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My Favorite Hooker

Max I was reading my local community magazine and came to the classified column “Adult Services.” There weren’t many to choose from, so apparently (a) I live in a morally upright suburb, and (b) it’s a sellers’ market. Still, I decided to critique their marketing efforts: If I was buying, which hooker would I hire?

Sexy, friendly, mid-30s, blonde

I like that she’s “friendly.” The last thing I’d want when I’ve hired a prostitute is for her to be rude or standoffish. Although maybe I’m reading that wrong; maybe you get her around to your house but when you try to get frisky, she says, “I’m sorry… I just don’t want to ruin the friendship.” I’m also a little wary about that “mid-30s”: is that her age or birthdate?

Try a sensual male body rub by attractive young guy.

Hmm, I need to be a lot more than “curious” about bisexuality before the idea of a sensual body rub from an attractive young guy sounds appealing. I think I’d have to have some pretty firm opinions.

Affectionate mid 30’s Blonde. Prefers men 50’s+

So if I open the door, Vanessa’s face will fall with disappointment. That’s no good. I have to say, though, I’m surprised that someone so picky about who she sleeps with has chosen this career path. I feel bad for Vanessa; I imagine life is quite the challenge.


All good words. But to me the ad suggests a lack of imagination; like whoever wrote it doesn’t really know what she should be doing. She comes over, you get naked, then she just starts awkwardly poking your chest.

Uni Student. Visit You. $250/hour.

That sounds like a lot of money just for a visit. I hope that includes some sex. But why is Angel telling me she’s a student? Will she need to get some studying done while she’s over? Is she prone to holding forth on socialism? It’s almost as if she’s suggesting that Uni Students who have sex are rare and exotic. She’s obviously not staying at my old dorm.

Faith Paradise
Cheeky Private Blonde 23 Credit Cards.

We have a winner! First, I am a sucker for wacky names, and “Faith Paradise” is even better than “Juliette Private”. She’s cheeky (that’s a plus), private (won’t tell everyone the next day), and, apparently, has 23 credit cards! So if the sex didn’t go well, we could chat about consumerism. Perfect!


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Justin Holt (#147)

Location: Rochester, NY
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Posted: 7102 days ago


You've outdone yourself with that commentary there. I spit Coca-Cola all over my keyboard.

"I’m also a little wary about that “mid-30s”: is that her age or birthdate?"

Jesus! That is the funniest thing I've read all day. By far.

"She comes over, you get naked, then she just starts awkwardly poking your chest."

I can't stop laughing.

Great stuff.

Scott (#354)

Location: Grand Rapids, MI
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Posted: 7102 days ago

"Uni student. Visit you. $250/hour."

Me thug. Like topic. Still broke. grunt grunt grunt.

Morzaria (#463)

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Posted: 7102 days ago


Mandithecoolkid (#872)

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Posted: 7101 days ago

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAH this was fuckin rad.

loved it. =)

It almost cheered me up from failing "Intro to Logic". right on.

Narain (#824)

Location: Los Angeles, right between civilization and a desert
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Posted: 7101 days ago

How does a married man get away with critiquing hookers? Isn't that grounds for divorce? Seriously max, how do you pull it off?

David (#577)

Location: Belgium
Posted: 7101 days ago

His wife obviously still believes Max sells calendars for a living. So she doesn't know about all of this.

Let's blackmail him! We'll tell your wife you're a "wri-tar", if you do not ... erm ... give us all your bandwidth! Yeah, that's right! Hehe...he...

/me dies a lonely death in a corner

Kat (#299)

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Posted: 7101 days ago

Hmmm...sounds like Vanessa only wants older men so she can rob them of their money. This was a great way to end my studying for finals tonight. Have fun looking at more hooker ads!

Chris (#816)

Location: Quebec, Canada
Posted: 7101 days ago

Wow... You're one of the funniest people ever.

Machine Man subscriber Brad Mendenhall (#23)

Location: Shrewsbury, Pa
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Posted: 7101 days ago

Pardon my ignorance, but is prostituion legal in Australia? I get a weekly mailer in my neighborhood every week and all they have are ads for are dog-sitters and spackling companies. Perhaps there is a code I'm not privvy to.

Mystra (#728)

Location: Las Vegas
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Posted: 7101 days ago

Even in 'Vegas we don't get ads like that, of course I think you have to work for a company, like the Bunny Ranch, so I guess a "self-employed" person wouldn't be advertising here.

shabooty (#637)

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Posted: 7101 days ago

my profile's quote is appropriate (as a comment) for this post

shabooty (#637)

Location: D.C./V.A/M.D.
Quote: "I will shake your foundation. I will shake the f**cking rafters. Nobody'll be the same -Danny Bonaduce ....& go visit my blog @:"
Posted: 7099 days ago

This is totally unrelated kinda relates to Syrup...
taken from daily re-cap:

The girls from Scores came in with Big John to wish everybody a Happy Holiday. The girls sang a very special version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for Howard. They said they had been up drinking all night, but had to wait to come on the air and now they were sober. John said he was still "whacked" from all the Grey Goose he drank. One of the girls said her name was Six and Artie asked her if she got her name from all the DUIs she had, but she said she got the name from a friend. Six is a 22-year-old student at Hunter College, claims to have real breast and is considered Ronnie the Limo Driver's current favorite Scores girl. Big John said that one of the girls with them - Chase - was the "baddest" Scores girl East or West. He also said that he loves his job and his life because he spends all his time around hot chicks and booze. Artie said he'd never seen anyone do shots like John does. Howard and Artie said they definitely have to get together with the girls again soon…like in 10 minutes

NiCE? :)

Ellis (#884)

Location: San Francisco
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Posted: 7099 days ago

Unrelated, if you want to talk to me (Max interviews Ellis), look at the last 2 comments on Max interviews Ellis. And yes, this is really Ellis.

Cantrall (#26)

Location: New Orleans
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Posted: 7099 days ago

Prostitution must be legal...heck, if that one girl takes credit cards, then it's a recorded transaction. I can't imagine an illegal business taking credit cards.

Ashley (#889)

Location: motown
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Posted: 7099 days ago

There are ads for them?? And I didn't know about this, how? I say some phone hotlines in the back of Rolling Stone...but these are hooker ads. Thats abit different...SPEAKING OF...What is up with Rolling Stone? What is this stone and why does it roll? Or is it like rock and roll?? Only...that would be Stone and Roll: music for the peoples of 600 B.C.C...society and its popularities are confusing.

ra ra ra.

Stephanie (#909)

Location: Canada
Posted: 7091 days ago

Hahaha, this was sooo funny, I actually read it to my 70+ year old mother and she thought it very funny too! ;)


kolyn (#914)

Location: Calgary, Canada
Posted: 7088 days ago

Wow, what exotic people you have about you. Sensual male body rub, eh? Sounds cheeky, and friendly, and probably doesn't involved chest prodding.

Kate (#422)

Location: Over there, on the left. No, wait, your OTHER left!
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Posted: 7065 days ago

Yes, but how many of these hookers are actually dating drug dealers? Are there any drug dealers in Australia?

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