Wed 06

MTV: On the Set of Syrup

Syrup From here!


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Jak (#2464)

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Posted: 4274 days ago

The bleeped out "Fukk"s are hilarious.

Machine Man subscriber Max

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Posted: 4274 days ago

Yeah, especially as they're standing next to a big poster saying FUKK.

Jack Brownfield (#5166)

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Quote: "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
Posted: 4274 days ago

Kind of pointless to bleep out.

Machine Man subscriber Adam (#24)

Location: Morristown, Indiana
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Posted: 4273 days ago

Thu 07


This week my wife and I are house sitting for an executive of a large corporation. I feel like a rockstar living in this mansion. All is well, except the room I am staying in pink. Not just a little pink. All pink. The curtains are pink. The bed is pink. The Barbie house. Pink. Also, there is a chandelier too. And diamonds on the wall...the pink wall.

Also, I use the phrase, "my wife and I". That's right. I got married last summer, and no one gave us magnets as a wedding gift.
Those machine man magnets with the mustache guy would look pretty good* on my fridge, which is lacking magnets.

That is all,


*by "pretty good", I mean whatever adjective would be enough to describe the magnet on my fridge in such a way that you, Max, would send them to me. Awesome? Is that good enough? Fantastic? ...whatever that descriptive word would be, that's what I really mean.

Swkoll (#5394)

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Posted: 4273 days ago


Machine Man subscriber Todd (#3429)

Location: New York
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Posted: 4273 days ago

Holy mackerel! I still can't get over how awesome this is.

Machine Man subscriber David (#1456)

Location: Sydney, Australia
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Posted: 4273 days ago

Way to give away the ending dopey overpaid acting dude! I mean, a Hollywood movie in which the central character has to choose between love and greed and chooses love? So radical and unexpected, and he gave it away!

shabooty (#637)

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Posted: 4273 days ago

sweeeeeeeet hey now... :)

by the way, get amber heard's publicist to get amber heard on the howard stern show when she's doing publicity for syrup... it'd be a homerun. she can talk about all the hot famous chicks she's dated. :)

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