Mon 06

It’s Possibly Real

Syrup Tomorrow I fly to New York for the Syrup movie. They’re about to start production; I get to hang out on set. On the 14th I am supposed to act: I have a cameo as an executive in a strip club scene.

This is all pretty insane. As I mentioned, I’ve only just started to believe this film is happening. Prior to now, my experience with Hollywood has been mostly getting promised things. I learned to adopt an “I’ll believe when I see it” attitude. Apparently I’m about to see it.

A part of me is occasionally paralyzed with fear as to how this thing will turn out. I’m trying to keep that under control, and instead remember how I sat in my 1979 Toyota Corolla (street value: $200) and typed this novel out across a couple hundred lunch breaks from my job as a sales rep. I was 23 years old. That guy dreamed of this. He would be awe-struck that it’s happening. Not completely, because he was kind of arrogant, and expected nothing less than greatness. But still. I’m taking that guy to New York with me.

P.S. I will tweet what I can.


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Melissa (#888)

Location: WI
Quote: "When you can't run anymore, you crawl, and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Congrats! Really looking forward to seeing it. : )

Machine Man subscriber Mapuche (#1184)

Location: Darwin, Australia
Quote: "Inconceivable!"
Posted: 4263 days ago

I am so unbelievably happy for you, and you dream coming trueness!!! Thanks for sharing these little bits of happiness. I also await the movie with anticipation, since I enjoyed the book so much.

Billy McMahon (#4690)

Location: Variable
Quote: "revolution"
Posted: 4263 days ago

Very cool, I'm glad they're making it. Looking forward to watching.

Did you request that particular cameo?

stanley becker (#5283)

Location: black hole
Posted: 4263 days ago

I'll review your movie on imdb reviews - great story - I like this other guy [your historical persona] - give him the lead role in Zoo York as "Ur Max", a previous version [similar to but different from] "Now Max" - Hope you get turned on by the unfolding events Yours S.

Machine Man subscriber David (#1456)

Location: Sydney, Australia
Quote: "Why are the pretty ones always insane?"
Posted: 4263 days ago

You get to act in a strip club! Damn, but can this thing get any better?

So many authors become depressed that their books aren't published, then that they have no say in the covers (and they hate the ones the publisher picks), then that one of their books is optioned for a movie that never gets made, then, if the movie gets made, they hate it and think the actors are all wrong, etc.

You on the other hand get your books published (with problems along the way admittedly, but published nonetheless), and now you get to *pick* (with your reader's help) the cover for one of them, and your first book not only gets optioned for a movie but it's actually getting made! And you get to play a bit part in the thing. In a fscking strip club for crying out loud!

Machine Man subscriber Marleen (#2741)

Location: Canada
Posted: 4263 days ago

I'm in NYC this week for work!
We'll be on the same side of the globe for a change!
How VERY unlikely that I will bump into you Max, but I'm still excited.

PS: all the movie business? FAB. Go you!

Jeffrey (#2286)

Location: Right here
Quote: "Mathematics is a powerful language. Just look at how mathematicians destroyed the housing market."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Congratulations Max!

Lynne D Perry (#5100)

Location: Penfield, New York
Quote: "Resistance to Linux is futile. You *will* be assimilated."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Welcome to New York! I can't wait for the movie trailers! Wish I could watch you cut your scenes on the set. Oh well. If you can make it up to Rochester I'll cook up a dinner for you. No, really!

jessica (#3063)

Location: austin, tx
Quote: "You can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Congrats! Enjoy the ride!

Karl (#5457)

Location: New York
Posted: 4263 days ago

I was in NYC this weekend driving behind a Porsche with the license plate MAXX. Sorry if I spoiled the studio's surprise.

Mary Rose (#2854)

Location: San Francisco, CA
Quote: "go big or stay home"
Posted: 4263 days ago

Oofdah, Max!

Machine Man subscriber Adam Wookee (#4571)

Location: Denver, CO
Quote: "There is no shame in losing to a clever opponent.....And I make it a point to someday kill my clever opponents."
Posted: 4263 days ago

So awesome that this is becoming a movie!!!

One tiny little complaint though: Went to IMDB for the movie and Sneaky Pete's henchwoman is named "3" not "@"

I'm totally :( about that.

Joanna (#5296)

Location: Seattle, WA
Quote: ""The wise man despises no one. Instead, he watches him closely and tries to discover the roots of what he sees." (Gogol, Dead Souls)"
Posted: 4263 days ago

Yeah seriously, congratulations, man!! For what it's worth, being a fan since Jennifer Government was released (and an online game), I'm proud of you!! My brother-in-law, sister, and I look forward to it. :) Rooting for you!

Machine Man subscriber coolpillows (#3749)

Location: new york general sort of vicinity
Quote: ""It's not working" -- Joseph Clark"
Posted: 4263 days ago

Congratulations Max...very sweet anecdote about your 23-year old-ness.

I'm in the city every day...I could stop by the set. If I do, I'll behave myself. But please tell your bodyguards, tazing will give me a heart attack.

Congrats...enjoy every single second of it!


Machine Man subscriber Ben (#3924)

Location: Alberta, Canada
Quote: "I don't wanna ride the elevator."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Sweet deal Max. Very cool.

Brittany O. (#1688)

Location: Montana
Quote: "people are kind of overrated "
Posted: 4263 days ago

What happened to the days where we could follow your blog?
I miss simple technology and do not want to have to join "twitter" to watch your "tweets".
Could we go back to the cool Maxx where this blog was how we connected?

Jack Brownfield (#5166)

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Quote: "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Congratulation!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the excessive puncuation there. But seriously, congratulations.

Can't wait to see the movie and your cameo!

Machine Man subscriber Katie Ellert (#207)

Location: Calgary AB Canada
Quote: "Where's Lola? WHERE'S LOLA?!?!"
Posted: 4263 days ago

I am so excited for this! (and for you of course)

Machine Man subscriber Randy (#2374)

Location: Ravena, NY
Quote: "I could write a book about being lazy. I just don't feel like it."
Posted: 4263 days ago

Very exciting, Max! Welcome to NY!

JBBdude (#1884)

Posted: 4261 days ago

Awesome! Been waiting for this. I would love to see some of it, will be in NYC on Friday, and I'd bet I'm not the only American fan who would love to get to share your joy. Anyway, congrats on the progress! I'll be looking forward to the release.

Swkoll (#5394)

Location: USA
Quote: ":)"
Posted: 4260 days ago

Hooray, this will be awesome!!! Btw I just traveled to NYC just to be there when the filming started.

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