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Questions I Haven't Gotten Around to Answering Yet

You can ask a question right here! If you just did that but you don't see it below, I haven't approved it yet. Got to keep out those spambots, you know.

  • Why do only some games on Squiggle have tips from Graft and The Arc but the rest just have Squiggle?

    PerfSat Nov 9 22:56:31 2019

  • Hi Max,

    in May 2017 you elaborated on Trump & Hillary and what evil Trump would look like...

    So, obviously, luckily evil Trump didn't happen (yet).

    OTOH, every time I pay attention to US politics, it looks more and more like "Idiocracy" wasn't a so-so comedy about life 100 years from now, but an eye-opening documentary brought back to us by a time traveller.

    What do you think?



    MatthiasFri Nov 8 00:41:16 2019

  • I used NationStates for a project in a social problems class in college. I teach intro to sociology as well and have an idea for creating a game for it but do not have the technical abilities to make it happen. Do you have any advice for me?

    JaniceThu Nov 7 09:25:34 2019

  • Could you make a new event? N-Day is in late September and Z-Day is in late October. THe two are pretty close together, which means there is a lot of time between Z-Day and N-Day(THe long period, obviously) which means NS lacks -Day events for almost 11 months. OF course there are events in between like Trivia and New Card Trading, but it is still hard to wait for the next N-Day now. (Also personal, I missed Z-Day because of a school trip, but anyways I didn't write this because of it.) Could you make a new event that exists between Halloween and September? Sure you shouldn't do it if it will make you too busy, just suggesting.

    A nation called A****ossieFri Nov 1 01:46:49 2019

  • Can you make users on NationStates able to declare war on other users?

    Anonymous • Tue Oct 29 20:22:00 2019

  • When is the next season of NationStates trading cards? We've all been waiting!

    Anonymous • Mon Oct 28 22:39:20 2019

  • Can you make z and n day happen on weekends or during the summer? Thanks!

    Anonymous • Mon Oct 28 14:06:54 2019

  • Hey Max!

    Me and others were discussing and researching, with no prevail, and with a last resort im asking with the owner of NS!

    The point is,

    What is the Oldest Nation In NationStates?

    We all know the Pacific is the oldest region but what is the oldest Nation. My suspicion is Maxtopia. Others claim NationStates [the Nation] is the oldest. An answer is certainly appreciated And would end years of debates and frustration... ("°~°)

    Anonymous • Mon Oct 28 05:56:27 2019

  • Dear Max,

    I am a NationStates player since Summer 17'. I really like your game, and my region TNP! But i've seen a lot of stuff should added for an advanced gameplay. You should consider adding more policies, more Pre-Titles (some people have a population below 500, you know :/) and maybe bringing Cards Against NationStates back? IDK :/

    Love Your Work!

    KevorkMon Oct 28 01:30:54 2019

  • Is this the bareword “——“?

    Anonymous • Wed Oct 23 10:33:06 2019

  • What was the Bareword? I just read Lexicon again and still can’t believe its not a movie, netflicks, hulu or amazon thing. By the Harry Wilson has a twin in John Scalzi’s books. Coincidence or a tip of the hat?

    Anonymous • Wed Oct 23 10:17:53 2019

  • hi i am also max barry

    baz is me u fool Wed Oct 23 06:36:00 2019

  • you should make it so regions can choose to combine their RMB's but still have buttons that allow you to send the message to only regions you select or you could even make it so people only view messages from their region with the click of a button. also, i think there should be an option for anyone to easily be able to post an edit or even add decisions to any issue, so long as its reviewed and approved before it gets added.

    a nation state userTue Oct 22 14:31:09 2019

  • Max, when is NationStates DS coming out? I want to play it on my Commodore 64!

    (sarcasm alert)

    ACSun Oct 20 21:14:38 2019

  • Hi there! I am currently reading Jennifer Government for an English college course and I am writing an Informative-Analysis on the author. I apologize for this strange question but where can I find biographical information about you that is not already on this website?

    Ryan Hickney (#7942)Fri Oct 4 13:09:18 2019

  • Is there a way to cancel all policies?

    A humanThu Oct 3 21:28:07 2019

  • Hey max

    Probably everyone annoys you with this but will there be a season two of nationstates cards?

    Thank you!

    Anonymous • Mon Sep 30 12:21:01 2019

  • I absolutely love NationStates, I've been playing for about three years now. I've made a lot of great friends in my region and I'm very grateful to have found this site full of so many amazing people. So thank you! I assume you have a nation considering you created the game, so have you ever talked to anyone in the regional message boards as if you were just a regular person playing the game?

    NicoleSun Sep 29 17:58:32 2019

  • Can you please kick out rouges for the next N-Day? My mates are screwed because some rouges nuking at one of the countries in a faction that we treatise on. Like a kick-out button for those who dishonor faction's instructions.

    Leo-kunSat Sep 28 23:33:26 2019

  • What are you doing to make NationStates even better?

    Anonymous • Sat Sep 28 13:08:46 2019

  • Greetings, Mr. Barry. I believe you are aware of the online game of NationStates, a website that you own. Say, if it is possible for you to answer,

    how do you feel regarding NSGP?

    AnonymousSat Sep 28 10:45:44 2019

  • How did you get your idea for NationStates?

    The United States of The PlaneThu Sep 26 15:18:26 2019

  • When will the next nationstatesZ come out

    AnonymousMon Sep 23 18:19:45 2019

  • Will there ever be military aspect in nation state

    Anonymous • Tue Sep 17 08:10:03 2019

  • Lexicon is one of my favourite books ever, and I was wondering if you were able to tell me more about one of my favourite characters in the book. He's a minor character who appears toward the end - a bald Australian soldier named Max. What was the inspiration for this character? Was he based off anyone you know, or did you just invent him out of nowhere?

    Radiatia (#6360)Mon Sep 16 23:12:55 2019

  • Do you like communism?

    CalviñWed Sep 11 11:29:06 2019

  • Are you someone who procrastinates a lot? 'Cus as an author that would be annoying.

    Random, irrelevant personSat Sep 7 23:10:09 2019

  • do you like the cyberpunk genre

    JaydenFri Sep 6 11:55:37 2019

  • what r u gonna do for NS on halloween

    New VladaThu Sep 5 06:44:03 2019

  • What is your national states nation?

    Kamchatkia NationMon Sep 2 07:04:52 2019

  • Any chance you could add a feature to nation states where you could re answer a question for an issue? Ive been playing every day for 55 days and i see a lot of things id like to change, after all laws do get changed in real life and im sick of having to wait 5 hours per issue because i have no life.

    IsaacSun Sep 1 20:47:12 2019

  • Is there another way of putting images on nationstates factbooks?

    The Commonwealth of South KeralaSun Sep 1 04:39:40 2019

  • i think nationstates needs a design update. honestly, it looks like something from 2010. what do you think?

    Anonymous • Fri Aug 30 12:21:22 2019

  • Hey Max! You got a nation on nationstates?

    Also, what do you think about raider nations, like, um, TBH? Aren't they supposed to be Illegal?

    AmanFri Aug 30 06:55:04 2019

  • Why does Black Market always grow? What should a nation do in order to stop it growing?

    Anonymous • Wed Aug 28 10:11:23 2019

  • Hello mr Barry, my name is Matheus and I am from Brazil. Recently I finished your book Lexicon and loved everything about it, it is an awesome story! I would like to know if you have any books to recommend which helped you to build the lore around Lexicon, like books on psychology, persuasion, philosophy, sociology, technology, linguistic, etc. Thank you very much!

    MatheusMon Aug 26 17:06:08 2019

  • This is not a question, but an observation from a long-time player of NationStates (I created my main nation back in January 2003).

    I recently ran into a group of friends who also play the game (well, I ran into their region), and who I hadn't talked to in over a decade. They're still on NS, I'm still on NS, so we reconnected. Then I resurrected a long-dead puppet nation to move into their region and stay in touch - as one does.

    This puppet nation has a population of 8 billion and some change, which means it has been alive for a little over 4 years (spread out over multiple cycles of expiration and resurrection). Ok, so what, right? Well the thing is, then I look at the rankings for this puppet nation that has existed for over 4 years, and notice that it's only in the top 19% of the world by population.

    Which means that 19% of nations have been around longer than 4 years.

    And this gets me thinking: Wow, NationStates has a really *incredible* retention rate, you know? Here I am, a guy who's been in this game since 2003, re-connecting with friends from the mid-2000s who are also still in the game, and noticing that almost 1/5 of nations are older than 4 years.

    I don't know of any other place on the internet except long-lasting social media (like Facebook) that has this kind of retention rate and old-friend-meeting potential.

    So what I'm saying is: Congratulations on creating the Immortal Game! And thank you.

    A guy who has been on NS for more than half his life at this pointThu Aug 22 05:56:50 2019

  • is the earth flat

    robertolodzTue Aug 20 07:08:52 2019

  • hello I have been playing nationstates and was wondering if you will when will you releas the next seson of cards

    lordTgamerThu Aug 15 10:18:35 2019

  • Why does the error message on your site when I include a link in a question look so similar to the ones on NationStates?

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 12 05:01:54 2019

  • what age audience are your books aimed at

    FulcrumSun Aug 11 11:46:25 2019

  • What inspired you to create nationstates?

    CromwellFri Aug 9 23:29:35 2019

  • Hello! I've been playing NationStates for a while, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I've also been reading a few of your blogs, which I find quite funny. I'd like to ask - what made you want to make NationStates? I understand Jennifer Government influenced it, but were there any other sparks of inspiration?

    CharlieThu Aug 8 04:28:19 2019

  • Hi, Max. I have a small addiction to trading cards, and I'm wondering when the next season will arrive. Want to see if my nation's increasingly stupid stats will place it above Uncommon this time. Wink wink.

    Anonymous • Thu Aug 8 02:50:55 2019

  • Hi! I am from Argentina and I play nation states for 3 months, and I want to ask you, how many time you spent on it? I mean, when you created it...

    Waterme_Argentina Fri Aug 2 12:28:49 2019

  • Do you have anything planned for nationstates in the future?

    Anonymous • Wed Jul 31 19:18:46 2019

  • crowdfund a machine man comic?

    Anonymous • Tue Jul 30 01:51:09 2019

  • Can you make it so you can manually set taxes how high for what stuff and spending choice and also add extra stuff you want for example there could be a add botton and one you click it and type for example school choice program and type persentage then one you click done it would apeure

    ChaseMon Jul 29 17:05:51 2019

  • How do i get DEMOCRATIC socialism taxing the rich and making healthcare and collge free not the policy on nationstates so called "socialism" which was communism and means of production?????

    From you're confused player,

    Chase M. Stiner

    ChaseMon Jul 29 16:45:51 2019

  • Hi, Max. I love NationStates. When will S2 card manufacture?


    InvenSun Jul 21 06:51:03 2019

  • What's it like being epic?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 19 07:35:23 2019

  • Are you max? like the real max? or are you a lizard

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 11 09:33:45 2019

  • Have you ever played Minecraft?

    FlameWed Jul 10 13:49:08 2019

  • Hey max!

    I am very excited for Providence!

    I've been a nationstates player since may.

    I've gotten autocracy, at first I was alright with it but i've recently wanted to become a democracy.

    Is there a way to get an issue faster? I've been waiting since may 23rd (yes i've been tracking) for the day I get the issue so i can free my people from this oppressive regime I run.

    Also would you ever update the site's design to give it a more modern look.

    Adam SaltSun Jul 7 06:44:34 2019

  • Can you make a roblox-themed novel?

    NacriiniaSat Jul 6 13:27:49 2019

  • When can we expect the addition of NS++ or another way to send recruitment telegrams in vanilla NS? Besides the feeders, our regions are dying.

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 4 13:41:35 2019

  • Hello, I would like to sya that I love your Book Jennifer Government and NationStates. I started playing it maybe a month ago, and I'm doing pretty well. But I have made a mistake with one of my issues and now I have Socialism. So my question is. Do you have any advice for me on how I can fix it? Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

    A Guy named OliverMon Jul 1 14:25:03 2019

  • I've been really enjoying my time with Nation States. However I find it troubling to have my nations animal the Owlbear to rise up and overthrow my nations current human rulers. Even though I've done what I could to give the Owlbears a good fighting chance. My question is whether or not it was ever considered that a nations animal may one day overthrow the humans?

    Ronwsj (#7908)Tue Jun 25 14:59:50 2019

  • Hey man, first just wanna say really loved Lexicon. Read it a few years ago, still one of my favorite books, if not, my favorite. I was itching for a new read and noticed you've got this new book coming in 2020. No rush, but when in 2020 do you reckon? Also how long have you been writing this? Cheers

    Anonymous • Mon Jun 24 22:49:19 2019

  • Are there going to be any more developments on Nation States or do you like the game as it is?

    TalinnMon Jun 24 21:56:13 2019

  • What inspired you to create NationStates?

    Random PersonSun Jun 9 16:37:51 2019

  • Why did my dad leave

    ToddTue Jun 4 14:43:15 2019

  • Max are you dead

    Max BarryMon Jun 3 19:15:08 2019

  • Do you have a nice car

    ChaseSun Jun 2 14:14:21 2019

  • Sir, would you take Alex, the creator of Politics and War, in on a fistfight or is he cool dude?

    KeeganFri May 31 18:36:24 2019

  • I send in a issue to nationstates and i was supposed to get a tellagram confirming it was excepted and i never got one

    From, Stiner repulic on nationstates,

    PS. Please respond on a nationstates tellagram

    Anonymous • Tue May 28 10:02:03 2019

  • Can I change the history of my nation so I can increase military budget?

    Thorock Tue May 21 13:04:19 2019

  • Where do you get your sense of humor?

    Anonymous • Sun May 19 13:09:08 2019

  • do you like brown?

    that guyFri May 17 17:35:09 2019

  • What made you think of nationstates?

    Anonymous • Mon May 13 16:19:25 2019

  • In Lexicon, please explain how you developed the hierarchy of poet proxies... Is it well known in writer circles, as seems the case for characters of the agency, the ego boost of being dubbed Woolf vs Bronte?

    KNEADaTENSIONFri May 10 07:19:35 2019

  • So what is your reaction when people on NS say that you are a god to them since you created NationStates

    An Unknown PersonThu May 9 11:23:55 2019

  • Is Providence a lovecraftian horror novel?

    BrunoMon May 6 17:49:04 2019

  • Hi Max,

    You pondered measuring the accuracy of projected AFL ladders on your latest Squiggle post (Apr 30). You described a positions vs wins dilema. I wonder if a "sum of MAE of positions" vs "sum of MAE wins of each position" would make more sense, especially graphed together? Each ladder projection could be graphed across those two axes with (0,0) being a ladder that had all wins and ladder positions correct. A bullseye chart. Give the ladders closer to the center a higher overall score?

    Regards, Matt G

    Matt GFri May 3 06:22:48 2019

  • Pls come back. I miss your blogs

    Anonymous • Tue Apr 30 18:46:01 2019

  • What made you create the game NationStates? Do you follow American politics? Are you conducting a study or profile anaylis with the ISSUES Q&A? I play for fun and pick random answers to see what the results would be.

    Anonymous • Tue Apr 30 10:42:25 2019

  • Is There Going to be a Mobile App for


    Anonymous • Fri Apr 26 23:25:42 2019

  • when is a exact date that your new book is coming?

    AceFri Apr 26 19:55:39 2019

  • We all care about your thoughts if you no post we start to think you’re dead and that would be bad

    Zachary (#7751)Fri Apr 26 18:36:35 2019

  • Help. Struck with writer's block. Give me cure. Thank-

    Clàudia!Wed Apr 24 03:22:31 2019

  • Can you add a system to nationstates that allows you to set your population and growth rate but only lower than the amount you have? For Example, if my country has 5 million people, I could set the population to 2,500 (but not above 5 million) so i could RP as a smaller country and then set growth rate from 1% Of the normal rate all the way to the normal rate. It would also make it easier to RP things such as losing territory, A natural disaster, etc.

    Biggie Gran GranMon Apr 22 19:04:51 2019

  • You know what would be cool? A convention for NationStates, like ComiCon or MineCon. Not sure how it would work, but perhaps it could be like people who have nations in NS could sign up to create a booth displaying their country and stuff about ComicCon. Merchandise wise, no idea. That would have to be made by the owner of the country. It would be a great way for people to connect and learn about each other from a real-life perspective. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Chris BMon Apr 22 00:00:55 2019

  • When will season 2 cards come out in Nationstates?

    LukeSun Apr 21 09:41:30 2019

  • Max, what was the first novel you wrote?

    a robotFri Apr 19 11:08:22 2019

  • did you do anything different with providence?

    if so,what?

    Umpus,the best NationState everThu Apr 18 07:52:19 2019

  • In 2018 you tweeted a photo of a new manuscript by you called "Discordia". Now "Providence" is about to be published. Are these the same book, retitled, or can we look forward to two novels from you in quick succession?

    Anonymous • Tue Apr 16 06:25:35 2019

  • since you made the AFL ladder predictor i wanted to know if you could make a SANFL ladder predictor.

    A PERSONMon Apr 15 19:25:22 2019

  • So Max, what ever got you into writing in the first place? And I’m also thinking of becoming a writer myself. Any tips or suggestions? I’m mainly thinking of getting into sci-fi/horror/action stories - mainly cause of Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, oh, and Tom Clancy.

    CBMon Apr 15 01:39:31 2019

  • Is therr other online games like these? Cause i would love if there is.

    Crystal CreationsSat Apr 13 10:58:41 2019

  • wat is providence coming 2020

    Anonymous • Thu Apr 11 06:53:13 2019

  • Why don't you or whoever add stuff make an event where countries can spy on each other like the Cold War.

    Union of PepeTue Apr 9 16:25:25 2019

  • Hi Max! I was curious about what made you write Jennifer Government?

    Anonymous • Mon Apr 8 16:29:22 2019

  • r ur books gud

    epicfortnitegaemer ytSun Apr 7 18:25:24 2019

  • [DUCK] Are you [v]?

    [DUCK] Are you [v]?Sun Apr 7 12:59:53 2019

  • What will Providence by about?

    Anonymous • Sat Apr 6 17:19:04 2019

  • Max max max max max max? Max, max max max, max max max?

    MaxFri Apr 5 02:20:42 2019

  • Do you still moderate Nationstates?

    Max BarryFri Apr 5 02:09:36 2019

  • new book. dope.

    NatalieThu Apr 4 17:56:22 2019

  • When is the socialist revolution coming in the states? Seems like we've been waiting a while. :(

    ImpatientThu Apr 4 04:52:40 2019

  • Hey Max,

    It's come to my attention that you are, in fact, a die hard Richmond fan. However, between the ages of 7 and 44, they didn't win a single premiership. How did this existential misery affect you as a writer?

    Looking forward to your new scifi looking book!

    Port Adelaide fanWed Mar 27 23:09:46 2019

  • Why does everything look so outdated?

    KogniseSun Mar 24 19:18:12 2019

  • How are you today, Max?

    A fan from MonacoSun Mar 24 07:05:54 2019

  • egg?

    some dudeSat Mar 23 14:37:35 2019

  • You good bro?

    KenThu Mar 21 20:56:38 2019

  • hey for nationstates, why not include a national anthem available with (a number)citizens thanks luv your wrk

    Anonymous • Tue Mar 19 15:57:57 2019

  • I'm currently reading Machine Man. What was your inspiration?

    Anonymous Armadillo (#7856)Mon Mar 18 12:54:22 2019

  • Now probably slightly belated Happy Birthday, Max, from the Delegate of the South Pacific!

    ErinorSun Mar 17 23:55:25 2019

  • happy birthday! ^~^

    thanks for nationstates >~<

    Anonymous • Sun Mar 17 22:04:31 2019

  • Do you have a nation in Nationstates?

    Anonymous • Tue Mar 12 17:09:51 2019

  • Max, any chance you may come and enlighten us here in Brazil? Machine Man is one of the top three books in my list. Cheers, man. Or, as we say here, Grande Abraço (a big hug) for you.

    Anonymous • Mon Mar 11 07:39:33 2019

  • Trump just took a page out of Jennifer Government, and referred to Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, and Tim Apple.

    Me.Wed Mar 6 19:55:21 2019

  • What is the lexicon test supposed to be about and mean?

    Anonymous • Wed Mar 6 10:12:29 2019

  • Hail! Hogyan állítható be, hogy a kérdéseket kapjak 30 percenként? Légyszi segíts!

    Anonymous • Wed Mar 6 09:44:18 2019

  • Why u no awnser questions

    Zachary (#7751)Wed Mar 6 09:38:10 2019

  • What would be your ideal setting to write in?

    AugustWed Mar 6 00:54:08 2019

  • Your game NationStates is really fun!

    Error DevTue Mar 5 17:18:38 2019

  • Hello, is it possible that i translate NationStates into german?

    LucaSun Mar 3 01:53:35 2019

  • Would you consider making issues in NationStates more frequent?

    Anonymous • Thu Feb 28 17:51:01 2019

  • What are your plans for future updates for ?

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 25 18:21:27 2019

  • I think the world assembly has done more for nationstates than the Un has done for the real world. Do you agree?

