Eagle eyes by C. A. Bridges. Story here...." />
relatively handsome for a writer

Max Barry wrote the novels Syrup, Jennifer Government, Company, Machine Man, and Lexicon. He also created the game NationStates and once found a sock full of pennies.


Tue 07

Spotted in the Wild

Lexicon My favorite thing to happen this year:

Saturday Night Live sketch of Trump vs Turnbull phone call with Lexicon by Max Barry visible on shelves behind the Australian Prime Minister

Eagle eyes by C. A. Bridges. Story here.


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towr (#1914)

Location: Netherlands
Posted: 46 days ago

Well, never let it be said nothing good ever came from the Trump administration.

Though honestly Max, I think there must have been more efficient ways to promote your book than getting Trump elected so he'd get satirized on SNL talking to the Australian PM with your book in the background. Clever, I'll give you that, but surely such keen foresight and such masterful skills of manipulation could have been put to better use.

Chase (#7233)

Location: The Known Universe
Quote: "Well, 2016 you made us laugh, and cry. A lot. I mean, a lot. I mean, I woke up at 3:30 am on November 9th and almost started crying when I saw the news."
Posted: 43 days ago

I don't know Max, the Russian flag pin is pretty fun.

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