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Chuck & me

Max Click for larger versionSo this is about six months too late and I actually got scooped, by myself, on, but: I was on book tour in the US earlier this year, and this meant staying in a lot of fancy hotels. In Seattle it was the Alexis, which is apparently frequented by authors so, uh, frequently, that it has a special room for them: the “Author’s Suite.” This, I assumed, was a dingy sub-basement hole where people could yell down things like, “Max, don’t forget to do the washing,”* but no: it was swish as. The hotel asked (oh, how politely they asked) every visiting author to sign a copy of their novel, and the walls of the Author’s Suite were fairly groaning with these. I had lots of fun hunting down copies of some of my favorite books, and was especially happy to find a Fight Club. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my top two modern authors (the other is Neal Stephenson); I don’t see much resemblance between Chuck’s stuff and mine, but am very happy whenever someone else does. By the time I left, this is what the Author’s Suite copies of Fight Club and Jennifer Government looked like.

* (I actually wrote that and thought, “Crap, I have a load of washing in the machine.” I had to go and get it out before I could finish the blog. Yes, my life is that glamorous.)


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Sarah (#830)

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Posted: 5558 days ago

Oh Chuck Palahniuk (yes, I am still trying to figure out how to prounounce it). He = sooooooo grood. And, though I have yet to go order and read your books (although my birthday is in three days so hopefully someone will give me some cash and I can happily dive head first into Jennifer Government and Syrup), I did read the first chapter of both and I see some similarities between your writing and good 'ol Chuck's. Also, if you haven't already read it, go read Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman. sooooooo grood. (grood meaning great + grood if you have not seen teen girl squad on But yes! Neil Gaiman! Oh, Neil Gaiman! Sooo grood.

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