    Henry Mon Feb 25 17:10:27 2019

  • I read Jennifer Government for a choice novel unit in my AP English class and LOVED IT! I've started reading more of your works and your writing style is fascinating to me. I have a presentation on Jennifer Government coming up and I'm going to talk a bit about you- do you have anything in particular that you'd like me to include? Also, what events shaped the way you wrote Jennifer Government? I think it's a really intriguing book, and just want to know a little about the historical context surrounding your choice to write it (or in a shorter form, what inspired you to write Jennifer Government?)

    TeddyThu Feb 21 15:09:11 2019

  • how proud of you about nationstates, with it being your most popular creation?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 19 15:29:46 2019

  • Will there be anything new added to nationstates soon? It’s the best nation sim I have ever played!

    A guy who likes NationstatesMon Feb 18 08:52:55 2019

  • are you having a robot answer you or are you literally a no lifer sitting on a site waiting for questions

    anonymousFri Feb 15 16:39:06 2019

  • Now wait a minute. Tell us more about this sock full of pennies that you found. I'm dying to know.

    Anonymous • Thu Feb 14 18:56:00 2019

  • In the sock of pennies you found how many pennies were in there?

    Anonymous • Fri Feb 8 09:58:05 2019

  • Hey Max, what's your life story? And if that'll take too long, how about sharing your favorite joke?

    Ding DongThu Feb 7 12:00:28 2019

  • Is melbourne cooler than Sydney?

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 4 13:03:53 2019

  • Just wanted to say that I've been checking your blog at least monthly looking for news of your next book. And whenever it's ready, I'll be first in line (metaphorically) to buy it.

    You don't need to answer this. I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to whatever you publish next.

    Robert (#7792)Fri Feb 1 07:06:30 2019

  • If NS is all about the Book, "Lexicon/Jennifer Government" (im not sure but I think it is) can you tell me the similarities?

    Aiden PridgenWed Jan 30 12:25:39 2019

  • This is neat. Hi Max! I read Jennifer Government when I was in highschool around 2004. It was one of those first books that got me into reading -- but I was a dumbass and didn't make the connection that if I like a book, keep reading the author.

    Anyways, figured you might like hearing about this. Ill be checking out some of your new stuff. I still remember that book vividly. The sad family going to the police. The man buying shoes for a stranger - and what the lead to. The foodcourt going wild. And f***ing john nike.

    And jesus dude, you aged well. I'm 30 and you look my age -_-. Since it turns out this is an ask max and not a post BS on Max's wall, what's your anti-aging secret? Also - curious if there are any specific philosophers that had a profound effect on your worldview?


    OhmsssSun Jan 27 20:18:10 2019

  • When can we expect a new novel?

    Anonymous • Sun Jan 27 09:58:29 2019

  • Are you still working on nation states?

    Are you working on nation states still?Sat Jan 26 13:49:19 2019

  • Hey Max! Just wanted to say that I adored Jennifer Government. Are you writing anything currently?

    Anonymous • Tue Jan 22 07:34:33 2019

  • Where would you be mapped on the Political Compass?

    Anonymous • Tue Jan 22 06:27:04 2019

  • What is your opinion on your book, Jennifer Government?

    CaseyFri Jan 18 11:16:29 2019

  • What current events inspired you to write Jennifer Government?

    IsabelleFri Jan 18 11:16:27 2019

  • can you undo the compulsory voting on my nation-state west flers moun as I didn't want to make voting necessary

    West flers moun presidentWed Jan 16 10:32:36 2019

  • are you going to make organizations like FIFA ?


    READY PLAYER TWOWed Jan 16 03:50:43 2019

  • How do we know when you answered our questions?

    AmeliaTue Jan 15 12:54:44 2019

  • Can Poland into space?

    God (Australia isn't real)Mon Jan 14 20:00:38 2019

  • Will you make more books anytime soon?

    TommyFri Jan 11 13:06:57 2019

  • Hi! I am a player of Nation States. Thank you for creating this game. I would like to request that you add a section where we can see all the choices we have made. So, it would have the issue, plus the choice, or even a summary. The new legislation list is not very clear on what exactly was passed. If it's for spoiler purposes, this could be private. Or every one of them would work like a policy where we could see clearly what we have chosen. Thank you!

    Anonymous • Fri Jan 11 12:07:42 2019

  • y u no post

    Anonymous • Thu Jan 10 02:28:47 2019

  • Hi Max, loved Lexicon so I'm reading it again now. Which of your books should I read next?

    Brad DiazSat Dec 29 15:29:42 2018

  • Hi Max. I just finished Lexicon and absolutely loved it. I didn't really get what Yeats' ultimate goal was though. Hope you can answer this!

    FranciscaWed Dec 26 15:18:23 2018

  • What's your creative process like?

    AJ HarmonWed Dec 26 12:27:01 2018

  • Max,

    What do you have in store for 2019?

    —Randy H.

    Randy HotalingWed Dec 26 08:11:42 2018

  • When you created NationStates, did you ever imagine it would millions of players by the end of 2018?

    Lanorth (NationStates Name)Sun Dec 23 16:21:09 2018

  • How are you?

    Random JoeSat Dec 22 15:33:21 2018

  • I am DeltaSource and I was active during the April fools trading cards time period.... but I don't have a card.... I just want to know if I could get a card of myself (I just am really upset over it lol) btw please don't make me a common..... I deserve epic level..... I'm a founder of 2 regions for Pete's sake!

    DeltaSourceSat Dec 22 07:36:23 2018

  • Do you want to be remembered as an author, but feel like you're mostly recognized as NationStates' creator?

    LanavSat Dec 15 16:56:10 2018

  • What is your opinion on third-wave feminism?

    DanielFri Dec 14 05:42:29 2018

  • Why do I smell like despacito?

    Danish idiotThu Dec 13 18:52:05 2018

  • Hey it's been a while... Lexicon was your most popular to date, but you haven't capitalized on it! Miss your stuff.

    RobWed Dec 12 13:07:56 2018

  • Dear Max,

    Please give me Testlandia's password.



    GodWed Dec 12 07:09:58 2018

  • Dear Max,

    Please give me the password to Testlandia. I will do many good things for NationStates.


    Russian Bot 3KH-PWJW29


    Russian Bot 3KH-PWJW29Tue Dec 11 09:19:44 2018

  • Were there any other choices for the titles of any of your books? If so, which ones?

    Internet UserSun Dec 9 12:11:03 2018

  • why are you called max barry

    nigWed Dec 5 10:01:53 2018

  • Murdered' for his trainers in Wild West Britain: Man, 20, who was found stabbed to death and barefoot outside a primary school 'was killed for his expensive shoes'

    (Headline Daily Mail of today)

    15 years later it happenedSun Dec 2 08:12:31 2018

  • Hey

    Me and my son Max Barry just googled his name and found you he says it's the most awesome thing ever that there's another person with the same name :) cheers from the Barry family Manchester uk

    The Barry Family Sat Dec 1 13:40:22 2018

  • What is the idea of segments in Lexicon based on?

    Anonymous • Fri Nov 30 16:11:46 2018

  • Do you plan on updating nationstates or you will keep it the way it is?

    Dero Arch (#7768)Sat Nov 3 11:26:19 2018

  • Will you make NationStates an app or just keep it on the internet?

    Anonymous • Thu Oct 25 14:13:11 2018

  • lol yeet

    Yeet McskeetTue Oct 23 03:03:52 2018

  • do you have an Nation State Nation?

    Paplem (#7756)Fri Oct 5 18:30:26 2018

  • How much money to get off of nationstates? (you can just answer in small, moderate, or large)

    Connor T.Fri Oct 5 07:05:56 2018

  • How can you put your tax higher on nation states?

    BarsvgrtmWed Oct 3 12:14:47 2018

  • Do you like Metal music?

    Anonymous • Tue Oct 2 15:48:16 2018

  • If I wanted to make one of your books into a show, what would be the best way I could go about approaching you?

    bacademyTue Oct 2 15:37:24 2018

  • oie mac barris que pasa con tu juego nationsteits

    rensoMon Oct 1 14:10:17 2018

  • I found this if you answer issue number 500 with option number 3

    “NationStates is now a popular brand of laxatives despite Max Barry's protests”

    Did you do this

    Zachary (#7751)Sun Sep 30 11:12:00 2018

  • Can you make the Nuclear war event permanent but once your nation gets destroyed, a counter counts down for 24 hours before you can participate in the event again? Once your nation "respawns" you'll have to re-create the faction if no other country is in it, to stop people from just repeatedly destroying your country as soon as you get back.

    A Nationstates PlayerSat Sep 29 17:38:19 2018

  • Hi maxxxxxx. Do you also play nation states? What is your nation name?

    Shawarma(toiletchiya)Thu Sep 27 21:35:07 2018

  • Could you add some of the aspects from Politics and war, into nationstates?

    Rost DreadnorramusThu Sep 27 14:28:40 2018

  • So I am the nation of Talitoa, have you read anyones factbooks or dispatches?

    TalitoaWed Sep 26 17:41:40 2018

  • can you add a page for navel warfare in nation states

    Anonymous • Wed Sep 26 12:37:47 2018

  • play nationstates it's a very fun game I think you would like it.

    Smarty Very ManWed Sep 26 09:59:40 2018


    JORGEWed Sep 26 09:37:45 2018

  • Hey can you add a way to declare wars and build up military and trade in nations states

    TonySun Sep 23 15:13:21 2018

  • What inspired you to write?

    JakeSat Sep 22 12:30:19 2018

  • Max, It's been 5 years, alright? Let's see a bit of jam here.

    RobTue Sep 18 18:58:31 2018

  • I found this in NationStates it is an issue about banning Jennifer Government

    “I suggest we hang, draw and quarter the author of this book and take satires off the shelves!”

    Just wanted to tell you

    Anonymous • Thu Sep 13 12:17:24 2018

  • Do you run your own nation on NationStates? If so, what's your current government type?

    NS FanWed Sep 12 01:48:53 2018

  • What were your intentions with NationStates in the beginning

    Zachary (#7751)Sat Sep 8 18:43:32 2018

  • I'm on NationStates and want to be able to have free democratic elections. Can that happen?

    Anonymous • Sat Sep 8 06:39:45 2018


    The Dictatorsip of Independent Federation of CroatiaThu Sep 6 12:31:08 2018

  • CAN U BUY ME A COW PLZ????!!!!!?!??!??!!??!??!??!? $2000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!

    A person that lives in a room in a house in a town in a city in a county in a province in a country in a continent in a planet in a galaxy in a solar system in space. DUH!Tue Sep 4 21:50:10 2018

  • Max, this is more of a suggestion than a question, I think settings should be expanded, to maybe add frequency of elections, type of government, ethnic diversity and geography. Of coarse I think this should be on the complex setting

    Anonymous • Mon Sep 3 02:38:07 2018

  • Why are you bald?

    AnonymousFri Aug 31 11:27:02 2018

  • What inspired you to create NationStates?

    Anonymous • Thu Aug 30 19:48:05 2018

  • Hey Max! I love your ladder predictor - any chance it would be updated to

    work correctly now that the regular season is over? When tipping finals it updates the ladder still which updates the finals pyramid. Thanks!

    SteveTue Aug 28 19:31:12 2018

  • If most of the world became an apocalyptic hellhole, and there was only one last pocket of Earth that remained neutral during the nuclear war or something, which part of Earth do you suppose that it would be, and would you bother moving there?

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 27 17:19:52 2018

  • Hey, has anybody ever shown an interest in optioning Jennifer Government, either as a TV show or film?

    CarlySun Aug 26 14:59:08 2018

  • Did I do something to upset you?

    MollySat Aug 25 16:18:53 2018

  • Anything new in the works? Think the last thing I read from you was Lexicon in 2013? Need more! Keep up the good work.

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 20 03:09:31 2018

  • Hello Max. What should a writer do if they ceased writing out of a deep fear of not being good enough?

    TrungFri Aug 17 16:25:51 2018



  • What is the current ETA on the cards mini-game?

    Northern BongoTue Aug 14 19:00:14 2018

  • When are you planning on releasing a new novel? I’m waiting with baited breath!

    Sarah Sat Aug 11 18:57:30 2018

  • How tough was it to create nationstates?

    Keizers LandenWed Aug 8 08:03:28 2018

  • Do you have any suggestions of ways to spread the word about my region in Nation States?

    Anonymous • Tue Aug 7 10:10:32 2018

  • Hey, may I ask a question?

    A lazy procrastinatorWed Aug 1 17:53:14 2018

  • Max, this is urgent. The development of a "NationStates" mobile application must be instituted at once. I can no longer than 20 minutes without receding into anaphylactic shock from the withdrawal of my NationStates account. What I request of you an application on my mobile device in which I may check on my account. Please take this to heart, I am in great pain. Thank you Maxwell

    EPIC JASON GODSun Jul 29 19:47:52 2018

  • Hello Max. I have just joined to NationStates and find it hard to believe that I didn't knew about it earlier: it is a great game.

    My question for you regards the system of trading. I've seen that nations can trade cards to collect them, but that's mostly all that it is. Perhaps in the future you will consider adding the trading of resources? A major stock market could appear, and upon being founded all nations could receive certain resources inside their territory that they can exploit and sell, while needing in turn to buy others. Major international and national enterprises, both state-owned and private (NPC) could appear in the global scene. Perhaps it would later be possible to pursue economic autarchy by implementing certain policies, and so on. This could generate a whole in-game economy and be the source for much fun (and valuable socioeconomic information, truth be told).

    Anyhow, food for thought. I don't know how hard this would be to implement ("Probably some will suffer, but think of the money", says your Minister of Finance), yet I hope you consider it, for it would take the game to a whole new level.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    An aspiring dictator.Sat Jul 28 16:49:20 2018

  • When will the cards come back?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 27 06:17:39 2018

  • Max what's happening to the NS server omigod years of my hard work are dying pls save me

    Just kidding.

    Max, why are you blogging less these days?

    AnonymousThu Jul 26 04:47:17 2018

  • Woah, so I can just type random stuff here and it will show up on your screen? How weird is that.

    Bill GatesMon Jul 23 01:48:16 2018

  • What do you think about pineapple on top of a pizza?

    A Seagull from one of your gameSat Jul 21 09:48:26 2018

  • Are you writing a new book?

    Anonymous • Sat Jul 21 08:24:41 2018

  • Great footy predictor Maxiumus Barrington

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 19 04:28:11 2018

  • How long can an acoustic guitar last?

    Anonymous • Tue Jul 17 12:28:37 2018

  • Are you working on an Improved Nationstates dark mode?

    Anonymous • Sun Jul 15 21:00:48 2018

  • can you make a tutorial for nation-states and why you get like 10 telecoms when you start the game

    zaydenMon Jul 9 21:15:36 2018

  • Is it possible to setup a nationstates instance for a community so that its just like 100 people not 1 million

    Anonymous • Mon Jul 9 18:46:21 2018

  • Are you dead?

    ArsoMon Jun 25 20:21:50 2018

  • What did you do? I've read Lexicon 4 times now. I have shelves full of books I have half read and won't bother to pick up again. But I can't get rid of Lexicon.

    not a poetSun Jun 24 20:06:20 2018

  • Do you sell like a NS shirt or something?

    Anonymous • Sat Jun 23 15:18:53 2018

  • Hey Max, I've been using the Squiggle Ladder Predictor for a little while and I really like it. Are you planning on updating it at any time? I think I have a couple of helpful suggestions that can make it even better :)

    Anonymous • Tue Jun 19 20:56:06 2018

  • At what point did you decide that writing is your life now and there is no turning back?

    RohendiaMon Jun 18 07:25:39 2018

  • Could you add the AFL finals series to your ladder predictor?

    AFL_FANSun Jun 17 18:49:34 2018

  • Was your lack of hair by choice, or was it a condition, or just age?

    Harlan WrightWed Jun 13 16:44:35 2018

  • WWhat's your next book finna be 'bout?

    Brian F.PTue Jun 12 12:19:45 2018

  • There are questions that were asked three years ago and aren't answered. Does it take you three years to answer a question?

    Person who has asked many questions and the ones that have been approved haven't been answered Sun Jun 10 10:05:10 2018

  • "What is love? . . .

    Uncultured SwineTue Jun 5 22:32:20 2018

  • What is your view of Vaccination and Vaccines?

    Mason F.Tue Jun 5 13:29:00 2018

  • What's your favourite number and colour? Oh and, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?

    KateTue Jun 5 06:33:37 2018

  • Hi

    Am you not bad grammar?

    The cat in your eyeSat Jun 2 20:36:19 2018

  • Is one of your daughters Finlay?

    Anonymous • Fri Jun 1 16:25:33 2018

  • Are you "finna woke" (as all the cool kids say)?

    Anonymous • Thu May 31 21:55:32 2018

  • How many players does NationStates have?

    Anonymous • Tue May 29 23:58:18 2018

  • are you working on any new books at the moment? and, are there any big updates coming to NS in the future?

    AnonymousSun May 27 07:11:49 2018

  • Will you answer this question?

    Anonymous • Sun May 27 06:55:59 2018

  • How can I become a nationstates issue editor?

    Anonymous • Sun May 27 06:54:47 2018

  • Do you define yourself as a libertarian?

    Anonymous • Sun May 27 04:59:38 2018

  • Hi, I got 48 endorsements from a region and I was wondering why I can't take them with me to a new region. Is there away you can make this happen.

    Prince AikoSat May 26 13:51:43 2018

  • You can add to NationalStates the ,,divorce rate"?

    TinuFri May 25 11:55:46 2018

  • My Question is about NationStates. Is there a possibility to add an option to pay a fee for the game to have Issue waiting times lowered

    Phoenix Thu May 24 10:00:31 2018

  • Did you ever think nationstates would get so big?

    T.N.A.F.SWed May 23 16:55:20 2018

  • Hi Max , it is Corganerig, and I was wondering, I was getting all these telegrams from founders of republics or stuff like that, and I was wondering if I could make my own. If that is possible can you tell me how?

    CorganerigWed May 23 16:47:06 2018

  • Do you know John Green (Or at least heard of him)?

    ScottTue May 22 11:31:31 2018

  • Do you have a Nationstates account? And if so, what is the nation name?

    A humanTue May 22 05:19:38 2018

  • How are you today?

    Anonymous • Mon May 21 06:35:49 2018

  • Are you working on another book at the moment?

    EpicTyphlosionSat May 19 23:56:22 2018

  • You know those people who say "I love your books,"? Does that bother you because it's not a question and this is for questions? Or are you like "It's not a question, but it's a nice compliment,"?

    no u dank memes shrek xdddddddFri May 18 20:09:44 2018

  • what is the meaning of life?

    Anonymous • Tue May 15 22:43:05 2018

  • How are you pal?

    I am falseFri May 11 03:49:14 2018

  • Can you add systems much like the NStracker's into the main game of nationstates?

    Anonymous • Fri May 4 22:28:18 2018

  • Hi i play and love your game (NationStates) and just want to say first: Thank you for making an awesome game, i have another question, would it be ok if you put a aspect in the game were you can declare war on another country? Again thank you for making this amazing game and letting me create my own country (Flarsin).

    -Thank you agian


    Flarsin leaderFri May 4 16:39:32 2018

  • How many browser tabs do you usually keep open at a time? And how long does it take you before you actually get around to looking at them?

    Adam Willard (#4231)Fri May 4 04:37:17 2018

  • Do you plan to add more information or a better way to count troops in NationStates? I know you said no to war, but I feel like this is different.

    Anonymous • Tue Apr 24 06:48:36 2018

  • Do bad grammar bother you?

    Anonymous • Mon Apr 23 18:27:43 2018

  • When are you going to do a sequel for Jennifer Government?

    Billy B. JoeSun Apr 22 12:38:59 2018

  • I am writing a novel and want to get better at writing action scenes. Do you have any recommendations ... a book or a blog where a master divulges his secrets and suchlike? Thank you. Also, Wolf rules!

    BasuSat Apr 14 10:51:28 2018

  • Mr. Max, I'd like to know why the box that asks for your name when you click the "Click Max to Ask" bit is slanted. I keep looking at it sideways and it is not parallel with the rest of the page. Who even designed this website anyways?

    JamesThu Apr 12 22:48:21 2018

  • Hey Max, are you okay? I heard that you got injured!!! Plz tell us that you are alright?

    rocketdudeThu Apr 12 18:35:04 2018

  • On NationStates, do you or did you have your own mini-nation or have you refrained from doing so?

    Anonymous • Mon Apr 9 11:19:33 2018

  • RE: NationStates April Fools cards, what about a list of the countries with the most copies of their own cards? I've got 9 of my own

    KyrlothSun Apr 8 02:35:03 2018

  • Max, I play NationStates. Now I don't know if you play or not but what is your opinion of the WA's liberation resolutions being used to attack the natives of Nazi, Fascist and Communist regions?

    ChricomaSat Apr 7 17:20:05 2018

  • So my wife and I were wondering, are you a cat person or a dog person? I think you're a dog person, she thinks you clearly own a cat. Can you please settle this?

    ChrisFri Apr 6 22:15:38 2018

  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your game NationStates. my country name is GreatEuropa just incase you want to visit me.

    EthanFri Apr 6 01:11:38 2018

  • I'm a huge NS player, and I think that at the least, buying and selling the cards should stay in the game. I would be okay if lootboxes left. But couldn't they just be scaled similarly, but maybe to a more exaggerated extent, as the issues in the game are? For example, you might start by getting a lootbox every, say 30 minutes, but eventually (maybe after, I don't know, a week) you might get one every 12 hours. Would this be possible to keep the cards as a functioning system, like challenges have stuck around?

