fear my vigilantes

Photo Gallery

Here are some snaps of me. Except where noted, these can be freely reproduced for your newspaper or whatever, so long as you credit the photographer. Click the small versions for larger ones (some are higher resolution than others).

  • Signing books in a Chicago bookstore—Barbara's, I think. Size: 442x589 (115KB). Photo by Lauren Thomas.

  • Standing in front of a painting promoting a bookstore event I did (also for Barbara's in Chicago, although at their old store, in 1999) for Syrup. The painting was by a girl who worked there and when I wanted to buy it she was really excited because it was her first ever sale. Incidentally, when I took this photo I was really tired. Size: 2048x1536 (657KB). Photo by Jennifer Barry.

  • Me looking relaxed and comfortable. Size: 2262x3312 (819KB). Photo by Eddie Jim. This photo may not be reproduced without permission from Fairfax. But they will license it for a fee: contact them on (+61) 1300 136 466 or at, quoting Image ID 9692254. If you're going down that road, you might want to check out their full range of Max Barry pics.

  • Me with the copyedited Machine Man manuscript. Size: 1600x1200 (1.4MB). Photo by Jennifer Barry.

  • A book reading at Embiggen Books in October 2011. Size: 850x565 (154KB).

  • Me standing in an alley. Size: 2592x1944 (3.3MB). Photo by Jennifer Barry.

  • I include this even though no-one will ever want to reprint it because it's the best photo I will ever be involved in. Look at that. That's awesome. Size: 1944x2592 (3.9MB). Photo by Jennifer Barry. Baby: Matilda Barry.

  • A screenshot from my Machine Man book trailer, which hasn't been released yet. I'm surprised I'm even posting this. You're the only one who's noticed so far. Size: 1834x969 (1.2MB).

  • Meeting a fan (Lauren Thomas) at a reading at the same bookstore. Size: 2592x1944 (1.9MB). Photo by Carolyn Wagner.

  • Me double-checking the spelling of the name of a fan (Lauren Thomas) while she giggles adorably and treats me like a total rock star. (You probably don't think there are too many ways to spell Lauren. What I have learned is that there are many ways to spell everything, and nobody likes a mis-dedicated book.) Size: 2592x1944 (2.4MB). Photo by Carolyn Wagner.

  • Your standard author headshot. A little dated now. I no longer have that much hair. Size: 757x1031 (128KB). Photo by Jennifer Barry.

  • 178 Me crouching on the floor, wearing inappropriate sox. Size: 1084x1030 (127KB). Photo by Jennifer Barry

  • Me leaning against a wall and laughing for no particular reason. Size: 436x1046 (56KB). Photo by Jennifer Barry.

  • This was used as the author photo on Jennifer Government. I feel terrible about that because you can clearly see I'm using Windows. All I can say is I didn't know any better at the time. Size: 945x1049 (138KB). Photo by me.

  • Me looking kind of weird and squinty. The city of Melbourne, in the background, looks good though. Size: 2835x1890 (3.8MB). Photo by Nicole Cleary.