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New Superhero Idea: Vaxman

What Max Reckons Vaxman is a billionaire philanthropist whose parents died from Covid-related complications after a family gathering. Vaxman’s half-sister, Antivila, attended the gathering while ill and didn’t tell anyone.

Frustrated at the government’s inability to end the pandemic, Vaxman decided to take matters into his own hands. Converting his underground garage into a laboratory, he developed an armored suit and a range of weaponry, including “the Vaccinator,” a semi-automatic rifle capable of delivering bursts of 0.3mL of Pfizer-BioNTech with high accuracy over two hundred yards. He also built grenades capable of dispersing Pfizer via aerosolized mist, suitable for deploying indoors and at concerts and rallies.

Roaming city streets in his customized Vaxmobile, Vaxman was intercepted by the Freedom Fighters, a shadowy paramilitary force with unknown but extensive financing. Badly beaten and facing jail time for his unregistered weaponry, Vaxman was set free by his family’s brilliant attorney, Jane Collective, who successfully argued that Vaxman was legally entitled to shoot Pfizer people who endangered his personal safety by approaching him while unvaccinated, particularly in stand-your-ground states.

The case rocketed Vaxman to national prominence, forcing him into hiding to escape retribution. In the mountains, he developed a plan to feed vaccines into the water supplies of a major city. Piloting a heavy bomber over the catchment area of a key water reservation, he was intercepted by the Freedom Fighters, now revealed to be financed and led by Antivila. In the ensuing duel, Vaxman was shot down before he could open the bomb bay doors, but this was merely a diversion, as Jane Collective had secretly negotiated to add Pfizer to the city’s fluoridation program.

To some, Vaxman is a hero. To others, a villain. He saves lives, but is hated by many of those he saves. He is regularly invited onto mainstream television, but has never accepted. He is in love with Jane Collective, but it’s too risky for them to be together. He sometimes visits schools, and is startled by sneezes.


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towr (#1914)

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 606 days ago

Does Vaxman only fight against Covid-19? Or also other diseases?

I don't think it would work if you take the Pfizer vaccine orally. And considering it needs to be refrigerated until used, putting it in the water supply is right out. But I guess it wouldn't be the weirdest departure from reality in superhero stories.

Merni (#8296)

Quote: "nope"
Posted: 603 days ago

Sure, but what about AstraZeneca?

Merni (#8296)

Quote: "nope"
Posted: 603 days ago

(Sorry for the double post)
Also, I think the "Pfizer vaccine" and "AstraZeneca vaccine" names must be one of the better marketing jobs done in recent times, given that those were developed primarily by the German company BioNTech and the Oxford University, respectively!

Tringapore (#8303)

Location: Singapore
Quote: "I think ownself be true"
Posted: 603 days ago

Can't imagine when Marvel or DC makes a movie for Vaxman, haha!

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