    BanMonsterThu Apr 5 19:32:01 2018

  • Dear Max Barry,

    why are you ditching the Nation States Trading Card System after the 8th of April?

    p.s. I am really enjoying nation states :)

    Anonymous • Thu Apr 5 12:56:17 2018

  • Dear mr. Barry,

    I would like to ask You to expand the policies and make it possible to design your own income tax system.

    Moreover, it should be possible to run budget deficits.

    And could You please keep the card game going?

    Thanks so much.


    (Notaxias)Thu Apr 5 03:31:28 2018

  • Can you keep the NationStates Cards please?

    DaveThu Apr 5 03:28:46 2018

  • Love you. And i love the card game!

    Love you and i wish the xard game could last all of april. Please?Wed Apr 4 23:34:59 2018

  • How do you overcome writer's block? I'm struggling with this problem at the moment.

    KoalatopolisWed Apr 4 17:53:44 2018

  • How dare you write such awesome books and make games as awesome as NationStates?

    AnonymooseTue Apr 3 16:24:38 2018

  • What makes a question worth answering?

    pls answer max barry u r my idolTue Apr 3 16:22:45 2018

  • What are your morals?

    LiberalTue Apr 3 16:22:01 2018

  • Do you support the death penalty?

    LiberalTue Apr 3 16:21:28 2018

  • Where did you get the idea for Lexicon? Did it just randomly come to you, or did you get inspiration from somewhere? If I were to write a story that was loosely based off a similar idea of psychological manipulation, would it be plagiarism?

    CorvianCavalierTue Apr 3 08:17:41 2018

  • Love your books!

    SabastianMon Apr 2 22:01:06 2018

  • Can you guys keep the deck card thing going? It looks fun!

    Anonymous • Mon Apr 2 00:31:40 2018

  • HeY Max. Listen. I have a question.

    My friend on NationStates was classified as Ultra Rare" during the April card-deck-thingy, yet, I, someone with more population and regional influence, was classified as "Common".

    In short; I'm furious, and demand that you change up the system to make MY nation's card BETTER. or ELSE, I'll be writing you a very strong worded letter.

    P.S. That little stick figure with a smiley face below this box labelled "You" does not properly represent my feelings, and I also demand you change that.


    April Fools! Got'cha Max!

    MierriaSun Apr 1 18:41:27 2018

  • In NationStates, every time issues about kids appear, the people always say, "Or they could be spray painting trains." What's the deal with that? Jack

    JackFri Mar 30 09:08:21 2018

  • I love you

    Anonymous • Sat Mar 24 10:48:46 2018

  • if there is ever a downloadable version of Nationstates what special thing would you add to the downloadable version?

    OnehandguyFri Mar 23 12:33:00 2018

  • What pushed you to create that self-managing web so-called game like NationStates? Honestly, that's one of the games I play on daily basis. Greetings!

    MarcinFri Mar 23 10:14:17 2018

  • Have you ever thought of giving NationStates a whole new update and add more things to it or even make it a mobile app?

    JamieTue Mar 20 08:06:28 2018

  • Why don't you add wars to NationStates?

    Gabriel Brás (#7488)Mon Mar 19 12:27:43 2018

  • Do you think the world is moving more or less towards capitalizm? I only ask because I was idly looking at the Jennifer Government world map and realised the UK left the European Union, which was quite premonitory.

    AdamSat Mar 17 02:53:56 2018

  • Max- what's this "School Class Nation" thing I've been seeing on some nations in NS?

    Highton IslandsFri Mar 16 19:48:34 2018

  • Do you like the song All Star by smash mouth?

    The Meme LordMon Mar 12 14:10:00 2018

  • What was the idea behind the creation of NationStates?

    Jelly BellySat Mar 10 12:21:14 2018

  • Is nationstates best browser geam?

    There is a wrong answer.

    Panzer IVFri Mar 9 11:43:52 2018

  • Do you plan to release a Nation States App?

    DiogoTue Mar 6 05:20:49 2018

  • Why did you write Jennifer Goverment

    ParkerFri Mar 2 20:36:40 2018

  • Is there any momentum on Machine Man being adapted into a movie? What studio owns the rights?

    RobbyFri Mar 2 00:25:18 2018

  • Greetings Max! I have a Question: about the classifications,are you going to add "Socialist Theocracy" classification?, Thanks and have a nice day!

    The Socialist Theocracy Gospel Power Fri Mar 2 00:04:54 2018

  • Will there be a Nation-States 2?

    Jackson Thu Mar 1 19:30:07 2018

  • What inspired you write the book Jennifer Government?

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 26 09:53:23 2018

  • Mac, what are your thoughts on Game of Thrones?

    LucasThu Feb 22 11:19:18 2018

  • Do you like pancakes?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 20 13:13:15 2018

  • Do you believe in God?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 20 12:55:26 2018

  • In NationStates, when it says that the crime rate has gone down, but it is displayed in red, is that good or bad?

    SomeoneMon Feb 19 09:05:32 2018

  • I was just on the nationstates site and this was the closest I found to a "contact us" page. I was wondering if the consideration of making an app has ever come up. I used to hop on to nationstates but I just don't have time to get on my computer very often anymore. Also being in the military it's hard even with vacation mode to keep a nation alive most of the time

    Anonymous • Sun Feb 18 09:06:45 2018

  • Can you make another political game like NationStates but with wars?

    Portuguese GuySat Feb 17 13:37:16 2018

  • Hello Max, I work as an environmental consultant but I am just a glorified technical writer. I would love to write novels and stories but I can not write dialog nor do I understand other people and their motives. I only attended English Composition classes in High School (and still graduated) and my good Italian mother used to say I should write something for a living. Is there any hope? I suppose I could go to local writing workshops but feel free to be brutally honest.


    DanFri Feb 16 15:35:34 2018

  • If you were in a room with all the people who play nationstates, what would you do?

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 12 21:17:00 2018

  • Max, I found your book left on a bus stop bench. I read in one sitting cover to cover. Loved it.

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 12 01:31:11 2018

  • Max, I loved Lexicon and would love to see it made into a movie. I checked IMDB and it appears that Matthew Vaughn bought the rights.

    Since he ripped off the "universal word" for the Samuel L Jackson mobile phone gimmick in The Kingsman. Is there any hope Lexicon will ever be made? What did you think when you saw that movie - in case you watched it.

    When's your new novel coming???

    BenhasMon Feb 12 01:00:46 2018

  • I have read a lot of you talking about how much of a pain in the ass it is to get through writing the book but I can't remember you talking about how you started them. How do you get your ideas and start the very first writing?

    Bender (#3924)Sun Feb 11 21:18:18 2018

  • how did you make nationstates

    frgthyjukiSun Feb 11 16:00:01 2018

  • Did you write Lexicon chronologically and later decide which order to publish the chapters in? Or did you write it in the order in which the chapters appear? Or something else?

    RobertSun Feb 11 13:07:36 2018

  • What is your political ideology?

    Anonymous • Sat Feb 10 03:49:58 2018

  • Hi Max. What is your name

    METue Feb 6 14:29:22 2018

  • Star Wars or Star Trek

    You're MomMon Feb 5 09:36:11 2018

  • Will you continue to update NationStates?

    KittyThu Feb 1 21:28:48 2018

  • Hi Max. Just finished re-reading Lexicon for the fifth time or thereabouts. Each time, I pick it up just to read the first two chapters again (since they're so well-constructed and fun), but each time, they suck me in to reading the entire book again.

    So thanks!

    But that's not my question. This is:

    How are the Poets names determined? At first I was looking for connections between each Poets personality and their namesake writer, but I've never found those connections. Later, I realized this is probably the wrong road to look down, since each Poet tries to disguise their true personality. Yeats the character certainly seems to share very few characteristics with Yeats the actual poet.

    But I'm not sure HOW they're named! Early on, Yeats says to Emily something like "when the time is right, I have the perfect name for you...", but what did that MEAN? Why was Virginia Woolf the perfect name for Emily? Why is Yeats Yeats? Why is Eliot Eliot? etc etc...

    Long question... feel free to edit it down, if you decide to answer this on your blog. And thanks for answering, if you answer. Very excited to read your next novel!

    Robert Orenstein

    RobertThu Feb 1 08:30:48 2018

  • Is The man in the high castle a good book to read?

    Che WheelerSat Jan 27 08:26:51 2018

  • What's your opinion on Donald Trump? I do not favour nor loathe him, I just want to hear an opinion.

    JordanTue Jan 23 04:56:06 2018

  • Can you ever see yourself retiring from writing. Finish a book and say "that's it, I'm done. I'll let the Amazon bots take it from here".

    David (#1456)Mon Jan 22 07:33:33 2018

  • If you're playing NationStates, what would be your type of Government ?

    FawkesFri Jan 19 09:33:04 2018

  • Will it ever be possible to post pictures in the regional message boards?

    Anonymous • Fri Jan 19 01:45:12 2018

  • My sister loved your book Lexicon, I did as well. However, she is terribly curious to know: Have you any plans to expand upon it with a sequel?

    NickThu Jan 18 11:17:30 2018

  • How are you not suing the crap out of the “creators” of this new Corporate show?

    Geoff Page (#7436)Tue Jan 16 23:44:23 2018

  • What the best country in the world?

    username666Sat Jan 13 08:06:16 2018

  • Hi Max,

    Was your novel Syrup secretly optioned as source material for the movie Sideways? The economics of what happened to the Pinot Noir/Merlot markets in the wake of that film are hard to believe, absent a CABAList plot with a mastermind such as yourself.


    KDWed Jan 10 11:17:53 2018

  • Where did you find that sock full of pennies?

    DaveTue Jan 9 10:20:50 2018

  • Do you have a Nintendo Switch?

    ItzRareTue Jan 9 07:11:01 2018

  • Why is there no app for nationsstates

    XcomMon Jan 8 00:43:31 2018

  • what song do you love to listen to when doing work

    Anonymous • Fri Jan 5 09:00:10 2018

  • Do you think North Korea will do something to disturb world peace in 2018?

    Anyway, happy new year Max!

    LoïcSun Dec 31 14:01:50 2017

  • Emus vs Ostriches?

    Avian Boxing League AdminSun Dec 31 11:25:19 2017

  • Are you working on a secret book at the moment?

    Max Barry Fan 101Fri Dec 29 13:07:28 2017

  • What do you think of the decentralization movement (crypto)?

    Sb_42Thu Dec 28 03:36:12 2017

  • Do you think the world will exist past 2020?

    Anonymous LoserMon Dec 25 20:00:11 2017

  • Did Syrup really make a loss of $24 million?

    AnonymouseSat Dec 23 19:42:01 2017

  • Do you think that in the future that humans will become extinct and that robots will dominate the world?

    OMegatron NationSat Dec 23 14:59:35 2017

  • Is our life better than our forefathers?

    Anonymous • Thu Dec 21 14:12:58 2017

  • Is there a teapot in orbit around the sun?

    KyleTue Dec 19 22:38:28 2017

  • Thanks for Nation states!

    Anonymous • Tue Dec 19 09:10:08 2017

  • What is the source of your header photo of a guy with a pointer and a model of a mushroom cloud? And date?

    trekkistMon Dec 18 22:58:52 2017

  • why do we look derpy

    you shall not knowFri Dec 15 14:56:00 2017

  • Hi Max Just was interested on who your favorite sports player is ?

    Tyler Thu Dec 14 17:36:48 2017

  • Have you tidied your bedroom yet?

    MumThu Dec 14 03:18:29 2017

  • Morocco Mole asks, "Do you prefer rugs or bare floors in your home?"

    Morocco MoleWed Dec 13 14:26:32 2017

  • Please add wars to nation states to make it more realisitc please boi!

    The Empire of SartinaWed Dec 13 09:18:05 2017

  • Having a good day?

    Anonymous • Wed Dec 13 05:09:44 2017

  • Is There Any Way You Could Remove The Time Limits For The Question's On NationStates?, I Love The Game But Would Love It Even More If The Timer Were Removed So I Could Just Play The Game Without Having To Wait Forever To Play The Game, Its Really Frustrating.

    NinjaTue Dec 12 21:33:10 2017

  • What are your thoughts on communism if it could be implemented properly?

    Friendly marxist.Tue Dec 12 17:43:27 2017

  • Can I ask you a question?

    Anonymous • Tue Dec 12 11:23:26 2017

  • Is your first name actually Max or are just quantifying the degree of your Barry-ness?

    AntipsychoTue Dec 12 11:22:25 2017

  • what do you think the world will be like in 100 years?

    jeffreyMon Dec 11 09:50:06 2017

  • Do you think that memes are a form of intelligence or of stupidity?

    Anonymous • Fri Dec 8 19:32:39 2017

  • are you gonna make a nation states iphone app?

    Anonymous • Thu Dec 7 06:23:25 2017

  • Dear max would you kindly sign these important papers that aren't totally annexation paperwork.

    *passes annexation paperwork*

    Salazarstan (#7075)Tue Dec 5 22:13:23 2017

  • In Lexicon, why are the non-compromised (or promising poets) all dog people? Have you got something against cats? The whole thing struck me as odd because cats, with their fuck-you attitude, are about as uncompromised by anything as I could imagine, while dogs will do anything you say just to get on your good side, the suckups.

    Michelle (cat person, obvi)Tue Dec 5 19:02:27 2017

  • why did you make nationstates?

    Anonymous • Mon Dec 4 14:19:56 2017

  • What if I bought all your books in the world including the copies and just burned them all and posted on youtube, how will that make you feel?

    Salazarstan (#7075)Thu Nov 30 11:43:04 2017

  • What would you do if Net Neutrality got slashed?

    Anonymous • Tue Nov 28 09:44:46 2017

  • Any updates to the bookshelf?

    Anonymous • Sun Nov 26 19:43:28 2017

  • Are you a robot?

    Tinfoil hat guySun Nov 26 10:10:29 2017

  • Do you think more people know you for NationStates or your books?

    Anonymous • Wed Nov 22 20:24:57 2017

  • Can you try to implement a trading aspect in NationStates or try to have an ability where you draw your nations topography and that like effects weather so you see exactly what happens in the nation.

    StormCoderFri Nov 17 14:17:14 2017

  • 1. Why make NationStates?

    2. How well did you think NationStates was going to turn out compared to how well it did?

    3. How does one go about enforcing sunblock laws to stop almost a quarter of their people from dying of cancer? (In reference to NationStates.)

    Anonymous • Thu Nov 16 20:27:30 2017

  • I've read Lexicon and loved it. IS there any other forms of writing that you have wrote, besides novels?

    Anonymous • Thu Nov 16 10:02:49 2017

  • Why did you make this game ?

    Anonymous • Wed Nov 15 19:23:19 2017

  • When the next event going to happen in NationStates?

    Nathan OkorieTue Nov 14 14:13:49 2017

  • How is your day going?!

    A friendly guy!Tue Nov 14 10:32:20 2017

  • It's weird to think that I am older than NationStates by only a few months... is that weird for you, too?

    Anonymous • Tue Nov 14 07:00:56 2017

  • What's your favorite non-monumental moment?

    AlpadaMon Nov 13 18:00:47 2017

  • What was your inspiration to start nationstates?

    DarlagoMon Nov 13 17:09:13 2017

  • Hi Max! What's your NationStates Nation?

    A fan of NS (and Green Day)Sun Nov 12 12:45:49 2017

  • With all the new crypto currency out there, I was wondering what your favorite one is and why. Please post a reply.

    JesseLicSun Nov 12 06:18:31 2017

  • What is your favorite book?

    cant post real nameFri Nov 10 12:33:46 2017

  • I like the new feature being able to see what issues we approved. Can we have a way to change them if we have changed our opinions?

    Scott BeinlichFri Nov 10 09:46:39 2017

  • When did you find a sock full of pennies and how many pennies was it? Were they Australian?

    PeterThu Nov 9 16:17:43 2017

  • Hi Max, great program! We're using it in school to build a Nation. Any fun approaches for Middle School kids?

    FumbanisticsWed Nov 8 11:53:53 2017

  • i love nationstates so can you make a game about history

    Justin OkorieTue Nov 7 14:28:19 2017

  • What made you think of creating NationStates?

    Nathan OkorieTue Nov 7 12:32:59 2017

  • How old are you

    Justin Okorie Sun Nov 5 14:19:19 2017

  • Hi Max, what the heck is going on with the MOVIE version of your book? COME ON - I would love to see this visualized on screen. BTW have given no fewer than 9 copies of you book to friends, family and even my orthodontist!!!

    UC San Diego MutantSat Nov 4 15:16:49 2017

  • Hello, what frameworks and software did you use to make nationstates?

    PeterFri Nov 3 14:11:21 2017

  • Max, I wanted to let you know that I recently introduced my Democratic Socialists of America chapter to Jennifer Government. I'm not sure what your personal politics are, especially as an Australian lad, but I wanted to personally thank you for being the "best new thing" to a bunch of my conrads.

    NickThu Nov 2 14:51:36 2017

  • What do you think of the same-sex marriage debate here in Australia?

    Jennifer (not THAT Jennifer, a different one probably)Wed Nov 1 14:15:12 2017

  • Hi! I'm a fan of your books. That's all!

    Max Barry v.2Wed Nov 1 09:17:01 2017

  • How do you fell about the depth some of the countries take? Did you expect it when you made NationStates? (Like Wikis, Forums, TeamsSpeaks etc.)

    also... do you play NS yourself?

    JeppeTue Oct 31 04:58:30 2017

  • can you please put something witty and funny to respond to this question?

    A bored high school studentMon Oct 30 08:10:46 2017

  • Hey Max, I've been reading through your blogs, and read to the incident when the Swiss company called Allevia threatened to sue you for a player in NationStates having the same name. I went the searched, turns out Allevia (the nation) ceased to exist 10 years ago. Care to take a moment of silence?

    GustavSun Oct 29 06:46:24 2017

  • Where did you get the inspiration to make NationStates?

    eatdatposs445Sun Oct 29 03:16:55 2017

  • Why do you have to murder NS with your zombies, just why?

    Anonymous • Sat Oct 28 21:06:43 2017

  • Do you have a nation in nationstates? Please actually give an answer instead of saying "i'm not telling". Thank you.

    Sho FutamuraSat Oct 28 20:57:40 2017

  • why did you create nationstates?

    Prime Minister of the UDPRTue Oct 24 20:31:41 2017

  • How do you cope with being a writer? Thanks a bunch for your things!

    LauriSat Oct 21 10:11:24 2017

  • You can make to national states,,The divorce rate"?Please...

    Anonymous • Sat Oct 21 09:13:27 2017

  • Hi Max do you have a Nation in NationStates?

    Anonymous • Thu Oct 19 14:22:57 2017

  • How you doing?

    Maxx BarryWed Oct 18 16:59:43 2017

  • Stock Market in NationStates?

    Anonymous • Wed Oct 18 12:11:02 2017

  • What is your favorite book that you wrote?

    Maxx BarryMon Oct 16 15:19:05 2017

  • Why are you even writing anyway?

    Maxx BarryMon Oct 16 15:18:08 2017

  • Do you like Netflix?

    I read all of your books twiceSat Oct 14 20:27:26 2017

  • What do you think of Trump?

    Not so crazy personSat Oct 14 19:56:13 2017

  • How was your childhood?

    Maxx BarrySat Oct 14 19:50:05 2017

  • What is the best thing that every happened to you?

    Barry MaxSat Oct 14 19:49:34 2017

  • Could I make a logo for NationStates?

    The Republic of AllishiveSat Oct 14 12:36:18 2017

  • Max, I want to have a war with another nation. What shall I do??

    Anonymous • Sat Oct 14 09:49:26 2017

  • Will Nation States be an app? I really enjoy the game and I hope it would become an app.

    A person who likes Nation StatesFri Oct 13 03:54:28 2017

  • What is your favorite piece of literature.

    The Klorg Wed Oct 11 15:24:08 2017

  • would you rather be blind and only know sign language or be deaf and only know braille?

    ParkerWed Oct 11 15:01:26 2017

  • In the past you said you support Australia becoming a republic. Might I ask why? (I personally don't agree with the position so I want to hear what you have to say on the matter, because honestly people that disagree with me tend to be more interesting than people that do agree with me)

    ChrisTue Oct 10 15:19:02 2017

  • Are we ever going to have another major updated of gameplay on nationstates

    KenisMon Oct 9 16:29:45 2017

  • How often do you brush your teeth?

    Your dentistSun Oct 8 22:33:25 2017

  • Are any books coming up? If so, names, hints, anything? Thanks so much,

    IndySat Oct 7 17:18:58 2017

  • Do you play NationStates? If so,what is your nation?

    CarpayaTue Oct 3 17:39:25 2017

  • Hey Max, could you please please do a mini course on the subject of "mechanics of storytelling" for beginner writers like me.

    WaadeeTue Oct 3 01:06:08 2017

  • How do I succeed at NationStates?


    TimmyMon Oct 2 10:16:49 2017

  • Still alive?

    JamesSat Sep 30 22:09:48 2017

  • Can you make a "note" feature on dossier entries for NationStates? It would be quite helpful.

    Anonymous • Sat Sep 30 15:57:34 2017

  • I don't so much fancy apple juice, you?

    TedisonSat Sep 30 15:45:24 2017

  • ARe you Testlandia in nationstates?

    honeydewistanFri Sep 29 21:38:39 2017

  • Do you have an Australian accent?

