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Sequels and Lamps


Do you ever plan on writing a sequel to Lexicon, or another book set in the same universe?


Sometimes. Usually I start thinking about that kind of thing when I’m around ten percent into a different book. That’s when I’m remembering how much work it is to figure out a world and characters and plot and tone and everything from scratch. So I look back on previous novels and wonder why the hell I threw all that away. Like, why not just dust that thing off and take it for another spin around the block.

The reason is that by the time I finish a novel, I hate everything about it. Well not really. It’s more like the thought of reading it again makes me want to vomit. At that point, if I had to go write a sequel, everyone in it would die in the first ten pages, from spite.

I really like finding something new. The days I love writing the most are when something happens I didn’t expect and I realize the story is going somewhere different. I guess that could happen in a sequel. But it wouldn’t have that same feeling of stumbling around in complete darkness, trying to find the lamps. I bang my toes a lot doing that but when the light comes on, that’s why I write.


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Ike (#6641)

Location: Canada
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Posted: 1834 days ago

Wonderful, thanks for answering my question! It's good to know that you at least consider it sometimes :)

Machine Man subscriber David Monroe (#1684)

Location: Yellowknife, Canada
Posted: 1834 days ago

Lexicon was amazing. Just a whole new level. I would love to see more of that world, but it's not like you've written a novel I don't enjoy and buy two copies of.

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