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US Tour 2006

Company Doubleday has nailed down my Company US book tour, so if you’re interested in listening to me orally mangle my novel and write amusing things on your copy, you’re in luck! Providing, of course, you live in one of a very small number of cities:

[ Tour Details Here ]

If you can’t make it, here’s the one-line summary: I’m taller and more Australian than you expect.


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Matthew (#16)

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Quote: "Unicorn on mountain top. Wind blowing through mane."
Posted: 6298 days ago

Dear Midwest and South,

Suck it.


Doubleday Publishing.

Nathan Shayefar (#1025)

Location: Berkeley
Quote: "Gladia"
Posted: 6298 days ago

Wow, I might not be able to make it to the Los Angeles one, but I can probably make it to the San Francisco date with some clever manipulation of public transportation.

Yay! Really looking forward to this, since I missed your Jennifer Government tour.


Holangisus (#1628)

Posted: 6298 days ago

I'm going to have to show up at the New York one. Hello yearly family vacation.

michele (#708)

Location: Italy
Quote: "I forgot what I wanted to say..."
Posted: 6298 days ago

Is Doubleday going to sponsor my trip from Italy? I swear I'd buy a copy of your book for every single one of my friends! :)

JJ MacMillan (#819)

Location: Austin, TX
Quote: "I just wanted you to see what bad planning looked like."
Posted: 6298 days ago

I hate to be childish about this but if you don't come to Austin, I'm not going to buy your book. Okay, what about this: I promise you won't be hogtied, hamstrung, dragged behind a horse, scalped, or your accent made fun of.

Machine Man subscriber Max

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Quote: "I'm my number one fan!"
Posted: 6298 days ago

Oh sure, that's what you said LAST time.

Robert (#413)

Location: Los Angeles
Quote: "A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
Posted: 6298 days ago

He doesn't care because he knows we'll buy it anyways!

Oh, and that was a great first response, still smiling about it.

Narain (#824)

Location: Los Angeles, right between civilization and a desert
Quote: "NI!"
Posted: 6298 days ago

Argh. I live in LA for like 7 years, and you just have to have your second booksigning right after I go off to college?? Hrm, well, we'll see if I can make it to either LA or San Francisco. Hopefully I will, but either way, I'll be getting a signed copy!

Chas (#537)

Location: Free Country USA
Quote: "./configure, make, make install."
Posted: 6298 days ago

Perhaps I;ll try to make it to the New York reading.

Machine Man subscriber Barry Mitchell (#1001)

Location: Saukville, Wisconsin
Quote: ""A hamster's like a small camel" - Ben Katz"
Posted: 6298 days ago

Darn! I missed you here (in Milwaukee) last tour, and now you're not coming. Well, not YET... as I'm sure _Company_ will hit it big and you'll be around here for _Company_ Tour Part Deux, Revenge of the Doughnut. I await that with awesome anticipation.

And this time, I'll make good on my offer to get you out for a taste of Brew-town.

shabooty (#637)

Location: D.C./V.A/M.D.
Quote: "I will shake your foundation. I will shake the f**cking rafters. Nobody'll be the same -Danny Bonaduce ....& go visit my blog @:"
Posted: 6298 days ago

what about d.c.? :(

EM3 USN (#821)

Location: navstanorva (naval station norfolk, norfolk, va)
Posted: 6298 days ago

hmmmm so much west coast.....

Flynn (#520)

Location: Chicago, IL USA
Quote: "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
Posted: 6297 days ago


I can't believe they wouldn't at least hit Chicago. At least you east coast folk are a (relatively) quick shot up 95. If you're in DC or further north, that is.

No 15 hour drives for us!

Goobergunch (#606)

Location: Pennsylvania
Quote: "IVMB?"
Posted: 6297 days ago

/me does the Los Angeles is Close to Me so I'll Finally Meet the Tetragrammaton Lord of This World dance.

Machine Man subscriber Adam (#24)

Location: Morristown, Indiana
Quote: "Why do I blog? Simple, because Max Barry blogs."
Posted: 6297 days ago

Fri nov. something...


Apparently nothing. Whatever happened to the good old days when Max Barry at least took a half-way stop in Chicago? It's one of the largest cities in the US and only three hours from my house as opposed to New York, which is about fifteen. Sure, Chicago is right next to Gary, Indiana, the crap hole of America, but I'd still drive through Gary to meet Max Barry. I guess I will have to wait another 4-5 years until Max Barry writes another novel...(sigh).


"Dear Midwest and South,

Suck it.


Doubleday Publishing."
Matthew, this quote says it all...

Peter N.Bernath (#1041)

Location: Stockholm - Sweden
Quote: "Errr... Is that a tree growing out of your head? - Fallout 2"
Posted: 6297 days ago

Now: Patiently waiting for the European tour.

Later: Patiently waiting for the European tour, which will include Stockholm, Sweden.

2058: Patiently waiting for the European tour, which will include Stockholm, Sweden, and that I will have the opportunity to attend. If both Max and I will be alive that is...

Machine Man subscriber Katrina (#847)

Location: SF, CA
Quote: "Good sex is like good Bridge: if you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand." -- Mae West"
Posted: 6297 days ago

wooohoooo!!! SF ^_^ Now to plot to drive down to Mountain View on a school night.

Jason (#1193)

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Quote: "The bulwark of the suggestion box has failed."
Posted: 6297 days ago

Man why the midwest dis! There are actually cities betweenteh coasts, ya know ;) If a stop gets added anywhere around here (wow three peopel from Indiana in the comments? eerie!) I'll make the trek.

Keister (#1088)

Location: New York
Posted: 6297 days ago

Outstanding!! But what's your on-time percentage for appearances?? Just trying to gauge how much of my class I have to skip in order to make it to the NYC reading....