    Just CuriousThu Sep 28 15:53:41 2017

  • If I told you I wanted to become an author when I grow up, what advice would you give me?

    A. HumanThu Sep 28 15:52:10 2017

  • (Do you still/have you ever) actively (play/ed) NationStates?

    Anonymous • Thu Sep 28 14:35:44 2017

  • Do you like Roller Coasters? If so, what's your favorite that you've been on?

    DAE Millennium ForceWed Sep 27 19:04:31 2017

  • Hello, Sir!

    How is the "Machine Man" script adaptation going... Was it not to be a collaboration with the filmmaker, D. Aronofsky? He is in now with all of the MOTHER! publicity. Love to see that upon the silver screen. Or, perhaps Spike Lee could acquire the rights if available?

    Yukon_Golde -- Silent Poet

    E.A. POEMon Sep 25 13:12:31 2017

  • This is not a question.

    Thanks for making NationStates

    FvoltesFri Sep 22 14:32:53 2017

  • What inspired you to make your Jennifer Government Book?

    Paul KarFri Sep 22 09:41:28 2017

  • What new updates are you planning on adding to NationStates

    NationStates FanaticThu Sep 21 15:02:17 2017

  • Can Max maximise truthfulness in Max's response to Ask Max questions? Or can Max not maximise truthfulness in Max's responses from Ask Max, making Max not a very good Max? And how often does Max have writer's blocks?

    Anonymous • Wed Sep 20 08:25:16 2017

  • Would you be willing to take concepts for the updating and improvement of Nationstates from fans? Such as introducing maps?

    Anonymous • Mon Sep 18 16:53:08 2017

  • What is your primary language you code in! And what inspired you!

    LevuSat Sep 16 03:28:19 2017

  • Hey Max. I love NationStates and was wondering any tips to keep my civil rights high with how I answer issues. I feel like I do everything wrong! I love Jennifer Government by the way.

    IndyThu Sep 14 18:09:48 2017

  • What was your main message about the dangers of extreme capitalism in Jennifer Government?

    Bridget Thu Sep 14 07:03:18 2017

  • Max what's your name?

    Snacks Barry Sun Sep 10 08:01:52 2017

  • Have you thought on creating a micronation? If you are, or just started thinking about it, what would your micronation be called, and how would it's flag look like?

    Steve AndradeSat Sep 9 15:04:47 2017

  • As I've been reading Jennifer Government and Lexicon I couldn't help thinking that they would make great films. Are they already in development?

    InezThu Sep 7 22:21:33 2017

  • Hello, are you going to give nations in NationStates the ability to declare war, and simulate war, or are you planning to make another NationStates 2, with battle features?

    I really don't want to wait for some sort of an Apocalypse on NationStates.

    Steve AndradeMon Sep 4 16:52:35 2017

  • Why did you create NationStates?

    New_DumnezeuMon Sep 4 12:52:54 2017

  • Are there any Easter eggs in NationStates? If so,name a few?

    Anonymous • Sat Sep 2 05:30:05 2017

  • Is it at all possible to have "largest drop in score" as one of the final nuclear stats on NationStates? Because that would be funny as well as fairly relevant.

    Oh and on a writing note, something I've always had trouble with is writing scenery. No matter how I try it always sounds either too long-winded or too cursory and I can't hit the sweet spot for the life of me. And of course, since painting a setting is one of the first things you do in a composition, all of my story ideas haven't really progressed past the first paragraph. Do you have any tips on how to actually write scenery?

    HaikuWed Aug 30 20:14:26 2017

  • are u a kool kid

    HuntellSun Aug 27 08:06:19 2017

  • Hey Max? What's your opinion on the whole Nazi rally in Charlottesville?

    Anonymous • Thu Aug 24 18:49:18 2017

  • I am trying to make sense of all of the role playing on Nationstates does it serve any purpose or it just for fun

    Anonymous • Thu Aug 24 17:57:00 2017

  • Yo, how's life?

    yrraB xaMTue Aug 22 23:47:38 2017

  • Is it alright to create a cult dedicated to Jimi Hendrix?

    DeterinalSun Aug 20 14:05:23 2017

  • Are you a good person?

    JimothySun Aug 20 09:17:21 2017

  • Does communism work?

    deadinside Fri Aug 18 20:44:36 2017

  • What inspired you to write? And do you have any tips for people wanting to write books about fictional governments?

    AnthonyWed Aug 16 11:52:20 2017

  • Why did you nation state?

    Anonymous • Wed Aug 16 08:26:09 2017

  • Hey Max! I'm a long time fan of NationStates, and I've loved it since I started. I recently had the idea though, that something was missing from the nations. And then it hit me, anthems! National songs! I know we have the motto, but we dnot really have an actual song. I'm not sure how to go about the idea, or if it's even possible for you. And even if it is it'd probably be a whole lot of work. But what are your thoughts on the idea?

    Anonymous • Tue Aug 15 18:39:05 2017


    UR MOMOSat Aug 12 06:24:15 2017

  • Could you give some tips on query letter writing, as in what's worked for you and what hasn't? I'm about 40,000 words into my novel and the idea that six months or more from now i'll have to condense it all down into a page both scares and confuses me.

    SamThu Aug 10 06:18:10 2017

  • Would you like to write book series instead of stand-alone novels?

    Brazilian readerTue Aug 8 14:14:07 2017

  • What is your opinion on the idea of adding "Regional Issues" to Nationstates, just an idea

    SomewhereTue Aug 8 10:25:28 2017

  • Max, you've said before that writing a novel requires you to be deluded for a long period of time so you think that what you're writing is the best thing ever, because how else would you go on? I feel I am lacking this required delusion. I'm painfully aware of how illogical or stupid my stuff seems every few days I try to write. I go to a weekly writing group which forces me to be somewhat disciplined and produce at least a few thousand words each week, but I go through cycles of illusive hope and despair, and spend most of my time in the despair of clarity. Do you have any advice for how to delude myself into success? Thanks for being rad.

    JoMon Aug 7 22:30:13 2017

  • Hey Max, can you answer this question? If not, why? Btw this is a trick question because you answer it either way. Or you just ignore it and prove me wrong

    A TricksterSun Aug 6 22:31:19 2017

  • Are you someone who tends to edit while writing, or get everything on paper as quickly as possible and edit afterwards?

    ChadSat Aug 5 14:38:11 2017

  • Do you ever think about the fact that Elon Musk may have seen your movie?

    Let me explain:

    Syrup stars Amber Heard.

    Elon Musk is dating Amber Heard.

    If I had a girlfriend who was a movie star, I'd watch her movies.

    Therefore, Elon Musk may have watched Syrup.


    Someone who enjoys "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"Fri Aug 4 22:22:52 2017

  • Do you ever regret making the godforsaken game we all know as "NationStates"?

    A guy who plays NSFri Aug 4 20:19:49 2017

  • What was is it like crating NationStates? Did you think it would be as popular as it is today?

    Mr.Gameing102Wed Aug 2 11:19:50 2017

  • What's your opinion on the Fake News fiasco? Is a lot of the MSM really a spreader of fake news?

    YeetFri Jul 28 22:45:15 2017

  • Do you have any plans for future updates to "NationStates"

    Anonymous • Wed Jul 26 18:07:25 2017

  • Is there going to be a NationStates 2 after the disastrous first attempt at a sequel? If so, will it have a better form of diplomacy besides roleplay?

    A NationStates playerTue Jul 25 16:11:01 2017

  • I made a rap about you: Yo yo max! You dont pay your tax(es)! You made Nation States! From selling lots of crates! Your last name is Barry! That means your hairy! Are you a fairy? Because your so hairy.

    Do you like it?

    Jake PaulTue Jul 25 13:43:56 2017

  • Do you take holidays? Where do you go?

    JeremyTue Jul 25 00:36:49 2017

  • Fave nation on nationstates?

    Anonymous • Mon Jul 24 19:48:06 2017

  • "Max also created the online political game NationStates, for which he is far more famous amongst high school students and poli-sci majors than his novels."

    I've seen 6 graders play it too.

    And congrats! You were copied! I cants post the URL, but it's call ars-regendi .com

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 21 18:27:12 2017

  • Can you please add the option in your game NationStates to remove your coutrys laws if you dont like them?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 21 15:07:14 2017

  • This Q&A format is clever! Where do you come up with ideas like this? What inspires you?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 21 13:11:26 2017

  • What kind of berry do you like, Max "berry". ;)

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 21 10:07:07 2017

  • I really enjoy reading your books in order of release. There's definite improvement from one book to the next. Syrup was phenomenal, but I really dig how every book seems to be getting better. Thanks for writing such

    great work, your books are among the few I have bought physical copies of.

    Austin Wed Jul 19 22:39:53 2017

  • do you oil your head or is it naturally that shiny

    deez nuttyMon Jul 17 23:09:54 2017

  • I think globalization could work in the future by taking power away from the hands of humans and to a sentient AI that knows about human plight and wont kill us due to its programing. This idea was thought of not by me but paulsego of the drunken peasants

    Drestovia JesrurianSun Jul 16 18:52:05 2017

  • How u feel bout thems T-34's?

    Also would you think that they would win against a M4 sherman?

    Drestovian JesrurianSun Jul 16 18:47:20 2017

  • I need a new book from you. Can I have one soon?

    TamaraSun Jul 16 18:17:53 2017

  • What Gave You The Idea Of Making NationStates

    Awesome JakeSat Jul 15 14:30:32 2017

  • how much money do you make?

    Anonymous • Sat Jul 15 03:17:27 2017

  • Whats Your Favorite Video Game, Other Than NationStates. Also, What Inspired You To Make NationStates?

    Awesome JakeThu Jul 13 16:40:10 2017

  • I teach political communication at a large U.S. university. Do you think your books offer some insight into political action, why or why not?

    Mr. EWed Jul 12 09:59:00 2017

  • Hi Max, I always remember your Dogs and Smurfs essay and shared it with someone today as a way of trying to explain the phenomenon that we think of everyone as male, as part of a conversation about why we really need to know someone's gender anyway. The question for you is, do you think the Dogs and Smurfs situation has improved, particularly with regard to children's literature/TV/content?

    AmyTue Jul 11 06:30:24 2017

  • Hello Max! If you lived somewhere other than Australia, where would it be, and why?

    Not An AustralianMon Jul 10 12:29:46 2017

  • Swiss cheese or cheddar?

    Anonymous • Sat Jul 8 16:07:22 2017

  • How do you even find time to answer our idiot questions?

    M-My name is JeffSat Jul 8 12:05:29 2017

  • What's your the name of your nation on Nationstates?

    The Seryyiok Empire Sat Jul 8 08:30:39 2017

  • Hi Max,

    First off, big fan of your work and NationStates. Now for the question. Where do you lean on economics? I, myself, am a capitalist/trickle down economist. But, I recently saw a quote: "Trickle down doesn't work if the top scoop of ice cream refuses to melt". I happen to believe that reducing spending and taxes at a large rate is best for the economy to grow and for jobs to be made. Long story short, this quote shook my faith a bit and I was wondering what your stance is, out of mere curiosity.

    Nick Di Rito (#7353)Sat Jul 8 00:27:06 2017

  • Max what is your political tendency?

    john doeFri Jul 7 08:45:13 2017

  • My question concerns the game Nationstates. Why do countries with a market economy have a much higher income than the countries with a planned one? Did not you say that players of all political preferences are equal here?

    AnonymusTue Jul 4 02:50:24 2017


    Suleiman (#7348)Mon Jul 3 15:50:23 2017

  • Hey max what's your opinion on dank memes? Should be some category in nation states.

    I'm drestovia and jesruriz btw


    just call me jesSun Jul 2 12:49:49 2017

  • I have an idea for a NationStates category: Population growth. It determines how little time it would take to get a million citizens. Let's say that someone encountered an issue, and they chose one that would negatively effect the Population Growth. It would be Population Growth: -4.1%, and if their population growth was three hours for a million citizens, it would be three hours and twelve minutes to get a million citizens. I think my idea would really change the way population increases, being put into relevance by issues.

    The Confederacy of HarnieaSun Jul 2 11:15:25 2017

  • Have you ever visited NationStates secretly (like a "EPIC RETURN")?

    Sumguy129Sat Jul 1 11:08:20 2017

  • Will NationStates 2 come out someday?

    Anonymous • Sat Jul 1 06:41:37 2017

  • Hey Max, do you have a nation on NationStates?

    Anonymous Fri Jun 30 07:53:10 2017

  • What did you make Nationstates with? Also is Barry Yalen a reference to Barry Allen, The Flash in that issue about a guy named Flashy?

    Bran1431Fri Jun 30 01:00:52 2017

  • Hello! I don't know if someone else has already asked, but how/where did you find a sock of full of pennies?

    Really Cool Asian GalThu Jun 29 04:34:40 2017

  • Have you got a favorite sports club or just favorite sport in general?

    CruyssiaMon Jun 26 16:49:05 2017

  • I'm a huge fan of all your books! Any new novels in the works?

    SteveSun Jun 25 01:35:55 2017

  • Have you taken the political compass test? If not, can you?

    Anonymous • Tue Jun 20 22:42:00 2017

  • Did you read the 3 Body Problem? Recommend any new fiction?

    Hawkline MonsterTue Jun 20 09:44:35 2017

  • Do you have a cat or dog? Or a great white shark? I heard they are common in Australia

    *witty nickname*Mon Jun 19 23:20:24 2017

  • Technical question: in percentage, how much of what you write in the very first draft see the light in the final version of a novel?

    Did this percentage diminished from your first novel, compared to the latest one?

    Frankly Tumbleweed (#5609)Mon Jun 19 08:20:52 2017

  • Do you have a nation in NS?

    Anonymous • Sat Jun 17 10:35:58 2017

  • Are you vegetarian?

    GeorgeWed Jun 14 08:39:03 2017

  • i cant read

    Anonymous • Tue Jun 13 11:30:14 2017

  • pepsi or coke max/

    That one guy, from that one place.Mon Jun 12 14:49:05 2017

  • How old are you

    Anonymous • Sun Jun 11 15:05:57 2017

  • Am I a sandwich

    Hopefully not a sandwichSat Jun 10 07:08:56 2017

  • Boxers of briefs

    The BumsticklerWed Jun 7 17:52:18 2017

  • Are you secretly Donald Trump? If so, when will you nuke North Korea?

    Kim Jong UnWed Jun 7 16:24:24 2017

  • who did you vote for in the 2016 election?

    Anonymous • Wed Jun 7 11:26:21 2017

  • Why did you create NationStates?

    Anonymous • Tue Jun 6 07:24:23 2017

  • How and why did you write machine man? Also, what were your motivations for writing it?

    Cassidy Mon Jun 5 13:54:00 2017

  • Hey Max! I don't have any of your books, but I play NationStates! I think it's amazing. I can't really think of any good questions though. So... Keep doing what you're doing!

    Heater123 (Heater123landstronk)Sat Jun 3 14:13:36 2017

  • When is your next book coming out? :D

    Anonymous • Fri Jun 2 14:10:40 2017

  • Hi Max

    I was wondering how you chose the poets names in Lexicon. Was it a form of characterization or random? Which traits were you trying to convey with the name Woolf, Eliot & Yeats (and others)? I loved the book and am trying to get a little more insight (I picked this book for the oral Matur aka Swiss final exams).


    KamFri Jun 2 01:05:50 2017

  • Do you have a nation on NationStates (p.s. Thanks for making NS, my only hobby and supportive community in my life XD)

    Adam S. (#7332)Wed May 31 19:01:26 2017

  • What's your favorite book (other than your own, even though they are awesome...*hugs copy of Lexicon*) ever written?

    Adam S. (#7332)Wed May 31 18:55:01 2017

  • I have a class assignment I hope you can help with. Info to follow: You will be concerned with looking at this novel and analyzing it based on the literary elements that you learned while studying short fiction. To prepare for that analysis, use the Web to find out as much as you can about Max Barry, as well as how and why he wrote Machine Man. For this discussion, write a short paragraph about the important things you learn when you research the author. Next, write a few sentences about how the novel was created and what your research leads you to believe might be Barry's motivations for writing it based on our cultural practices, beliefs, and/or misunderstandings.

    BrianTue May 30 14:33:13 2017

  • What do you think of the emoji movie?

    PokemanlandFri May 26 20:12:57 2017

  • Can we have capitals on regions instead of founders in NS?

    RoyillTue May 23 17:53:19 2017

  • So is this where I'm supposed to write the question?

    GeorgeTue May 23 17:25:17 2017

  • What do you think about Brazil?

    A Brazilian GuyTue May 23 12:50:44 2017

  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    The Bridge-KeeperTue May 23 07:45:15 2017

  • Do you actually answer these?

    IDKSun May 21 22:00:24 2017

  • Could make a new event, like invasions, please?

    Anonymous • Sat May 20 12:45:05 2017

  • Do you like cats? If yes, then why? Do you have one?

    CatSat May 20 03:20:14 2017

  • Oh yeah, and do you think he could write it on a Toshiba laptop?

    Dale (again)Fri May 19 19:37:41 2017

  • Do You think it's possible for a man diagnosed with Parkinson's disease to complete a novel he (which is me) started about 10 years ago? I know I can't go back to my regular job.

    Dale Fri May 19 19:28:12 2017

  • How do you feel about the 2005 Cronulla riots?

    Chase (#7233)Fri May 19 13:59:06 2017

  • Which one of the books you've written is your favorite and why?

    WynThu May 18 19:17:46 2017

  • Have you thought about doing a graphic novel or adapting one of your books into a graphic novel?

    A fan named TimThu May 18 08:45:59 2017

  • I'm just now watching the show "Better Off Ted". Have you ever noticed that it really has a lot of thematic elements in common with "Company"? Is that because they ripped the general ideas off of you? Or is because companies are really like that?

    Adam Willard (#4231)Thu May 18 05:54:50 2017

  • You Should add war to NationStates but when you go to war it is like a bunch of issues that determines who wins

    GabeWed May 17 16:13:22 2017

  • He Max, I know of the failure of NS 2 but how would you like to give it another try? Been working on concept art

    Roguiguez@NationStatesWed May 17 11:20:47 2017

  • Hi Max! My question's to you is that what was your reaction to such an awesome success of nationstates?

    Anonymous • Wed May 17 06:38:37 2017

  • Yo max! Can you give me a shoutout? My ns name is Pokemanland

    PokemanlandTue May 16 18:43:04 2017

  • Hey Max - not long now and machine men will help you with that bag of mulch of bucket of paint https colon slash slash

    TwoThirdsTue May 16 16:19:27 2017

  • did you make nation states by your self

    Anonymous • Mon May 15 17:09:04 2017

  • Hi Max! I'm currently in business school in Europe, but unsure about the future. How did you realize you were better off writing rather than working for a corp?

    A perpetual dreamerFri May 12 16:18:34 2017

  • I'm in high school and want to learn how to make games. I have this idea for something that has the simple, easy to understand format of the issues from Nationstates that have the things that they change without you having to manually find something, for example: your nations stance on Creationism vs Evolution or gun laws or welfare to name a few, take that and cross it with the game Democracy 3 with all its micromanagement of one of the countries that you can choose to run,.

    Which is why I'm wondering how you calculate the stats for the nations such as GDP, youth rebelliousness, corruption, etc?

    Ian Laidlaw (#7325)Thu May 11 15:00:48 2017

  • Would you ever consider publishing the source code for nationstates and if not that, the way it calculates the stats?

    IanThu May 11 10:05:43 2017

  • What's the best thing since sliced bread?

    TomásWed May 10 10:16:18 2017

  • Hi. So you're an author (obviously) and I was wondering how publishing companies are to work with and whether it's a a good idea to use them or not. However, you live in Australia and I don't so this may not be relevant. (I'm terrible at questions, I'm sorry).

    RebeccaWed May 10 08:14:46 2017

  • What do you think about the environment? should we protect it?

    Anonymous • Wed May 3 19:23:19 2017

  • Why do people post anything on here?

    Anonymous Wed May 3 17:09:07 2017

  • Your thoughts on Fascism?

    IprefernottobenamedMon May 1 20:04:09 2017

  • Bro I've been reading a lot of your stuff and you mention Catholics way more than most people. What's the connection, my dude.

    MotherSun Apr 30 20:09:28 2017

  • Do you think you will ever add some sort of form of war in nation states

    WarlordThu Apr 27 18:57:30 2017

  • Why does your website say "Legionnaires' disease free since 1990"? Is this a hint about an upcoming book?

    Anonymous • Wed Apr 26 16:45:40 2017

  • Do You play your Nation States Game?

    CKHTue Apr 25 10:26:38 2017

  • max i was wondering if you could work even more on NS like im addicted

    DylanWed Apr 19 05:48:28 2017

  • Could you allow us to change the name of regions on nationstates

    Anonymous • Sun Apr 16 11:30:35 2017

  • Not a question but a statement: I really enjoyed Jeniffer Government and that's not just because of the Chadstone and Dandenong Road references. I'm halfway through Lexicon and that's great too. Thanks for writing. :)

    PaulSun Apr 16 05:12:32 2017

  • How do you feel about Donald Trump becoming president?

    Anonymous • Sat Apr 15 10:54:20 2017

  • What is your ideal government and what would it be like to live under it?

    Nevsky-NovgorodFri Apr 14 01:06:36 2017

  • Are you religious?

    A Concerned CitizenMon Apr 10 06:23:51 2017

  • Are you Australian ? You look Australian.

