well, thanks for the laughs Max.

Yenzo (#829)

Location: Secret underwater pyramid base in the Pacific
Quote: "In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe (Carl Sagan)"
Posted: 5917 days ago

I'm not sure if that shows that you're specifically important or specifically unimportant to the UN. I mean, Megadeth can name an entire album "United Abominations" (as well as recording an especially offending title track on it) and show an attacked or destroyed UN building on more that one album cover and as far as I know the worst thing they recieved was a reluctantly negative review of their latest CD by some UN-employed quasi-metalhead. Maybe they're afraid of Dave Mustaine's hair. Or maybe of hair in general, and that's why they single out Max Barry (ba-dum TISH).

Apart from that, I'd like to get a letter from the UN. Even a negative one. It sends a message like "We only want to make the world a better and peaceful place. And you're kinda in the way of that."

Amaryln (#3521)

Location: S 70° W
Quote: "Reality is something you rise above."
Posted: 5917 days ago

Wow, I play nationstates and someone told me about this but I figured people were just making stupid guesses like if a t.v show is cancelled and people blame it on the pope...Stuff like that. But the UN contacting is so funny. Wow.... there pretty messed.

Pok (#3525)

Location: Qonos
Quote: "Scratch that bump"
Posted: 5917 days ago

Max, you should have used this to your advantage and contacted the media citing harrassment by the UN.
Maybe could have gotten some extra publicity from this.
I am sure the UN threatening an online game would have been interesting enough to get 15 seconds of fame on the news.
Better yet, maybe reply that you had thousands more member nations with trillions of citizens and they were no match for NS.
Nevertheless, at least you aren't in the UN jail. Where is that, Mexico?

Randall Scribe (#3528)

Location: NY
Quote: "It's all fun and games until someone loses an 'i' or a 'u'."
Posted: 5913 days ago

This is why it is hard to take the UN seriously. I would hope that they have much larger issues to contend with instead of going after a someone over a game.

Snowcat (#3533)

Location: Texas
Quote: "Adapt or Die!"
Posted: 5912 days ago

You gave up way too easily. There are several valid positions to take against the UN.

A. An email is not proper notification. Emails are notoriously easy to fake and there is no way of verifying receipt. They demonstrate that understanding by asking that they expect you to send them a fax or certified letter showing receipt of the email. Report the UN as a spammer.

B. The cited treaty 'Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property' does not provide protection to the UN as the UN is not, nor could it be, a signatory as the UN is not a country. To receive such protection, the UN would have to declare itself a US resident. As far as I know, it has a building here, but is not a US entity. Cite they have no legal standing to claim protection under the treaty.

C. The UN website itself only claims copyright protection of the UN logo and its own website to 2006. This is 2008. You could claim ownership of the UN logo by abandonment and then sue the UN for copyright infringement. Send them a cease and desist letter.


Resolution Keeper (#3515)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Quote: "before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes, so when you criticize them, you'll be a mile away with their shoes"
Posted: 5911 days ago

Has Anyone seen my comment about finding NO Andrei Terekhov in the real life UN on their site?

Michael Ricksand (#2212)

Location: Terra
Quote: "You do not have a right to be stupid."
Posted: 5910 days ago

You do realize that the UN going against you legally qualifies you as a supervillain, right?

philbert smyth (#3490)

Location: Ottumwa ,IA,U.S.A
Quote: "ladys and gentlemen take my advice pull down your pants and slide on the ice"
Posted: 5907 days ago

The Paris Convention is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that isn't the UN is it? besides its probly a fake and snowcat is right

Ghostsaber (#3548)

Location: Pacific Ocean
Quote: "Death to Nazis"
Posted: 5900 days ago

OK, I have narrowed it down to 3reasons why the U.N. would do this.

1. They are made and only function because they are on a "bully" system. (They only have power because they have the "law" and military of a hundred some countries that back them).

2. Even with all that power, they can't resolve any issues, so they put trivial problems onto the desks of people that should never even be processed!

3. They never do anything. We could be in Vietnan or but no, instead they pick on a legal American(?) citizen.

Charlotte Ryberg (#3498)

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Posted: 5900 days ago

I still want a new flag, but but with your comments I begin to think how greedy and stupid the RL-UN is. Wel,, as the WA let's show them how it is really done.

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