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Sam Novak

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Wisconsin, USA

"Vecto brilla masog vat"

Max's Posse

A better bunch of people you won't find anywhere. Thanks to everyone on this list.

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# Name Location Quote
229 angelica Melbourne "God I'm bored"
232 Nigel London ""
233 Jake Boston -
234 Sandy Kansas "The stopping of becoming is Nirvana"
237 Alex London, England "We're today's scrambled creatures, locked in tomorrow's double feature (Bowie)"
239 Tyler H Dallas,Texas "Roar Har!"
242 Karl Johnson Massachusetts-USA ""You know the difference between true love and herpes, dont you? Herpes lasts forever" - Mel Gibson"
243 Daniel DiFranco Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA "Panic Years, a novel, out now."
244 Ness Lorne, Vic -
245 Karen Belfast, Northern Ireland "It takes more muscles to frown than to smile, but I like my face to be fit."
246 Eryn Alberta, Canada ""Man who argues with cow on wall like train without wheels: very soon get nowhere." --Sydney Wang, "Murder By Death""
247 Amanda Arizona ""You don't mean those stupid smiley-face stickers, do you?" "Yes, I mean the GOOD FOR MARKETING smiley-face stickers.""
248 Nirvana Kliese Sunshine Coast, Qld "Maddness takes its toll, please have exact change"
249 Steve Mullis Orlando, FL "Seven donkeys and a concubine cannot compare with the tarnished sheen left in your path of combustion."
254 Nick Dantanavatanawong United States -
255 Logan College! "Support a good band: Turn off your radio."
256 Adam A. Phoenix, Arizona "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." -George Carlin"
258 Alan Belmore UK "Cheese Rules dudes."
259 Josh Losardo Brooklyn, NY -
260 Brian Vermillion Indiana, U.S. -
262 jesse California -
264 Stathis Paraskevopoulos Greece "Further Construction work is banned"
267 Warren Kitchener, Ontario "Quote eh? uh... ah hell, I got nothing."
268 Ross Flaherty London, UK -
269 David Huggins Nevada "War's are not won by dieing for your country, they are won by making the other son of a bitch die for his."

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