    Not the FührerSat Apr 8 05:13:39 2017

  • Does Cambridge Analytica owe you money or did they pay for their copies of Lexicon?

    Anonymous • Fri Apr 7 18:44:13 2017

  • Is there a Lexicon movie in the works?

    Cass G.Thu Apr 6 12:52:26 2017

  • Are u going to make more games like nation states

    Anonymous • Thu Apr 6 10:39:20 2017

  • Max?

    Anonymous • Wed Apr 5 18:09:36 2017

  • What special event is in store for NS next?

    Anonymous • Sun Apr 2 19:12:31 2017

  • Hey there, I'm looking to jumpstart a project of mine by creating a website, and by observing the set-up of your NationStates game, I'd love to use that sort of format for what I'd like to do. Since I lack a bit in experience, I'm asking around to various creators that I can observe and see how I can get started. So any feedback saying you'd like to give some advice or tips toward how to approach this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Donovan LevineSun Apr 2 15:20:41 2017

  • Could you set in NS a kind of map of interaction for raids? or Invasions?

    U know meThu Mar 30 10:45:19 2017

  • How did you start out as an author? What inspired you to pursue writing books?

    Bohseon (Junie)Wed Mar 29 16:34:30 2017

  • How did you learn to code?

    A SavageTue Mar 28 18:58:18 2017

  • What will be in the next NationStates update?

    Anonymous • Sun Mar 26 20:39:26 2017

  • Do condemnations actually affect said regions?

    Anonymous • Thu Mar 23 19:02:29 2017

  • It looks like life is imitating your art again, this time with anti-virus attacking the systems it protects. See the Wired article: The Clever 'DoubleAgent' Attack Turns Antivirus Into Malware.

    What key factor led to writing the Oracle known as Jennifer Government? Did you happen to buy some strange Eastern tea that has temporal folding properties?

    Mark Richardson (#1117)Thu Mar 23 17:06:57 2017

  • Hi Max, Why did you decide to include Chapter 5 at the end of Lexicon? I have a group of students reading it for class, and they think it contrasted the suspenseful style of the whole novel.

    Anonymous • Thu Mar 23 11:06:36 2017

  • Hi! Why are you Australian

    LeetmericaMon Mar 20 20:54:49 2017

  • What is your favorite book that you have written?

    CalcaterraMon Mar 20 14:37:23 2017

  • Actually it is more of a request than a question but I was

    wondering if you could "wars" to United Nations just to spice things up.

    Anonymous • Sun Mar 19 10:17:53 2017

  • I can't think of anything constructive to ask. Any suggestions?

    YouSat Mar 18 13:12:08 2017

  • So, when playing NationStates, why is that the wait time between getting issues such a long time? While I love playing, the fact I have to wait 3-5 hours between issues that usually only take a few minutes to resolve seems like a bit much.

    AlanFri Mar 17 01:41:44 2017

  • Do like you like to go fishing

    Alan ChambersThu Mar 16 07:29:22 2017

  • What's your general reaction to seeing some of the technology you write about as SciFi becoming more of a reality each day? This specifically referring to Hugh Herr's progress on prosthesis and then becoming more and more like what we saw in Machine Man.

    Tim Stark (#5207)Tue Mar 14 12:28:27 2017

  • Do you drop the bass a lot?

    Anonymous • Tue Mar 7 19:01:54 2017

  • What inspired you to write these books?

    New RomastiaTue Mar 7 18:02:41 2017

  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    NorddieTue Mar 7 14:47:27 2017

  • Hey Mr. Barry,

    I was wondering is there an actual headquarters of NS? It would be totally cool if we had a headquarters in like DC where we could have like a real life WA meeting and stuff. That would be awesome! Could that be a possibility in the near future?

    New JaedonstanTue Mar 7 11:19:21 2017

  • Hi Max! This is very random, but 12 years ago, when I was in 10th grade, my friend group got extremely hooked on NationStates, and I read JENNIFER GOVERNMENT as a result. I have to say that it's still one of my all-time favourites books that also shaped who I am as a writer, and I've probably read it eight times or more. I was just gushing about your work to a colleague, and I'm excited to dive into MACHINE MAN and LEXICON. Cheers to you and your upcoming work!


    Samantha Beiko, Canada

    Samantha BeikoTue Mar 7 11:10:52 2017

  • You should add a way to make certain things only visible to certain nations in dispatches. Such as if you want to make part of the dispatch only visible to your region mates but no one else.

    United States of HuberMon Mar 6 09:05:34 2017

  • Is the inspiration for your stories sudden or from daily life or from what?

    The Cavian StateSat Mar 4 16:35:29 2017

  • How do you get your ideas for short stories?

    JamesTue Feb 28 17:44:38 2017

  • What are the populations of Maxtopia and Bigtopia?

    AnonymooseWed Feb 22 10:55:46 2017

  • Why is? Just, in general?

    A very curious personTue Feb 21 21:34:37 2017

  • One of the NS mods said that orphans mine coal to provide you and the mods with your luxurious lifestyles. Is that true?

    The Illuminati Worshippers Of PokemanlandMon Feb 20 10:19:30 2017

  • Hi, when you are coming to Brazil? I suggest you the city Fortaleza, we are waiting you.

    SomeoneSun Feb 19 20:11:15 2017

  • Do you play NationStates? What's your nation?

    Dragao do MarSun Feb 19 20:02:58 2017

  • Max, do you have published any book in Albania? I wan't read one of it.

    Deivid (#7285)Sun Feb 19 07:58:25 2017

  • Ok so I'm wanting to write a book about my region (People's Federation of Qandaristan) but I get stumped on how I should explain to people why there are different countries than the ones we have. What should I do?

    Jimmie Sat Feb 18 17:58:31 2017

  • Do you time answering this question? I saw a lot in queue.

    JoySat Feb 18 04:19:34 2017

  • How come you're so funny? Are you a natural comedian? Can you teach me?

    EmSat Feb 18 04:15:22 2017

  • Max, in your blog "Talk to Me, Baby" you stated that the only reason you visit this site is to read and respond to comments. This was back in 2006. Now, 11 years later, is this still the case? Are you reading old comments over and over again? If this is the case, wouldn't you blog more for more comments?

    Chase (#7233)Fri Feb 17 22:38:43 2017

  • I enjoyed reading your Machine Man for a college class, I now have to read a essay on how technology is a distraction and then becomes a safety issue to us. I was wondering if you could give me some quotes on this? Like to the book machine man.

    MollyFri Feb 17 08:53:33 2017

  • Do you like donuts?

    Anonymous • Thu Feb 16 15:16:18 2017

  • Who are you?

    AnonymousTue Feb 14 22:47:39 2017

  • Max, do you like pie?

    Overlord of All PiesTue Feb 14 19:46:39 2017

  • Why are you bald? Stress?

    The IlluminatiTue Feb 14 19:25:02 2017

  • Would you consider posting a first draft AND a final copy side by side for curious onlookers such as myself?

    Toby O (#2900)Wed Feb 8 18:35:51 2017

  • Can you educate anyone without their will & choice to be educated?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 7 22:22:29 2017

  • How do I not look like a noob on nation states

    Anonymous • Sun Feb 5 10:50:34 2017

  • When it comes to "NationStates" Didn't you feel that there should have been more things to do? Like for example,

    -Building a Army

    -Making cities

    -Writing Laws

    -Building a Police force

    Stuff like that?

    AnonFri Feb 3 11:01:39 2017

  • I've got to most of the way through the last chapter of Lexicon, and it's since been sitting beside my bed for almost as long as it's been published. Is it safe to read the rest, or will it end in me reading the word I shouldn't read, and doing something like emptying my bank account to yours?

    Anonymous • Thu Feb 2 01:10:17 2017

  • Are you writing anything new?

    Indo-Malaysia (From NS)Wed Feb 1 09:56:41 2017

  • Max, what is the least interesting topic one could possibly write a novel about?

    The Man, The Dude, The One That Loves FoodTue Jan 31 09:35:37 2017

  • On a scale of 1 to 999999 how awesome are you?

    VeneziaTue Jan 31 07:34:03 2017

  • I am the head of state of a nation at NationsStates and would like to know if you could make improvements in WA.

    Anonymous • Mon Jan 30 07:52:50 2017

  • So what are your political views?

    AnonymousMon Jan 30 05:51:59 2017

  • why does WA page still contain the abbreviation of the bureacy that cannot be named but sounds a lot like united stations?

    anonymouseFri Jan 27 00:19:51 2017

  • What's your favorite? (There are correct and incorrect answers to this question.)

    Stygian Emperor (#2947)Wed Jan 25 02:47:39 2017

  • Can you buff planned economies in nation-states? I've noticed that a lot of fellow leftist have the same complaint that economic growth is tied too much to economic freedoms.

    Anonymous • Sun Jan 22 15:57:30 2017

  • What IS the deal with airline food?

    Airline FoodWed Jan 18 14:25:13 2017

  • Do you believe in Jesus?

    just a german boySun Jan 15 19:38:15 2017

  • This is less of a question but more of a comment for nation states. It would be really neat if there were more random scenarios for nations, regions, or even the world. Scenarios such as plague's, famine's, natural disasters, etc. It would definitely make the game more interesting and realistic. Thank you for all you have done already. I certainly hope these scenarios become reality for the game.

    The Nation States Region of ParmaetheusSat Jan 14 11:31:07 2017

  • Yo Max, Any reason why China's 2 child policy isn't a choice in the Issue of "Won't somebody think of the children? I feel like it would be a better option IMO

    Anonymous • Sat Jan 14 04:30:46 2017

  • What are your favorite books, you've read more then 5 times and will continue re-reading?

    Kate (Toronto, Canada)

    KateTue Jan 10 08:49:37 2017

  • if all of your novels got into a royal rumble wrestling match, who would win and why?

    chrisMon Jan 9 15:19:37 2017

  • Ar you bald or do you shave your head? 🐧

    DariusFri Jan 6 22:01:55 2017

  • How can I succeed at

    Anonymous • Tue Jan 3 17:32:21 2017

  • Max, how do you plan on celebrating Christmas this year, or how did you spend Christmas this year? How are you going to spend New Year's Eve? Do you have any big plans for 2017? Like a book tour or possibly a meet and greet in the US? I mean, you won't have a new book or anything, but maybe you could do something for your American fans.

    Chase (#7233)Sun Dec 25 14:01:49 2016

  • Do you like to go to parties?

    ArthurSat Dec 24 08:17:05 2016

  • How can you only have five novels? I feel I've been reading you forever and I look at the sidebar and there is only five. Perhaps it's the blog and the short stories (the 'cement' story was a welcome reminder of your pithy story-telling abilities) and the fact that I re-read the novels all the time. Or maybe I'm just getting older and remembering the past differently, like when you go back to grade school and stuff that was so big back then now seems tiny and you can't fit in your locker anymore. But never mind, get back to work and I welcome some new additions in 2018.

    Brian T (#6923)Fri Dec 23 09:39:30 2016

  • For how long do you plan on supporting NationStates?

    Anonymous • Fri Dec 23 04:50:17 2016

  • What is the meaning of life?

    Donald TrumpThu Dec 22 08:22:07 2016

  • I'm surprised that only one person has asked a question. What do we have to look forward to for NationStates in the coming year? Any top secret things planned, like maybe not having a hard drive crash on the host for more than a year? :p

    The Shaz Man (2004's Unite)Wed Dec 21 19:48:59 2016

  • Hello! Have you considered to open a youtube account? I'd love to watch videos in which you talk about writings and stuff like that!

    All best,


    Francesco Wed Dec 21 02:24:43 2016

  • Have you considered to crate another game similar to NationStates

    Subwaey PizzaTue Dec 20 07:48:50 2016

  • What is your favorite genre to write in?

    NatTue Dec 20 06:56:38 2016

  • Are you still an active nation in your game nationstates, or are you a lurker or inactive?

    Supreme Meme (My Nation)Tue Dec 13 18:08:33 2016

  • Mr Barry wondering if you have seen the new show Incorporated which in my opinion is very close to stealing ideas directly from your books, BTW Jennifer Government is still one of my all time favorite books, bought both paperback & ebook

    Glen BonnetMon Dec 12 05:53:32 2016

  • How long did I t take to make nationstates?

    AnonymousSun Dec 4 18:51:44 2016

  • Do you agree: According to Prof. Michal Kosinski, the latest elections in the UK and USA were widely influenced by bigdata-fuelled psychologic ocean-models ? (Cambridge Analytica /Alexander Nix) ? -Sven, Hamburg, Germany

    Sven-Olof from HamburgSun Dec 4 03:45:44 2016

  • Hi, Max! Loved "Lexicon". When will your next book come out? What is it about?

    NitzanFri Dec 2 16:12:01 2016

  • Can you make a nationstates app

    PersonWed Nov 30 19:10:37 2016

  • Have you ever had the ending of a movie spoiled?

    Through the Looking-GlassMon Nov 28 06:40:36 2016

  • I am an American who recently moved to Australia. I just finished Lexicon and loved it but could not help but relate it to Trump, does he have a bare word? It would explain a lot.

    Anonymous • Sat Nov 26 13:08:48 2016

  • Can you make a guide to all the little rank and Easter egg icons at the bottom of your nation page, please sir?

    The Grand Puffle RepublicFri Nov 25 12:03:00 2016

  • My friends have custom actual map images in their nation's geography factbooks. How do I get one?

    ArcanstotskaWed Nov 23 16:02:25 2016

  • Have you ever thought about starting your own country or seceding from a country?

    Thomas LaszloWed Nov 23 14:43:44 2016

  • Do you feel like Communism will happen in the next Decade or Century?

    Joseph StalinWed Nov 23 00:56:46 2016

  • We only have a narrow perspective of the world in which we live and believing what we see to be true is an easy illusion to trust?

    JeriTue Nov 22 04:31:48 2016

  • Hi Max, huge fan of NationStates here. I was wondering what you think of how it's turned out. Did it end up anything like your expectations? What do you think should be done about some of more aggressive nations that are beyond punishment from the WA?

    Chris (Aka United Arkadia)Mon Nov 21 07:13:39 2016

  • How did you make nation states?

    moaadovichSun Nov 20 17:29:31 2016

  • Are there aligators in your bathtub?

    AlexThu Nov 17 21:17:11 2016

  • How are you?

    Anonymous • Tue Nov 15 17:42:52 2016

  • Can you ban countries from nationstates?

    Fooddude911Sun Nov 13 00:34:45 2016

  • Hi Max, how did you get away with using all those trademarks in Jennifer Government? Did you ever get contacted by lawyers? Are you blacklisted from buying Nikes? Love,

    ConorSat Nov 12 10:34:47 2016

  • Hey Max your pretty cool i just have one question is this where you expected to be when you were younger?

    AmethystThu Nov 10 10:08:14 2016

  • I've been a big fan of your work since college and I snatched up "Machine Man" and "Lexicon" as soon as they were published. That said, I saw the "Syrup" film, and was kind of disappointed. For one, the ending wasn't anything like the book. For another, I thought the casting of Kellan Lutz as Pete was totally wrong (maybe that's on me, I had pictured Pete was Asian). I'm not trying to be overly critical - like I say, I love your work - but I wonder: what did you think of the final product? Does it make you more or less eager to turn your novels into films?

    BrandonWed Nov 9 07:10:28 2016

  • Hey Maxy boy! <insert witty one liner in here about Trump, his hair and sausage dogs> Just wondering if you have any news re: a new book? My current Max Barry book collection is getting lonely. Thanks!

    KramyWed Nov 9 06:23:27 2016

  • the speech bubble is cool - are we all going to die at the hands of T...p? That word will not exist in my lexicon until he is about President elect


    jennifer bodhiWed Nov 9 04:56:30 2016

  • Hi Max! I'm a big fan of your website,, and I was wondering, do you own a nation, or play around on its forums?

    IsaacTue Nov 8 19:34:17 2016

  • Are you always going to keep NationStates free?

    Anonymous • Tue Nov 8 17:09:59 2016

  • Which of your books is your favorite?

    CrowndoniaTue Nov 8 10:26:18 2016

  • What is your nation?

    Anonymous • Mon Nov 7 15:09:28 2016

  • Max Barry will you ever close NationStates is my first Question My Second Question is if you die who will take over NationStates The Moderator's?!By have a great day,Jacob.

    Anonymous • Mon Nov 7 08:24:07 2016

  • Do you do your own coding?

    If you were to write a sequel to Lexicon featuring Clinton, Trump and Duterte, what would be their poet names? Who wiuld be the reluctant hero, the villain, and the extra?

    Fan of Lexicon, hurry up and write another book so I can gorge on it.Sun Nov 6 23:53:09 2016

  • Will NationSates ever get a war mechanic?

    Anonymous • Sat Nov 5 22:23:51 2016

  • Hey, Max how do you feel knowing NS is becoming a great website to use?

    The Communist TsarSat Nov 5 11:30:20 2016

  • Hey Max, I'm relatively new to your blog, as in a month or so new, and I found your blog and found it so very useful. That being said, I'm a senior in high school and we have a thing called senior project. For my senior project I chose to write a 7 chapter novella (roughly). Do you have any tips on writing styles or just writing skills in general?

    LayneSat Nov 5 10:22:48 2016

  • Does nation states have issues remembering account details because I just made an account then lost it

    Anonymous • Sat Nov 5 09:32:00 2016

  • are any of my questions going to be answered or you just going to ignore me?

    Anonymous • Sat Nov 5 03:15:39 2016

  • What is your opinion of Rodrigo Duterte and the situation in the Philippines?

    Ryan OrtegaFri Nov 4 03:52:21 2016

  • are you hitman?

    Anonymous • Fri Nov 4 02:51:28 2016

  • Will we ever see an official, functional, NationStates app?

    Anonymous • Thu Nov 3 18:03:31 2016

  • Are you an evil alien cyborg?

    That one guy looking through your window.Tue Nov 1 14:19:45 2016

  • Do you think you'll ever be able to top NationStates?

    TachiMon Oct 31 16:48:46 2016

  • Hey max! First off, You are an amazing person for making Nationstates. It allowed me to meet most of my current friends, so thanks for that! Now, I have to ask, Do you ever come on nationstates or just sit back and watch the fun?

    Der Soviet CanadianMon Oct 31 08:53:07 2016

  • In NationStates, why can't we cure our own nation of zombies?

    Anonymous • Sun Oct 30 18:39:52 2016

  • Are you ever going to try to develope NationStates II again?

    Rognons de VeauSun Oct 30 15:59:24 2016

  • Hey Max! Did you ever have the feeling that the only thing you want to do right NOW is to write but you... sort of... procrastinated? I'm mad at myself because I want to write, I just don't start. Any tips?

    Man in BlackSun Oct 30 13:58:57 2016

  • Hey Max! I'm sure you had post about aliens writing your novels, and now it's gone. Was it also written by aliens, or it was blog of someone else, or maybe I was hallucinating?

    Man in BlackSun Oct 30 13:54:30 2016

  • how do you feel about your country being a poison covered desert where you fight over fuel and eat dog food compared to beautiful green NZ?

    NZBetterThanAussieSun Oct 30 00:31:31 2016

  • Is this a question?

    maxSat Oct 29 09:22:55 2016

  • What's the best nation name that you've ever seen on nation states?

    Tee Google Coffee MeFri Oct 28 05:23:05 2016

  • Do you enjoy raiding in nationstates?

    ZaunoniaThu Oct 27 18:43:20 2016

  • Is zombie role play Mandatory?

    Anonymous • Thu Oct 27 14:25:27 2016

  • Is your legal name Max? My name is Max too.

    ShaunTue Oct 25 18:29:30 2016

  • Hey max, have you ever heard back from the UN about your lawsuit?

    Banking MoonTue Oct 25 04:22:18 2016

  • When will NationStates get a major update?

    Anonymous • Sun Oct 23 09:11:06 2016

  • Hey Max, love the site, but are there any plans to update your bookshelf section.

    ParzivalFri Oct 21 18:28:48 2016

  • Hey Max,

    I picked up Lexicon by chance in SFO and I couldn't put it down until it was finished! I would go as far as even saying it's my new favorite book.

    I was wondering if there's been any progress on the movie adaptation? (Or a sequel of some sort?)

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards,


    Derick MagnusenThu Oct 20 13:25:19 2016

  • You are very cool. What inspired you to create this wonderful game?

    JackThu Oct 20 08:47:36 2016

  • Do you have a nation on NationStates?

    Anonymous • Thu Oct 20 08:20:46 2016

  • Which book do you think I should read first?

    Also, do you follow politics?


    Anonymous • Mon Oct 17 18:26:58 2016

  • Did you see kangaroos before?

    That GuySun Oct 16 02:16:35 2016

  • I have decided just now that Ellen Page must play Emily in a film version of Lexicon. I just watched Into the Forest and she is a perfect fit.

    the inventor of window handlesFri Oct 14 07:18:22 2016

  • Max, could you convince my English teacher to let me write a mini-biography about you? We have this long project, and it would really make things quick if you could respond to this. Also, how over-the-top is your satirical view of marketing in Syrup? I mean, I get that it's supposed to be portrayed in a very vicious way, but is it really that cut-throat?

    Chase FThu Oct 13 16:09:03 2016

  • I live in the USA and it's turning into Jennifer Government realworld. please send help

    Anonymous • Wed Oct 12 17:58:09 2016

  • How do you feel about text language?