Adam A. (#256)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Quote: "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." -George Carlin"
Posted: 6297 days ago

You know, Phoenix in January has probably the best weather in the country. We only have two seasons: summer and not-summer, and our not-summer is great (highs in the 70's). So maybe the day before LA... Heck come spend a few days, we'll go hiking. My wife makes a great Tex-Mex lasagna.

Andy (#1665)

Quote: "ZOOMJ"
Posted: 6297 days ago

No Chicago?

Nathan Shayefar (#1025)

Location: Berkeley
Quote: "Gladia"
Posted: 6297 days ago

Apparently Doubleday has no experience with CT or WOM. :)

Emily (#609)

Location: New York
Quote: "When in doubt, fuck it. When not in doubt, get in doubt!"
Posted: 6297 days ago

YAY NYC!! I shall do everything in my power to be there, and I can guarantee I'll make a complete moron of myself and absolutely adore your Aussie-ness. ^_^


Justin Holt (#147)

Location: Rochester, NY
Quote: ""
Posted: 6296 days ago

I'll definetely make the NYC trek. Gives me a valid excuse to go anyways...

Cannot wait.

Machine Man subscriber Bushra (#36)

Location: Fremont, California
Quote: ""
Posted: 6294 days ago

Ok, I feel a bit bad. Everyone's been talking about these long trips they will have to make to get to a book signing. It'll only take about 20 minutes for me to get to the SF (Mountain View) book signing.

B. Murphy (#745)

Location: Little Rock, AR
Quote: "“I would have loved to have been a Christian, if it weren’t for the Christians.” - Gandhi"
Posted: 6294 days ago

I live in Arkansas, and there is no chance that in making any of the signings. Too bad you're not giong to Dallas, St. Louis, or even Little Rock. What a sad, sad, day.

Machine Man subscriber Xpovos (#958)

Location: Washington D.C.
Quote: "Time not important, only life important"
Posted: 6294 days ago

L.A. has no professional football team, true, but they get Max Barry. D.C. had no professional baseball team (despite being the 8th largest market in the country) and now has owner issues. And no Max Barry. I'd love to come out for this, but driving to N.Y. is a bit out of my league.

One the plus side, Max, you get to avoid D.C. traffic. Count your blessings.

Ernest Reid (#1668)

Location: Ontario, Canada
Quote: "Buster! What are you doing with Mother's rape horn?"
Posted: 6294 days ago

Any news of a Canadian tour?

Please come to Toronto, Max! You have to know what snow is like.

John Tate (#238)

Location: East Melbourne
Posted: 6291 days ago

How about you tour your own country so I can actually meet you, you insensitive clod.

Jjuulliiaann (#1111)

Location: New York
Quote: "Religion is the Opium of the People --Karl Marx"
Posted: 6291 days ago

I'll probably be at the New York one.

Machine Man subscriber Craig Barron (#1276)

Location: Leeds, UK.
Quote: "“Trust Elizabeth to get upset over a donut.”"
Posted: 6290 days ago

Just going to the Americas?

What about old blighty ?

“more Australian than you expect”
(I was going to try and say some thing funny here, but you might think it rude so its probably best left)

Andrew (#1279)

Location: Texas
Posted: 6290 days ago

You need to come to San Antonio!

Oenone (#151)

Location: Konstanz, Germany
Quote: "I don't want to lie to you, but I will."
Posted: 6289 days ago

No boston? Granted at the same time, I am not there in any case, but I could always send my friends up to snag me a copy. Alas, it will take nothing short of higher power intervention to get them to drive to NYC. Pity.

Sir Paul (#1678)

Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Quote: "Even in a Porsche, you can not drive across LA in 20 minutes."
Posted: 6286 days ago

Now, let's be fair... Max is Australian, which means that the Pacific Rim Tour planned makes sense. Hey... Wait a minute. You're NOT coming to Los Angeles, you're going to West Hollywood! What are us Westwood people going to do? WeHo doesn't even have a freeway! And you can't expect me to drive east on surface streets on a Wednesday night. That's just great Doubleday, way to screw the 310.

Colette (#324)

Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Quote: ""The good Earth — we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy" -- Kurt Vonnegut"
Posted: 6283 days ago

Woo! I'll be the solitary rabid fan at the reading/thing in Seattle. I'm excited for Jan 28!

Machine Man subscriber Julie Totsch (#1341)

Location: Racine, WI
Quote: ""The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them." - Robert Frost"
Posted: 6282 days ago

Well, since DoubleDay doesn't think anyone in the Midwest would be interested...I guess I'll just contact Elliot Bay Bookstore in Seattle and have them get you to sign a copy for me! Since I'll have to pay shipping, this better be good.
BTW, if anyone else in the Midwest needs to order because you can't make the signings, I've ordered a couple of books from Elliot Bay and they're terrific.

Machine Man subscriber Yawnder (#1840)

Location: Brossard, Qc, Ca
Quote: "Smile, Tomorrow Will Be Worse... - Murphy"
Posted: 6267 days ago

As "Ernest Reid" said "up above", you have to come to Canada! Sure you'd be suprised by this "wtf is this language" in Québec, but it might (I said might ;-) ) Worth the trip... (Its a little lie, but it case you believe it... you never know!)
(Oh and btw, I'm not bitching Québecois, I'm one of "those" ;-) )

AJ (#1866)

Location: Portland, OR
Quote: "Who said life was fair (or some shitty thing like that)"
Posted: 6241 days ago

Here is what powell's is saying...
see you there..

Tom Foley (#1008)

Location: Seattle
Posted: 6230 days ago

Can't wait to run out and buy a copy today. Looking forward to the Seattle Reading!

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