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Susan Malter

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"Forbidding sex with ghosts in the bible is like putting recipes for bombs on the internet."

Max's Posse

A better bunch of people you won't find anywhere. Thanks to everyone on this list.

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# Name Location Quote
101 Manos Matsakis Athens, Greece "A quote !"
104 Paul Connecticut, USA ""Don't fight it son. Confess quickly! If you hold out too long you could jeopardize your credit rating. " --Brazil (1985 movie)"
106 Jerry Annin Omaha, NE -
108 c. sawyer indiana,usa "Always do sober what you said youd do drunk,that will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
109 Ben Moss New York, NY -
111 Jamie Auckland "Anyone still spelling "internet" with a capital "I" is probably struggling with the complexities of their new-fangled electric typewriter."
116 Sergio Jimenez denver "i'm hungry"
117 Jeff Lakin Michigan "“The rich were richer, the poor, poorer and people everywhere had less lint, thanks to the lint rollers in my town. It truly was a dawn of a new era.”"
118 Sembazuru Canada "Think different."
119 Peter Wiegand Washington, USA "Just because it's aimed at a particular market means it's not art?"
120 Cassandra california -
121 Ellis Livingston San francisco, CA, USA "I am the Lord in Heaven.... Bitches....."
123 Brad Johnson Greenville, South Carolina "The only reason you weren't a crack baby is because they didn't have crack when you were born."
124 Leesa Willis NC, USA "Nothin' says love like high explosives."
126 April Nicole Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada -
127 Laurie Wauconda, IL -
129 Shannon Hubbard - -
135 boppa None of your bloody business! ""Would you two stop blowing kisses at each other" Mr Neeson."
136 John Daly Canberra, Australia "If I could think of something funny this is where I would keep it."
137 Nate Ann Arbor "Hey, are you seriously giving me a number? I thought you were above that, Maxie!"
141 SaraJane Vancouver, BC "It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
142 Jockey Chicago "Ooops, that was my insulin inhaler."
143 Jeffrey Flaws Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA "Luck is the residue of deliberate planning."
146 Markus Tornqvist Helsinki, Finland -
147 Justin Holt Rochester, NY ""

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