    (Or, as said in text language:)

    how due u feel abot txt lngyge?

    Sonnette (#7030)Wed Oct 12 12:31:48 2016

  • Check out Stubborn Soda. Designer soft drinks for people who need to express their false individuality through beverages but don't like alcohol. Genius. Thanx, Maxx Barry.

    MikeWed Oct 12 08:16:45 2016

  • Where do you fall on the political compass? Are you Liberal, Conservative, Moderate?

    Dick Richard DicklemoreWed Oct 12 08:04:31 2016

  • I'd like to thank your creation of Nation States! Without it, I would have never been able to reconnect with my best friend a few years back through the telegram system, and thus would have never began work on my movie. It's a sci-fi film about two warring factions in space called "System Strike." Not much else to say about it, since it's only halfway finished now, but all I have to say is thanks for writing great books and getting me into politics.

    Anonymous • Wed Oct 12 07:57:58 2016

  • What is your nation in NationStates called?

    AnonymousTue Oct 11 21:28:41 2016

  • Bees?

    AdderTue Oct 11 19:57:49 2016

  • Have you thought of adding a comment feature to questions? I've seen some I know the answer to, and I'm not you, but an answer to a non-open ended question is an answer.

    AustinTue Oct 11 19:47:50 2016

  • Hi Max, I'm French. Since you obviously like words, which French words are your favorites ones and do you use some in your books ?

    MagaliTue Oct 11 15:34:07 2016

  • Have you watched the movie War Dogs? I think it has some relation to your 2016 American Presidential Elections post. If not, you should totally watch it cuz it delivers some pretty nice commentary on industry and politics in general and the characters rock, as well as how the actors portrayed them.

    Blair (#7109)Mon Oct 10 00:48:37 2016

  • Why haven't you put nationstates up on the App Store?

    MarlenSun Oct 9 20:51:07 2016

  • why did you write the book MACHINE MAN? Like what inspired you to write about a man who wanted to turn himself into a machine?

    a studentSun Oct 9 17:22:29 2016

  • Can you give some direction on the power of minimalism in your writing. How was that developed into simple yet powerful sentence structure. Giving the reader just enough description to have them paint the picture in their minds eye.

    Jon Alt (#7211)Wed Oct 5 14:20:42 2016

  • why did you write the book machine man?

    A studentTue Oct 4 20:13:04 2016

  • Is NationStates still apealling to you?

    Anonymous • Thu Sep 29 18:47:33 2016

  • how big was the sock full of pennies?

    pennymanThu Sep 29 06:29:50 2016

  • What is your main nation in Nation States?

    The Republic of AgregateWed Sep 28 11:32:25 2016

  • Top 10 best novels right now?

    RolfMon Sep 26 13:10:57 2016

  • Who on earth do you think you are?

    GregglesMon Sep 26 07:09:52 2016

  • have you ever thought of writing a book that has it's own theme music? everypage could have one of those sound thingys like the musical birthday cards have.... Great Idea isn't it? my gift to you... have a nice night

    Gregory the thinkerMon Sep 26 07:08:34 2016

  • What was the last movie you watched? and was it good?

    If you could rewrite part of it what would it be?

    GregoryMon Sep 26 07:03:20 2016

  • Do people spam you a buttload of silly questions very often?

    GregMon Sep 26 06:59:19 2016

  • What is the most confusing question you have never been asked?

    GregMon Sep 26 06:51:37 2016

  • Do you play NationStates? If it's right, where is your nation?

    BlahblahblahSat Sep 24 19:32:59 2016

  • Max - I write about Virginia Woolf (among other things) & have published a monograph about Woolf references in contemporary fiction. I'm still tracking them, & thus I read Lexicon & will be posting on it at Blogging Woolf. My question - why Woolf? I know you use a number of actual writers, but as Woolf is one of your main protagonists I wonder if there was any special reason for assigning her this particular name.

    Anonymous • Fri Sep 23 10:45:33 2016

  • Hey Max, what's your opinion on Brexit?

    Chase FThu Sep 22 10:52:19 2016

  • I just happened to stumble upon your interestingly unique forum-run game NS, and I'm thoroughly enjoying raising my North-Korea-like nation, aka Guerillas, from the hole in the ground it was a few weeks ago. From what I gathered, you seem to be gathering information on big nations with a ton of political, military, and economical power to write your next novel. But how do you keep track of all of this information? Do you play this game yourself just to have a dossier on interesting looking nations in the WA, or do you have some other method?

    EricSun Sep 18 15:44:41 2016

  • Hi Max! Why don't you implant the ability to change your name in Nation States? Just like the title of the Nation?

    Anonymous • Fri Sep 16 03:55:46 2016

  • Have you considered creating a way on NationStates to actually wage war with another country?

    Anonymous • Thu Sep 15 16:02:56 2016

  • If you had to join one game-created region in NationStates, what would it be and why?

    SyrixiaWed Sep 14 14:57:14 2016

  • I play nationstates and i wonder how did you come up with lexicon in the first place???

    AdamTue Sep 6 12:45:22 2016

  • Hello Max, What i do for my success life??

    SHankerTue Sep 6 04:24:49 2016

  • Are you going to create a second nationstates game?

    JJMon Sep 5 10:21:29 2016

  • Is Jennifer Government a young adult novel?

    Zoe Wed Aug 31 18:35:54 2016

  • Just wondering, might we have a new book from you by the end of 2017? I'm jonesing for some new material. I guess I'll go back through and reread your old books again.

    Anonymous • Tue Aug 30 15:39:05 2016

  • when you created your NationStates?

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 29 13:00:22 2016

  • Do you actually even answer any of these questions?

    Anonymous • Sat Aug 27 10:01:33 2016

  • Hi Max. My name is Luana. I'm from Brazil, I'm love Lexicon. I'm love Emily. Congratulations, your book is amazing. My question is Lexicon will continue? Forgive my english.Thanks.

    LuanaWed Aug 24 12:43:05 2016

  • What was the idea behind NationStates?

    Owner of The Theocracy of FantamarinoWed Aug 24 04:42:23 2016

  • where did you get your information when you were writing about supernatural werewolves

    Anonymous • Tue Aug 23 22:17:57 2016

  • I've only recently discovered your books, and I'm quite enjoying them. But all the online discussions seem to have taken place when they came out, which means I'm too late for that kind of community enjoyment. So now I'm determined to be more timely with your next release. What are you working on next, and when should we expect it?

    Just a guy, you know?Sat Aug 20 18:50:01 2016

  • Is there anything that you could tell us about nation states 2 such as gameplay and what it would have been

    Anonymous • Thu Aug 18 17:46:46 2016

  • I just read Syrup and Jennifer Government, please forgive any misunderstandings. Were the parallels between (Nike Liaison) John Nike, and Sneaky Pete intentional? Or do they just seem similar in a 'These people represent the sorts of people that corporate ideals attract and encourage.' way?

    AustinTue Aug 16 18:36:17 2016

  • Hello max!

    I am very happy when I first joined NationStates, and would loved to give the gratitude to you when we meet...because we are so close...nationally. (Australia and Indonesia (me!))

    Anyway, have you ever consider to convince the publisher to release your books to Indonesia? I would loved to read one of yours.


    An Indonesian GuyTue Aug 16 04:12:48 2016

  • Have you ever written a D&D campaign? I'm having a lot of trouble getting started because of the sheer scale of something like this, even though I have a basic idea of what I want to do and a well fleshed-out setting on which to base it. How do I get started when all I can see is how much work I still have to do?

    Stygian Emperor (#2947)Sun Aug 14 22:00:59 2016

  • When are you going to write a new book?


    ChrisSun Aug 14 21:43:56 2016

  • I was wondering if there wil be a thing for nationstates players to change the name of there nation if they got bored with the old name of the country?

    Hellgustine EmpireFri Aug 5 18:15:24 2016

  • Question about NationStates:

    After my 1st 2 nations soon died of inactivity, I made a 3rd one in Dec'2014, but after a month stopped answering issues. I don't do anything besides login after Apocalypse notices, yet everything has been perfect in my nation, no decline whatsoever. I was wondering, what do you think of making another consequence to idleness, like some sort of slow-moving entropy factor?

    Sincerely, the Republic of Rippleton.

    Albert RippleMon Aug 1 01:23:30 2016

  • Do you think the snowflake method is the fastest way to write a novel? If not, what do you think is the fastest way?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 29 10:02:20 2016

  • If you couldn't use Ubuntu, what Linux distro would you use?

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 28 22:03:09 2016

  • Why Brasilistan, Maxtopia, and Bigtopia?

    BricxWed Jul 27 11:50:21 2016

  • Could you make a nation states app?

    Creepy0000Tue Jul 26 15:50:41 2016

  • What is your favourite cheese?

    TeosMon Jul 25 04:11:41 2016

  • Nationstates Question: You can place an option that shows the results of issues in nationstates?

    Anonymous • Sun Jul 24 12:31:46 2016

  • Will you ever make a Mobile app for NationStates?

    E.E.Sat Jul 23 23:11:07 2016

  • I know it's a bit personal, but what is your political leaning?

    Anonymous • Sat Jul 23 13:13:17 2016

  • This isn't a question so much as it is an observation, a lot of what's been stated in Jeniffer Government is actually happening in real life. Mr. Barry I as a veteran want to thank you for your insight on the world of big brother and government control, the events described in George Orwell's 1984, and your Jennifer Government, have opened my eyes to just how dangerous the times are. Keep up the good work Max.

    Brandon J. BegleySat Jul 23 12:05:11 2016

  • What did you think about the brexit vote?

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 22 10:50:24 2016

  • how does your life relate to jennifer government?

    AnonTue Jul 19 17:49:26 2016

  • Re: Lexicon: "Huh," I thought. "Ruff, that's an interesting last name for a character." Then I got to the journal with references to a "Matt R." So, I'm a fellow fan of Matt's work (and yours*) but am wondering about the specific reference--did Bad Monkeys in particular inspire you? Sewer Gas Electric? Do you know him personally?


    Greg Machlin

    *Company, Jennifer Government, Syrup. All f--king brilliant.

    Greg MachlinMon Jul 18 23:35:34 2016

  • Is your job profitable? If do you get that much money?

    Shady DudeSun Jul 17 22:19:16 2016

  • Do you read "The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls" by E.A.?

    Rakkahh SkavenguardSat Jul 16 20:15:43 2016

  • Do you have a cat?

    TervokniaSat Jul 16 06:31:05 2016

  • Any plans for extra features?

    KergFri Jul 15 13:56:11 2016

  • Can thy holy lord Maximus Barryus implement a way for us mortals to take down the World Assembly? Possibly summoneth a divine region being related to the World Assembly?

    Your average worshipperFri Jul 15 09:16:22 2016

  • What do you think about Pepsi?

    colafanboi9999Fri Jul 15 06:17:16 2016

  • If you had to move to a different place in order to keep writing, where would you move, or would you move at all?

    Man Guy (#7030)Wed Jul 13 05:35:02 2016

  • Hi! I have been playing NationStates for a while now... What would you say is your favorite part about it? Or, do you find anything particularly interesting about the concept of the game? (By the way, I love it! It's so much fun and I've met many internet friends playing it.)

    CaitlinTue Jul 12 21:09:29 2016

  • Have you considered kickstarting a nation states app?

    UFASun Jul 3 11:53:42 2016

  • What is your opinion on Authoritarian Democracy as a state ideology? How do you think it will benefit a nation? And what do you think the disadvantages of this ideology are?

    A curious personFri Jul 1 11:23:08 2016

  • I love NationStates (I will be honest, I had four major nations, and three died with one reaching at least 5 billion. Currently on my fourth and I will stick with it.) Anyway, more importantly, I love your books. Are there any currently in planning or something like that?

    A Curious LemonThu Jun 30 23:53:48 2016

  • If you happened to live FOREVER, what three items would you choose to keep on you at all times? Whatever they may be....

    Burton_Burton_BurtonThu Jun 30 20:08:25 2016

  • I was using the mobile version of Nation states and I accidentally click "exit mobile version" how do I get back to the mobile version.

    Anonymous • Thu Jun 30 14:28:16 2016

  • Hey Max, I really really love creating factbooks for my nationstate, so I was really shocked and kind of disappointed, when I had to find out, that there is a maximum of factbooks. I could start merging similar articles together but eventually I would run out of factbooks anyway. Is there a way to remove the limit? Or at least to extend it? I would even be ready to pay/donate money, in order to do so, similar to the way you can spend money in order to increase the size of your telegram inbox.

    NikosWed Jun 29 15:01:34 2016

  • How is it that you always manage to go the extra mile, and please everyone with your perfectly coherent explanations of everything?? It's magical! Eg. "P.S. You might ask why the icon for the bar chart is a picture of a column chart. To which I say: Shut the hell up."

    Benjamin UdenWed Jun 29 10:16:50 2016

  • What kind of music do you listen to?

    Anonymous • Tue Jun 28 21:41:10 2016

  • I like your book machine man and the transhumanist element in it, do you think that limbs will soon replace body parts? If it did happen would you see it as a good thing?

    Plugo From NationstatesTue Jun 28 21:38:38 2016

  • Have you seen the "Max Barry's Nation States" Mod for Civilization 5?

    It is on the front page!

    MacLeod-IndustriesTue Jun 28 05:43:25 2016

  • are you divorced

    john cenaMon Jun 27 23:49:33 2016

  • Hi. Wanted to tell you how enamored I am of Lexicon. As a student of psychology, and a dabbler of bard-like persuasion tactics, the book really shook me up. After finishing, I had weird dreams about words as weapons.

    I digress.

    Just wanted to tell you how *spot on* the psychology of persuasion is in this book. How did you go about researching (if you did at all) for this book to be as accurate about mental processes the way it is?

    Jessie (#7144)Mon Jun 27 23:33:15 2016

  • When you first made Nationstates, did you think it would ever succeed?

    Otto von BismarckSun Jun 26 08:25:49 2016

  • Hey Max, can you tell me about your childhood life?

    Anonymous • Sat Jun 25 21:43:21 2016

  • What inspired you to write Jennifer Government?

    I am Leolu. I am a high school studentSat Jun 25 21:38:07 2016

  • Hey Max, do you make any money off of nationstates?

    LachlanSat Jun 25 19:00:45 2016

  • Hey max I've been using Nationstates for a year now and is there a way to give reviews or something?

    Neonglowers Fri Jun 24 21:19:34 2016

  • What was Wil Anderson like in highschool? any embarrassing stories of him?

    JoeFri Jun 24 21:16:06 2016

  • Are you ticklish and where? Yes I'm weird, don't judge me :p

    Anonymous • Fri Jun 24 20:11:30 2016

  • Would you consider making a mobile app for NationStates? That would be awesome!

    JRODFri Jun 24 18:08:21 2016

  • My name is Owen!

    Owen ReinhardtWed Jun 22 18:45:46 2016

  • How much of Lexicon if any is based on fact, I mean as in words doing what they did in the book?

    OmanazWed Jun 22 18:40:02 2016

  • Would you rather the governments of the world spend their money on public defense (military, police, protection, weapons) or space colonies on Luna and Mars?

    AlexanderMon Jun 20 17:02:19 2016

  • What is it like to program NationStates? A bit of a technical question, but I'm a beginner programmer and I'd love to know what language it was made in.



    Orley FenelonMon Jun 20 02:58:57 2016

  • are you ever going to die

    a super duper potatoe headWed Jun 15 21:33:17 2016

  • Hey Max, what is wrong with politics nowdays?

    Political ProblemTue Jun 14 06:36:50 2016

  • If you were American, who would you support for President?

    New DukaineMon Jun 13 19:54:12 2016

  • When's the next book?

    Anonymous • Mon Jun 13 18:50:39 2016

  • Are you ever going to go ahead and take a survey of how many people have which government type in NationStates?

    WhalesarecoolSat Jun 11 21:09:05 2016

  • What is your opinion about Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott?

    Constantine LambrosFri Jun 10 19:19:43 2016

  • What plans do you have for nation-states? Will you some day just decide to stop supporting the website? If yes, what will you do?

    Kaiser von Wilhelm IIIFri Jun 10 14:19:17 2016

  • Syrup is my favourite film of all time and I am about to purchase the book. Before I would, I would love to write up my thoughts on the film in terms of the idea of image and marketing incorporating the idea of social currency in play. Would you be interested in reading as I would love to hear your thoughts?

    Katie MillmanFri Jun 10 07:45:25 2016

  • Max, I have several good ideas for fiction writing inside my head, but am having trouble getting started, putting the words in writing. Any suggestions? Do you work from beginning to end? Or sometimes start in the middle?

    DanThu Jun 9 14:42:37 2016

  • What inspired you to create NationStates?

    A humble QueenThu Jun 9 07:20:54 2016

  • In Lexicon, what significance does the name of the poet hold on the characters of your novel? I've chosen your novel to explore for an extended essay and wanted to discuss the novel as a social commentary (potentially).

    Eager BeaverWed Jun 8 10:51:35 2016

  • what is your net worth

    buzzSat Jun 4 21:42:08 2016

  • What's your nation in NationStates?

    JSat Jun 4 12:40:34 2016

  • Hi Mr. Barry,

    I enjoyed very much reading your book, Lexicon. I actually barreled through it, but I plan to read it again in a much more relaxed and attuned state of mind, now that I know what happened. You probably hate these kind of questions, but it bothered me that in the end Emily was able to distract Yeats by throwing water on his shoes. This was the second time Yeats was in Broken Hill and he should have known not to wear good shoes. A second question is more of a speculation, but could Harry being immune have had anything to do with the mobile his father built?

    Thank you,


    SandraFri Jun 3 21:28:05 2016

  • What were your motives for writing Machine Man?

    Anonymous • Fri Jun 3 08:28:23 2016

  • Would you rather fight 1 Jennifer Government sized duck, or 100 duck sized Jennifer Governments?

    Chris from CanadaSun May 29 15:25:26 2016

  • I enjoyed your cameo towards the end of Lexicon! But I didn't notice you in any of your other books. Are you in those too? Is this a new thing? Will you be 'cameoing' in your next book?

    D-Dawg (#3921)Sun May 29 03:23:26 2016

  • What inspires you to write these books?

    TonySat May 28 10:54:36 2016

  • hey max. you talk a lot about editing. i was just wondering, after completing a first draft, do you wait/ how long do you wait before going back in and reworking it. i'll take my answer off the air.

    andy geeFri May 27 18:56:31 2016

  • Hey, I am an aspiring teen author, how would you suggest goign about a first novel?

    TheDwazy 2Thu May 26 10:31:35 2016

  • Do you ever have the fear that what you're writing will ever be worth reading? I'm trying to be an author, and I write what I like to read, but there's so much uncertainty in whether or not someone out there would pay to read my stories. To me, writing is not only an act of perseverance, but also an act of courage.

    Anonymous • Wed May 25 20:45:21 2016

  • Are you making money from nation states?

    TimsvillWed May 25 19:04:37 2016

  • what is your favorite book to read?(one from a different author).

    i dunnoTue May 24 10:35:06 2016

  • What is your most favorite movie?

    Anonymous • Sun May 22 04:42:51 2016

  • Did you read any how to be a writer stuff when you were coming up? Any recommendations or did you just kind of wing it?

    MaddieSat May 21 10:53:07 2016

  • Max, how does it feel to know that your little promo for Jennifer Government, NationStates, has become as large as it has?

    DaemyrsWed May 18 13:25:49 2016

  • hi max! i just wanted to say how much i love nationstates. i have been playing for more than 4 years now. I just wanted to say that you are a genius and i love your work.

    amadTue May 17 16:59:41 2016

  • Max,

    I am a big fan of your book Lexicon, and even was able to let my Literature teacher use it for our reading group. However, I am stumped on something that may seem obvious. In regards to the 'words of power' (i.e. the raw word carved on the stone in the hospital), how were they created in the first place, and what did they cost to the makers who carved them?

    Matt (#7117)Tue May 17 08:49:14 2016

  • I think nation states would make an excellent movie whereby the game morphs into reality and real countries play to develop strategies and the govt secretly uses the site to test ideology policy, which gets out of hand and creates a real world crisis.

    Hugh Jackman can play lead role and I'd take a bit part and 2% royalty.....

    Dubbyland presidentMon May 16 15:54:56 2016

  • Do you personally have a nation in Nationstates? Because i've been playing the game for awhile and always wondered if you do.

    Robert (#7114)Mon May 16 12:01:35 2016

  • hay just wanted to know if you have any weird fears or phobias i have one that is called submechanophobia which as a fear of underwater objects such as hulls of ships.

    kris (#7113)Mon May 16 02:34:02 2016

  • Hi Max, what are your favorite sci-fi novels?

    Nic from Munich, GermanySun May 15 13:31:40 2016

  • In Lexicon, what significance does the name of the poet hold on the characters of your novel? I've chosen your novel to explore for an extended essay and wanted to discuss the novel as a social commentary (potentially).

    Anonymous • Sun May 15 08:03:46 2016

  • Hi man,

    Sorry for the Odd Nationstates question

    I was writing an article and I would just like to ask if you think that the WA would become more powerful in the future?

    ZakWed May 11 01:07:19 2016

  • Will you do NationStates Zombies anytime soon again?

    Anonymous • Mon May 9 03:52:39 2016

  • If there was one word you could use to describe Emily from Lexicon, what would it be?

    OliviaFri May 6 15:59:52 2016

  • I started writing a book and I'm at about 13,000++ words so far two years ago. Then after that I got busy with schoolwork and other stuff and couldn't go back to it. Now, I revisit it and realize that, well, it's total crap and that my writing style essentially changed. Now I've got to do a major re-edit and I haven't even finished it yet. Should I abandon it and start writing other things?

    -BlairThu May 5 21:17:16 2016

  • Are you writing another book? I have a feeling your next book will be a smash success.

    Sam HThu May 5 00:04:01 2016

  • If China invades Australia in a possible World War III Scenario (There is a video about it, titled "if World War III started in January 2016", Australia would be mentioned) What would be your plan?

    Chairman DanielWed May 4 14:20:33 2016

  • Are there any plans to make NationStates multilingual? I'm Spanish and, although I speak English, many other people all around the world that could like to be in NS now cannot due to language barriers.

    I hope you reply me soon

    Sammy23/New Leganes (#7107)Mon May 2 14:53:47 2016

  • why did my wife leave me

    A lonely manMon May 2 13:03:50 2016

  • Why did you call it nationstates?

    ThomasWed Apr 27 19:04:46 2016

  • It was really a big surprise when I found your book at my city public library.

    PS: I live in Brazil

    Anonymous • Sun Apr 24 09:44:00 2016

  • What did you buy with your sock of pennies?

    BenjaminSat Apr 23 01:05:25 2016

  • Any plans for the Machine Man movie? I think playing up the horror/comedy of it all would work if done well in an Eli Roth/Clown kinda way...

    Romero BurruelFri Apr 22 16:53:00 2016

  • Is there a God?

    AG BootsThu Apr 21 14:02:43 2016

  • Max! I love your Novels. I have purchased Machine Man at least 10 times to hand out as gifts. My all time favorite book of yours is Lexicon. Would you ever consider writing another book set in the same universe as Lexicon? I would love to read about the Poets and their many missions and travels.

    I look forward to new books from you!

    Paul J!Thu Apr 21 11:57:54 2016

  • Silly question, but if YOU made a country, like, a real one with actual recognition as a country and stuff, what would you call it?

    Anonymous • Mon Apr 18 20:09:59 2016

  • Max, how did it feel when you found that sock full of pennies?

    Chase FMon Apr 18 17:49:47 2016

  • When you worked with her on the Syrup movie did Amber Heard strike you as the sort of person who would smuggle dogs, or marry Johnny Depp?

    David S.Sun Apr 17 19:39:40 2016

  • Are you familiar with the Sad Puppies?

    WendellSun Apr 17 19:07:59 2016

  • The test to know my segment it's really? The result?

    Danielle ValladaresSat Apr 16 12:38:38 2016

  • hey i think nationstates was a cool idea. have you ever thought about udating it to where the nations could be run in different times periods? or players could start out with a nation from cave man times and progress it to a futuristic nation? by upgrading your nation you could unlock more content. You could also have nations able to participate in wars with other nations in their time period. Guild wars would be a cool idea too. I haven't read any of your books so i don't really know what type of writer/ game designer you are, but if you feel like taking up my idea that would be cool.

    NoahThu Apr 14 16:36:02 2016

  • MAX! Here's a thought that I want your opinion on. Okay so you know how when you buy a blu-ray movie you usually get a digital copy too? How come books aren't like that? Lets say someone goes into Barnes & Noble and buys a physical copy, they should do something like print an e-code on the receipt to download a version to your kindle or something. Do you think it would be a good idea? If not then whats do you think? I like to use the physical copy when I'm at home but I take my kindle with me on trips and that would be awesome for someone like me.

    ChaseThu Apr 14 07:13:09 2016

  • Max, what's something you always wanted to write about, but never have?

    -Thinking maybe something historical that needs a little research, etc.

    DanMon Apr 11 11:13:53 2016

  • What's next for NationStates after the addition of WA Secretary-General?

    United VietussiaSun Apr 10 13:55:56 2016

  • I am writing a novel about a Itlain Mafia and I was wanting to include JFK his wife, his brother and the CIA. But I need ideas to include them in the story. Any ideas?

    Ross BreckenridgeTue Apr 5 09:17:02 2016

  • Can i be mod in nutrition states

    The guy that got banned 3-5 timesMon Apr 4 06:06:28 2016

  • How do you manage to code the April fools games so well on nationstates? How long do you spend on it?

    Anonymous • Sat Apr 2 08:18:26 2016

  • What political ideology do you affiliate with or at least agree with in real life? After reading Jennifer Government seems like you are anti capitalist or at least left wing lol.

    The Next WA Secretary General Fri Apr 1 19:27:14 2016

  • Are you proud of the game you've created? This obviously being NS.

    Tech21101Thu Mar 31 18:44:34 2016

  • Where do you live in Australia? Just wondering since I'm a fellow Aussie.

    Anonymous • Thu Mar 31 15:42:49 2016

  • Max. Can you create other positions in the WA besides a Seceretary General. Like Deputy General. Or Chairman of the Secuity Council or Chairman of the General Assembly...

    Enchanted Kingdom of OasisThu Mar 31 14:35:17 2016

  • Are you a Republican or Democrat?

    Bubba Earl the IVThu Mar 31 12:18:19 2016

  • What do you like most about writing books?

    Kyle (jersey republic)Thu Mar 31 09:11:55 2016

  • What kind of cat do you have and how helpful is she when you are trying to write?


    AlunyaThu Mar 31 03:28:57 2016

  • So what segment would you be? ;)

    Anonymous • Wed Mar 30 20:37:44 2016

  • How do you feel about the fact that me and my friends sometimes call you "Min Nut" instead of "Max Barry"?

    LWed Mar 30 20:36:30 2016

  • If you lived in the United States, which presidential candidate would you support and why?

    Anonymous • Tue Mar 29 07:11:37 2016

  • Hello, I am Gabriella, I am from Brazil and I am making a school work about your book ( Machine man), and I would like to know who is Minter and why did you dedicated the book to him/her. Can you help us?

    Gabriella Mon Mar 28 12:35:57 2016

  • In Nationstates, as an all powerful dictator I feel that if I do not agree with a "solution" to an issue that I should be granted the "POWER!!!" to execute the stupid advisor that suggested the dumbass solution at will.

    The best dictator evarMon Mar 28 10:13:32 2016

  • What was your favorite part about creating NationStates?

    Ian (Poot Place)Sat Mar 26 16:06:00 2016

  • Why did you create NationStates?

    Anonymous • Fri Mar 25 06:25:45 2016

  • With the masses of book series out there, if your publisher were to convince you to write a sequel, or threequel to one of your books, which would you choose?

    - Matt

    MattThu Mar 24 20:19:19 2016

  • Hi Max ! I'm French and I picked up Lexicon in a bookstore during a trip to New York two years ago and I loved it ! Which one of your books do you think I should start reading now ? Which one is you favorite (if you have one) ?

    MagaliThu Mar 24 18:16:32 2016

  • Hi!

    how are you? I've been wondering for a while why did you make nation states??

    ManjoThu Mar 24 15:19:24 2016

  • I was introduced to you on Wil Andersons podcast. Somi decided to Real Lexicon, so glad I did. I really enjoyed the book. No question, just praise.

    Anonymous • Thu Mar 24 12:25:45 2016

  • If an nationstates fan made an fan sequel of nationstates would you allow it?

    ElijahSun Mar 20 19:57:24 2016

  • Lexicon was an exceptional piece of work Max. I really enjoyed reading it. My question is why did you choose Broken Hill? What is it symbolizing? I noticed that all the events were somehow always linked back to that one place.

    JasminFri Mar 18 19:30:30 2016

  • Max, does your game NationStates use any machine learning

    or neural networks to generate issues & stats?

    NabiThu Mar 17 12:47:13 2016

  • Hi Max,

    Im sure the answer is somewhere on the internet, but i cant find it. That being said, i was curious as to what your next project is and when it might be coming out, not gonna lie im kinda jonesing for some more Barry.

    Thank you.

    NickMon Mar 14 17:02:56 2016

  • Do you get bummed out that you are not more widely known? Lexicon was my favorite book of last year, why didn't it get more notice?

    Samuel Nathan ShiffmanSun Mar 13 15:12:04 2016

  • Is this thing on?

    Margax Brampletron the ConquerorFri Mar 11 08:45:50 2016

  • How many questions from Nationstates can you answer before your aorta bursts?

    Manx BermyFri Mar 11 08:44:24 2016

  • If you could become President/Prime Minister/King/Emperor/Chieftain/Grand Potentate of any country in the world, which would it be?

    Muxtible BarticulesFri Mar 11 08:43:05 2016

  • What is your least favorite book?

    Micks BurrayFri Mar 11 08:41:33 2016

  • What do you do besides writing? Do you play board/video games? I'd love to know and stuff to make this sound sentimental.

    Penguin (#7030)Fri Mar 11 03:31:10 2016

  • Hi Max! By far my favorite writer. . . My question is, when is a film for "The Company" debuting?

    HectorWed Mar 9 18:13:44 2016

  • You will have to take Nationstates to the cinema?

    If you would like and what year will be ready?

    Rodrigo CarvalhoWed Mar 9 14:27:41 2016

  • What role does Carl serve in the novel? How does he contribute to the main conflict and climax of the story’s plot? How does his personality contribute to the theme of the novel?

    JimmyWed Mar 9 14:11:57 2016

  • Hi Max! I'm writing a book but it inconveniently refuses to be planned anywhere other than in my head. Am I doomed to a creative internally narrated aneurysm? Also thanks for NS!

    DaveTue Mar 8 04:56:37 2016

  • How many questions can this website handle before something breaks?

    How many questions will you preserve for posterity; the graveyard of inquisitive idiots not suitable for front page publication?

    Bax MarryMon Mar 7 16:41:48 2016

  • Are you intimidated by other writers, if so how do you keep going?

    Nation States MemberMon Mar 7 16:39:19 2016

  • Max! Will you add new games?

    An Random user from NationstatesMon Mar 7 08:17:00 2016

  • In the inevitable event of a zombie apocalypse in Australia, what would be your plans to ensure your survival?

    Will you still write books for the non-infected population?

    Atom (#7059)Sun Mar 6 12:12:37 2016

  • So what can we ask here?

    Anonymous • Fri Mar 4 04:54:14 2016

  • Not so much as a question. More of an applause. I absolutely love nation states that is my favorite place to visit along side youtube. The new features for issues every three hours and instant confirmation is the best. It has boosted traffic to the site and one of the coolest parts is how it tells a person all the stats that updated. I am very excited for the future of the site and hope it goes on to grow larger than facebook, as it is a better outlet for socialization then fb (just my opinion).

    The Kingdom of United Republic Empire (Nationstates)Thu Mar 3 22:09:11 2016

  • Hi Max. I've had the pleasure of reading "Machine Man" for my college, English 102 class. I was just wondering, where your inspiration for this novel came from? Personal experience, perhaps?

    DerpTue Mar 1 22:56:46 2016

  • In what programming languages did you develop Nation States?

    Anonymous • Tue Mar 1 09:30:05 2016

  • Where did you get the idea of writing Machine Man?

    Anonymous • Sun Feb 28 10:43:54 2016

  • You should allow people to edit the tax amount on nation states and more issues even if they are random and i know it is alot of work to get that done but it would be nice you also should have a like country that you can share with people where everyone in the country can vote a senate and a president and all that stuff so like a multiplayer nation

    Quinton(The New Atlas)Sat Feb 27 08:48:09 2016

  • Will you ever make a NationStates app? That would be really cool.

    Michalland!Sat Feb 27 00:49:45 2016

  • The city-state I call "home" has announced plans to start tracking motorists by satellite, with intentions of eventually pricing the roads by distance driven and level of congestion instead of the current zonal system. How does it feel to be a modern-day Nostradamus (more commonly known as a Charlie Brooker)? Or have you simply been consulting for the Land Transport Authority of Singapore?

    PS: I asked Siri to remind me to write this, and my iPhone's screen now says "Send an email to maximum battery".

    AaronThu Feb 25 18:42:09 2016

  • What's your astrology sign/ birthday?

    Bennett KThu Feb 25 05:50:12 2016

  • Hey Max! I'm sure writing has highs and lows. Have you ever had a point where you thought about packing the whole gig in? What was that point? Why didn't you?

    (please don't pack it in)

    Anonymous • Wed Feb 24 21:00:16 2016

  • In Lexicon: the mobile that Emily finds in Harry's house - is it a broken bareword that came out the mine? And is it the source of Harry's immunity since it hung over his crib and he was exposed to it in a fragmented state before he could speak?

    JohnMon Feb 22 15:17:59 2016

  • Hi Max,

    Im in my second year of collehe and I recently read Machine Man for my English class and it was awesome and now I'm writing an essay on it (whoohoo) I was wondering do you relate yourself to any of the characters?


    VanSun Feb 21 13:43:04 2016

  • Hi Max, I have a lot of questions. Mostly I'm excited to see how many (if any) you answer. Also I'm excited about lists.

    1) What author gets you really excited?

    2) Do you ever binge-read authors? Read one book, proclaim it to be sheer brilliance, and then desperately seek out everything else they've ever written? (Just finished Lexicon, and I've seen the movie Syrup (which, actually, I didn't love, but I'm going to blindly attribute that to the fault of movie adaptations), and I'm now hungrily awaiting Jennifer Government and Company.)

    3) How would you react to being likened to the bastard love child of Christopher Moore and Stephen King?

    4) Can you write a sequel to Lexicon featuring Eliot in the afterworld kicking some ass and banging Charlotte a ton? Eliot was phenomenal, and he really got shafted. Of course, he had to, for the book and all, but don't you think you could toss him a small bone? Maybe just a novella? I'd settle for a short story.

    5) You wrote that you like good first lines because they make you want to read the next line, or write the next line, and that's helpful. What's your advice to someone who maybe has a few decent first lines, but is lazy as sin? And also distracted by an unhealthy penchant for making lists. Lists usually do not make for very engaging reading.

    6) Do you prefer to read physical books, or ebooks on some sort of device? I will pretend to not lose a little respect for you, depending on your answer, and I will also pretend that my respect could matter to you.

    7) Have you ever noticed the main problem with lists is that, much like my botched attempts at writing stories, they don't really have a good way to end?

    Emma LeeThu Feb 18 12:27:30 2016

  • Are bald men really men at all?

    FlapjackWed Feb 17 19:27:14 2016

  • TONG TONG TONG TONG TONG TONG TONG TONG BUTT DUCKS. Okay, now that my crazy is out, I have question.

    Would you prefer near nuclear annihilation or alien takeover?

    Ashton Snapp (YOUR BUTT)Wed Feb 17 18:03:23 2016

  • Max you have anything good happening soon?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 16 11:35:34 2016

  • What do you think of your apparent beauty pageant career on NationStates?

    Anonymous • Tue Feb 16 00:48:35 2016

  • Hello Max,

    Could you put some hair on my head? and maybe give me a nose too, please.

    1001.0010.0101 (#925)Mon Feb 15 20:28:47 2016

  • What is your beef with the Kitten Softness Rating? is that not the most important rating ever?

    RhumaldMon Feb 15 20:11:24 2016

  • Do you like pizza? If yes, what type? If no, what do you like?

    Anonymous • Mon Feb 15 17:03:19 2016

  • Do you vote Republican or Democrat?

    AnonymousFri Feb 12 12:46:56 2016

  • Max,

    I always wondered, why is there no such government as communism in NS?

    UrarengeFri Feb 12 06:22:41 2016

  • where did you get your idea in which you wrote Jennifer Government then you made


    Chase (#7055)Thu Feb 11 16:19:14 2016

  • Hey Max!

    Regarding your World Census news announcement in NationStates, I noticed it had some similarities to the way people took control of Senior Management in Company. Of course nobody knew how to actually run Zephyr, but let's not focus on the details.

    Was it intentional, or do you just have all those plots in your subconscious, fighting to find their way to the surface?

    FernandoWed Feb 10 13:20:22 2016

  • So I hear there will be a new Cencus design. Can you tell me when it will be implemented?

    New CecoeWed Feb 10 12:45:10 2016

  • Pancakes or Waffles?

    BingBangBoomTue Feb 9 09:00:03 2016

  • When is the next Nationstates update?

    HostaneaMon Feb 8 15:13:33 2016

  • What is your segment, and can you provide a description of your segment profile? And what would your Poet name be?

    Yeats In TrainingSun Feb 7 14:49:59 2016

  • I have been working on a novel for five-ish years. Seeing as everything I wrote eventually became obsolete plot-wise, and to an unfixable degree, I am sort of starting from square two. (Not really square one, I at least know now how the plot will go.) But I had to scrap most everything. I am trying to just work and finish the darn thing, but am just somewhat daunted by the project at this point. This book has become a part of me, and I can't just let it go. Any advice?

    AnonymousFri Feb 5 11:37:01 2016

  • I know this is probably cheating, but I’m a college student, and I recently read “Machine Man” for my English 102 class (great book, definitely going to be a keeper). Anyway, I need to write an essay on the theme of the book, and I’m not 100% sure what that would be. Since you’re the author, maybe you could give me a few pointers as to where to go. I would also like to know if you’re going to be publishing any books soon. Thank you!

    Thank you,

    Christian Thomas

    ThomasWed Feb 3 09:21:20 2016

  • How many of your books do you think would still work if you'd written them 10 years earlier or later?

    Russell (#3897)Tue Feb 2 13:38:39 2016

  • Hey Max, what is your worst nightmare?

    Chase (#7055)Sat Jan 30 14:03:54 2016

  • Why did you create nationstates? What is your nation?

    Chase (#7055)Sat Jan 30 13:57:40 2016

  • How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?

    SansFri Jan 29 20:52:44 2016

  • hey max,

    I assume you purposefully pitched and wrote your work for the US audience or US publishers. I gather this was, from your perspective, a much better idea then simply writing clichéd Australian ‘literature’ (oh, the boredom....) or/and trying to pitch your 'type'/genre of novels to Australian publishers.


    From a Melbourne writer, whom, just quit his awful public service job and is writing a novel.

    Mr RobotThu Jan 28 20:00:51 2016

  • Hey Max! I just read Lexicon and I absolutely loved it! I read it for a book talk for my English class. What inspired you to write this book? I literally read it for six hours straight and am referring it to my friends. Keep on the great writing!

    PaulSun Jan 24 12:51:48 2016

  • Is Australia better than Austria?

    HerbetFri Jan 22 17:38:50 2016

  • Being the true capitalist that I am, I'm always keeping an eye out for new ways to line my pockets by fueling other people's petty conflicts of ego. Might you ever consider offloading ownership of Nationstates to an opportunistic entrepreneur?

    a strange gameThu Jan 21 15:56:29 2016

  • Hey Max! I just got into NationStates (something I know you made) and I'm very interested in it. I just would like to ask you if you plan on adding anything new to it. Just saying.

    Ashton Snapp (Xedania)Wed Jan 20 17:33:45 2016

  • Dear Max

    I was just playing Nationstates (the thing people actually care about) and I happened to stumble across this site thing. So I did some reading and it turns out you're fairly, somewhat, barely interesting, which leads to my question; Have you thought to expand your books to other interests of people or are the books that you've already published the ones that get you going.

    Vukmire (NS name)Tue Jan 19 22:30:37 2016

  • As an American, I expect people the world over to only read/watch news about the US. I'm glad you recognize that and, when you speak about politics or laws or news, etc., it's primarily about what is going on in America (America=US; CA, MX, the rest have their own names). However, it strikes me curious; Besides the odd lost kangaroo, does nothing noteworthy go on in your country? Do you even have news channels is it all just broadcasts of what we're doing?

    Tim Mon Jan 18 13:44:25 2016

  • I'm an independent bookshop owner who has loved your work since Syrup. I love it for it's bleak view of marketing (which I think is chief among things currently destroying the world). I have found it hard to attract customers, but am ethically against engaging in marketing. How do you balance this dichotomy (hating the marketing required to sell books) in your work?

    The Bookshop in LakewoodFri Jan 8 10:50:35 2016

  • We just started learning orbital mechanics in class, so I'm curious to what's your methods of relaxing and *not* smashing your head into a desk?

    279Wed Jan 6 12:17:58 2016

  • Until you pay me for the damage you did to my fence, my dogs will continue to poop in your yard.

    Vengefully yours,

    OwenWed Jan 6 11:21:52 2016

  • hey buddy are you workin on anything new? i'm on the toilet right now at work and can think of no one i'd rather have in here with me. davem

    davemWed Jan 6 09:10:29 2016

  • Hey Max, sorry if you have heard this question before but how did you come up with Nationstates

    BirdMon Jan 4 12:33:42 2016

  • Can i work at nationstates

    JalenSun Jan 3 14:56:35 2016

  • What's your favorite pizza topping?

    A Concerned CitizenMon Dec 28 18:38:29 2015

  • Did you think JGNS would be as famous as it was?

    The Empire Of DunwallFri Dec 25 11:33:57 2015

  • Can you intervene in NationStates decisions at all?

    Anonymous • Thu Dec 24 16:04:22 2015

  • How did you think of making a in depth government based game?

    Bwna43097@gmail.comThu Dec 24 00:37:42 2015

  • Hi Max,There seem to be a lot of motions been put be put up for consideration in the World assembly that never get more then 20 or so approvals is this normal? And way is it allowed if it is such a waste of time if it never get to be voted on? It just seems to be a place where how to put this silly things are put forward for voting or maybe i just see it a little different to others. Sorry for been so long just wanted to know.

    Greg MTue Dec 15 19:14:55 2015

  • What is the weirdest issue you have ever seen on NationStates?

    Anonymous • Sun Dec 13 18:30:56 2015

  • Will there be an apocalypse for Christmas like Santa invasion or something, i think it would be funny!!!!!

    MichaelFri Dec 11 17:31:47 2015

  • Hey Max, so, after reading Lexicon multiple times, I just have to know. who is the man at the end of the story? a part of me says it's Harry, but both him and Emily are dogs people. and the man and Emily have a cat. just save me from my misery of not knowing please!

    Gal (#7031)Fri Dec 11 14:34:11 2015

  • Hey Max,

    I am a huge fan of NationStates and after i heard it is based of your novel the "Jennifer Goverment". I might read it as well. I respect you for writing and making this cool site. But how hard was it for you to get it all started?

    FlorianThu Dec 10 07:21:36 2015

  • Hey max I love nationstates it's super fun but I have a question do you have any interest in making a app version of it to work better on phones? Funny thing is I'm asking you on the phone I play nationstates so just wondering if that is any interest to you?

    Anonymous • Wed Dec 9 22:38:45 2015

  • Hey Max, how do you feel when people berate your work? It probably does not happen that much (although in this day in age there is a plethora of keyboard warriors and critics so it's not impossible.) I'm an aspiring writer, so what advice would you give for ignoring the 'haters'?

    Fo-20 on NationStatesWed Dec 9 17:20:03 2015

  • Hey, Max. I checked in the current questions tab and this question wasn't there, so I'll ask again. I'm 12 years old and have a passion for writing, but I'm nervous that once I get through with my first novel that no publishers will take me seriously and read it. Any tips?

    Also, can you tell me if your own questions are displayed in the "Questions" tab? If so, sorry for sending you the same question twice.

    Aspiring WriterWed Dec 9 13:10:29 2015

  • What is the Avrage time to rank up in NationStates?

    AnonymousWed Dec 9 08:54:06 2015

  • Our of your published novels to date, which would you say was the most difficult to write?

    TimTue Dec 8 21:47:56 2015

  • Hello Max,

    If memory serves me correctly, you wrote a blog about cement being your prefered way to hide a corpse quite a number of years ago. But what would be your prefered (if not favorite) way to kill someone?

    AtomTue Dec 8 19:51:09 2015

  • [Insert greeting here],

    What would have to be the most controversial thing you've ever written and/or spoken?

    AtomTue Dec 8 19:49:05 2015

  • Hey max, I joined about two months ago, and recently I've wondered, do you have a nation in NS? The original version, not CN or NS2.

    An interested persnTue Dec 8 18:20:12 2015

  • Hi Max - Do you have any weird writing superstitions or habits? Like you always write while wearing the same pair of unwashed socks?

    Simon J.Tue Dec 8 07:59:51 2015

  • Hi Max - Do you have any involvement with NationStates? Or do you just let "your people" manage the site?

    AJMon Dec 7 13:33:30 2015

  • Hi, Max. I am 12 years old, and love to write. I don't see it as a profession, but am very enthusiastic about it. I want to write a book, but I'm afraid publisher's won't take me seriously because of my age.

    Aspiring WriterSat Dec 5 07:10:40 2015

  • What inspired you to do what you do?

    Kristopher JonesFri Dec 4 06:59:42 2015

  • This question has been stuck with me ever since I heard about your book 'Jennifer government': Why choose the title 'Jennifer government'?

    Willekens JonaSat Nov 28 10:39:23 2015

  • Hey Max,

    I found Lexicon at a barnes and noble near my house in L.A. I loved it and went back to buy more of your books, but guess what? Thats was the last max barry book they had and they don't carry any more of your books. Did you know that there are no bookstores in L.A that carry your books? (i've checked all the BN's)

    shaynaFri Nov 27 09:43:42 2015

  • What is your all time favorite movie?

    BatmanFri Nov 13 16:16:47 2015

  • How are you?

    Anonymous • Wed Nov 11 21:55:57 2015

  • Why gave you your inspiration for your novels and nationstates.

    Steve BuscemiWed Nov 11 04:46:58 2015

  • I'm currently reading Jennifer Government. What is your background in government or where have you learned everything needed to write this novel?

    P.S. You have nice hair :)

    ToriMon Nov 9 15:58:14 2015

  • Do you have a bitcoin address? I was going to buy a copy of Jennifer Government, but since it was only going to cost 1 cent, I figured you wouldn't get much of a cut and just pirated it instead.

    Anonymous • Mon Nov 9 08:04:35 2015

  • What Happend if you create Nationstates 4

    Tomy (#7008)Sat Nov 7 13:58:45 2015

  • Oh, right. I really probably shouldn't be trying to inflate your ego with my words, but I adore your books. They're arguably some of the most clever things I've read recently. So thank you for that!

    MittensSat Nov 7 12:33:22 2015

  • In the tiny type under your name I've read "will write for food" & "writes for cash." How about a paid food product placement of my new hot chili soy sauce, Soyracha, in an upcoming short story or novel? Also, would you be interested in taking a look at my short film Trumpopolis, you being a film guy yourself? Best regards, Dailey Pike

    Dailey Pike aka Soyracha DragonSat Nov 7 11:24:31 2015

  • Hello Mr. Barry! Where did you get the idea to make Nation States?

    The Queendom of FillilexitopiaThu Nov 5 10:55:43 2015

  • Do you fear figs?

    LeomoreWed Nov 4 18:58:57 2015

  • Why do you ask people to include a duck when sending emails to you? As in, why did you pick ducks, and not, say, some other waterfowl?

    MittensTue Nov 3 23:22:37 2015

  • Could you envisage any of your existing characters crossing over into the future worlds and stories you create?

    Daniel KeeneTue Nov 3 23:18:35 2015

  • I just read your AMA where you talked about Syrup being a CULT HIT instead of an ACTUAL HIT. I read Syrup for the first time when I was 15 and it was the first book I really loved. This isn't really an ASK MAX as much as it is a COMPLIMENT MAX, because Syrup fans *are* hardcore :~)

    SYRUPTue Nov 3 23:05:47 2015

  • how do you find ideas to write your books ?

    how do you find ideas to write your books ?Sat Oct 31 12:54:27 2015

  • Who is [violet] on NationStates?

    Not a BotSat Oct 31 09:54:48 2015

  • Syrup was such a box office smash, is there going to be a sequel?

    Anonymous • Fri Oct 30 19:50:27 2015

  • How do you stay focused enough to write long things, and how is it that you guys (authors) can structure something so that your stories stay interesting and keep moving? I find it super difficult to write more than a few pages of anything on the same topic.

    randall potttttttttttttttttttttterFri Oct 30 16:03:07 2015

  • hello max i would like to ask you do you like trains

    New communist turkey Thu Oct 29 09:48:03 2015

  • what is it with you and ducks?

    StormTue Oct 27 23:41:40 2015

  • Any updates on Jennifer Government the movie?

    JayTue Oct 27 13:36:34 2015

  • I'd love to gift someone a signed copy of one of your books.. do you have anything like that available?

    Anonymous • Tue Oct 27 01:06:04 2015

  • Any big future additions to NationStates?

    Anonymous • Sun Oct 25 14:51:09 2015

  • What do you believe is your best book?

    JesseWed Oct 21 10:28:51 2015

  • Did you ever epect your books to inspire a game that would be so popular?

    LucaTue Oct 20 10:32:02 2015

  • I have nearly finished Company. I wish I'd written it! I love it and don't want it to end. I just wish it was true fiction and not the reality for so many of us drones! Thank you

    Jasmin Tue Oct 20 06:28:49 2015

  • How did you create the wonderful environment that is NationStates? How does a genius such as yourself be so awesome? How hard did you laugh after reading the email from the UN?

    A Random TexanSat Oct 17 19:53:48 2015

  • What does your mind create first: the storyline or the characters?

    DanSat Oct 17 06:55:54 2015

  • Hello Max, on NS, I am the Free Republic of Lamoni, one of the NS RP Mentors. I'd like to ask you about your personal opinion of the program in general, and what you think that we could be doing better.


    Anonymous • Sat Oct 17 01:50:20 2015

  • Like most fans, I really hope we get some kind of adaptation of Lexicon someday. I think the thriller-style of the book, along with your quick-paced writing, would really lend itself to a visual medium. However, I wonder how the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Harry-is-Wil plot twist would work visually. It works really well in the book, because (obviously) you're imagining the character in your head while you're reading, but in a medium where you can see both characters, I wonder if there's any way that this twist would work, and still carry the same weight. Is this something you've thought about in trying to negotiate an adaptation of the novel, and if so have you come up with a possible solution?

    CharlieFri Oct 16 18:12:52 2015

  • How do you decide which questions to answer? Do you ever feel like people are asking so many good questions that you don't know which ones to choose or is it more like "Wow, I actually got asked an interesting question today!"?

    OvybiaFri Oct 16 16:52:13 2015

  • Where did you get your inspiration from? At one point did you feel comfortable and/or confident that you could be a full-time author/satirist?

    Peter from North CarolinaFri Oct 16 12:41:26 2015

  • how did you come up with nationstates?

    Anonymous • Fri Oct 16 07:34:55 2015

  • are you on nationstates yourself if not you should make one

    DannyThu Oct 15 20:08:08 2015

  • Can you please introduce to my class what NationStates is about? Where can I buy your books in Shanghai, China?

    DaveyThu Oct 15 17:46:04 2015

  • What inspiried you to make nationstates?

    Anonymous • Thu Oct 15 00:05:18 2015

  • What is my name?

    BobSun Oct 11 22:08:41 2015

  • Hey Max!

    You're clearly a nerd (a handsome and charismatic nerd, but a nerd nonetheless) yet you have a cool, badass job as an author. This is a confusing concept. What do you find is the 'nerdiest' part of your job?

    ThomSat Oct 10 04:23:10 2015

  • Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qunesiots...until now.

    ButterflyFri Oct 9 14:07:43 2015

  • Keep on writing and chgiugng away!

    GeriFri Oct 9 13:36:24 2015

  • Hey, I'm using your book Lexicon for my grade 12 novel study because I personally love thrillers because the feel of being held on the edge of your seat is amazing. What I'm quite curious as as to what your inspiration for the book was? Or was it one of those things that just came to you late into the darkness of night?

    Hannah. SFri Oct 9 09:30:48 2015

  • If a man held a gun to your head and made you pick one of your books, which would you pick?

    NoxTue Oct 6 18:09:17 2015

  • Hello, I am wondering if I would get banned or kicked for having the Dukes of hazard gerneral lee, other people call it the confederate flag, as my flag?

    Anonymous • Fri Oct 2 05:56:57 2015

  • Well damn, that was a mistake.

    You have a really counter-intuitive ask max interface. Shame on you.

    Going right back on topic, Here is my question.

    Hi Max,

    Other than the *the bureaucracy that shall not be named*, have you ever received any copyright infringement notices from companies? I can imagine having Nike's main marketing campaign be shooting kids who wear their shoes (spoilers haha!)is bound to get some attention from Big Brother.

    AlanWed Sep 30 13:43:08 2015

  • Does changing your banners affect your country, so could changing your banners affect your economy?

    A human being on planet EarthTue Sep 29 13:00:40 2015

  • Hey max, at what point in your life will you decide to be an author? Cheers.

    J. Smith

    Anonymous • Mon Sep 28 20:25:49 2015

  • What's a timeline for another book tour? Or, specifically, who do I need to bribe to get a personalized and signed book sent to Italy.

    MishalaMon Sep 28 13:21:50 2015

  • How difficult is it to get you to appear at a place and talk about your books? As in, how enticing must an offer be to convince you to leave the Prison Island?

    AmySun Sep 27 19:01:22 2015

  • Are you working on a new book?

    Ong Jun HongFri Sep 25 01:04:38 2015

  • What do you think of the Welsh?

    FoxThu Sep 24 14:08:52 2015

  • Have you ever talked about your process before a first draft? Do you do a lot of prep, outlining, or notes collation, or that sorta thing?

    danielThu Sep 24 02:46:37 2015

  • What do you think of the works by Chuck Palahniuk (author of fight club)? Your novels both seem to knock on the typical American dream?

    MosheTue Sep 22 08:29:14 2015

  • hardly anyone knows about you in australia. why do you think that is?

    --- (#6976)Mon Sep 14 22:45:24 2015

  • I started reading Lexicon but I haven't finished it yet. So far I really like it. I thought of how awesome if it was turned into a movie! Am I hoping to much...?

    KatherineFri Sep 11 20:51:03 2015

  • Max when is your next book due out since I'm anxiously awaiting a new Max Barry Book.

    Michael LedermanWed Sep 9 23:18:51 2015

  • Please explain the last chapter in lexicon. I love the book and your way of writing so much but that chapter is driving me insane!

    Sameeksha Wed Sep 9 04:05:37 2015

  • Hi Mr. Barry, I had a question for you regarding Lexicon. What was your reasoning behind Yeats' obsession with his shoes and do you like the way he turned out as a character? He seemed so weird and interesting to me and maybe that's why he remains in my memory even after I finished and he freaked me out. I would love if I got a response but if not it's understandable and thank you for your time!

    PriscilaMon Sep 7 14:10:59 2015

  • would you please be my friend?

    JuanMon Sep 7 13:53:29 2015

  • Hi Max,

    First of all, I have to say that Lexicon is definitely a must-read book. It is complete and full of complex ideas, and it made me question a lot, even events that occur in our modern-day society.

    That being said, I have a lingering question about the book that I would love to have answered. In chapter Three of Babel, Eliot and Brontë have a discussion in which Eliot says "I have this idea that it would have been a girl... She'd be grown now. A young woman." This, of course, made a my heart break a little, and I began to question what he was talking about. Thus, my question is the following: Is Emily, the young woman who just so happened to grow on the streets without her parents, Eliot and Brontë's daughter? It may be a stretch, but in my mind, the pieces add up to Emily being their daughter, explaining Eliot's compassion towards her. I really hope you can answer this! Thank you for your time.

    Nadia SeguraMon Sep 7 11:35:03 2015

  • If you could be on character from your book Lexicon, who would you be?

    LisieSun Sep 6 15:55:54 2015

  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was paid slightly above minimum wage and worked a moderate amount of shifts, but had a second job too to make ends meet?

    Timberny SandeersThu Sep 3 23:11:38 2015

  • What is the story with (last page of Lexicon IV, Two)? I get re-directed to a page about Australian TV. There does not seem to be a

    Tokyo Racer (#6957)Thu Sep 3 07:09:32 2015

  • Where are you currently living?

    Yara HernandezWed Sep 2 14:50:26 2015

  • Hi Max. You're back! Not really a question here. Just glad to see you weren't kidnapped by pirates and forced to read them Moby Dick in an old man's accent for the last eight months, though that might've made for a cool story. Can't wait to see what you're working on next.

    JeremyMon Aug 31 18:11:20 2015

  • do you actually reply to these

    chernobyl bearSun Aug 30 17:38:27 2015

  • Hi Max

    What's your policy on granting permission for a site to re-blog one of your blog posts.

    On 25 November 2014, your blog post titled, 15 Ways To Write A Novel, appeared on Aerogramme Writer’s Studio.

    It’s an informative article and it would be wonderful to share it with the online writing group which I help to administrate.


    MichelleSun Aug 30 11:09:02 2015

  • I simply want to tell you that I am just new to bnggoilg and site-building and truly loved you're web-site. Probably I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You actually come with exceptional stories. Appreciate it for revealing your blog.

    JitenderSat Aug 29 03:53:48 2015

  • why do you have a big head

    sara kitchenThu Aug 27 10:51:40 2015

  • Do you have a nation(s) in NationStates and are you were willing to share one of their names? (I know the answer to my second question is "NO." I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in receiving 500+ telegrams per day:)

    Also, do you take part in discussions in the NS forum? (Maybe I've already talked with you and I don't know it)


    OvybiaWed Aug 26 20:10:31 2015

  • Whats it like being a famous author?

    Anonymous • Tue Aug 25 10:24:34 2015

  • Are there new books coming up? Can't wait!

    CarlaThu Aug 20 14:46:43 2015

  • Hi, Max, I'm sure you've been asked this before, but could you please tell us your most important rule for setting up a writer's website? For instance, you've got a nice picture at the top of your site, but what if we're not as handsome as you are? Should we lead with something else? Or is a picture not the most important element of a website? Thanks very much.

    Sean SThu Aug 20 07:29:33 2015

  • are you open to any book ideas?

    Jacobec413@gmail.comMon Aug 17 13:13:42 2015

  • Hi Max-

    I was looking for .epub versions of your books to purchase, and ran across your article "My stupid industry." Well, that's awesome and all- but I still can't find .epub versions for sale anywhere. Can you suggest a place to get them, and/or do you want to do something off the wall like run a kickstarter for your next novel that supplies .epubs of older works for contributing?

    I really like your stuff, and hope to see a lot more of it going forward. That means you need to get paid for it one way or another so you don't end up finding a different job because the industry is messed up. But I already carry a phone, a tablet and a laptop everywhere, and I'm not going to purchase a stupid Kindle to do something my tablet already does like a champ (I prefer Bookviser Premium on Windows 10 for my reading- it does what I want without hogging resources, and I already paid for it.)

    I'm ready to buy your books right now- if I could find them in the right format. I don't want any more paper books at this point, and just want to have them in a cloud-based drive where they can sync with all my PCs whereever I'm at. So, I'm hoping you know- who is selling that? Can your publisher offer them directly if the resellers won't carry them?



    Jesse K. (#6942)Sun Aug 16 15:11:07 2015

  • Don't respond to this question if you are [violet].

    The CommunityThu Aug 13 11:41:40 2015

  • If you were a Poet, who would you be named after?

    Sandburg Tue Aug 11 13:34:50 2015

  • What's it like living life as a minor public figure, both from your authorship and from your hit game?

    -SoulsTue Aug 11 13:33:23 2015

  • Do you watch Doctor Who? And if so do you have a favorite Doctor?

    MelTue Aug 11 12:46:33 2015

  • What's the best way to take over the world (and keep it)?

    Overlord In TrainingMon Aug 10 03:59:13 2015

  • When do you think your new book will be available to your audience? I have read all your books and am patiently waiting for your next piece of work.

    KiwiSun Aug 9 19:19:56 2015

  • Why am i a cow?

    DeathCowFri Aug 7 16:50:04 2015

  • Did you ever imagine that so many people would go on nation states now knowing how many people are on the site

    Sebastion Fri Aug 7 05:22:20 2015

  • Does it ever sadden you that half of the questions asked to you are nonsensical and/or not relevant to the profession that you spent the past decade and a half of your life devoted to?

    The Crimson Sausage (#6933)Thu Aug 6 10:01:13 2015

  • Canyou tell us what are you working on? Or you just sitting and doing nothing?

    JaroZawiercieThu Aug 6 07:32:39 2015

  • Why did you do it?

    StormlarkWed Aug 5 00:26:14 2015

  • What is your favorite food?

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 3 23:00:05 2015

  • Max, do you plan to add any more features to NationStates, or leave it alone and silently watch regions develop until DEN crushes us all?

    Anonymous • Mon Aug 3 16:44:50 2015

  • Would you be a raider or defender on NS?

    NationStatesSun Aug 2 07:18:34 2015

  • Have you heard of you Reggie-singing name twin? Look it up on YouTube, "Max Barry Money." Is this secretly you? Is it really all about money? Where does all the money spent on stamps go? The song says, "you know what, if you don't have no money you can't do no thing," is this true?


    Anonymous • Sun Aug 2 02:48:46 2015

  • Is the new game NS3?

    Anonymous • Sun Aug 2 02:05:54 2015

  • I just want to let you know that I'm honored to have had my questions approved for the past two days.

    The Crimson Sausage (#6933)Fri Jul 31 11:00:58 2015

  • Is the Who Are You dialog deliberately wonky? It makes me adjust my glasses as if I'm the one with the wonk. Every time. Like a practical joke that just isn't practical at all.

    Lachlan (#6414)Thu Jul 30 21:10:11 2015

  • Is Ask Max just a way for you to avoid doing what you're supposed to be doing? I know it's working a treat for me, so for that I doff my cap to you.

    Lachlan (#6414)Thu Jul 30 21:07:39 2015

  • I imagine that the life of a writer is, by necessity, a solitary one. Even if it isn't, engage your imagination to see it as one. I know that when I work from home for prolonged periods (more than one day in a row), I become starved of human interaction and find myself chatting away to shopkeepers for an embarrasingly long time when I duck out for lunch. Do you, the imagined solitary writer, find yourself craving human interaction and creating wild excuses to seek out and interact with other people?

    Lachlan (#6414)Thu Jul 30 21:05:30 2015

  • Is it physically possible to shoot bullets out of my mouth like the Russian Lexicon cover? If so, how much would it cost to surgically implant a firearm into my mouth?

    Not Clint Eastwood (#6933)Thu Jul 30 17:41:32 2015

  • Hi Max, Any updates on your Feb 18, 2006 blog post about getting sued for using corporate names in your novels? McDonalds plays a big role in my novel? Am I going to jail ;-) or am I safe? Could you please give us an update? Thanks Max!

    MichaelWed Jul 29 21:11:23 2015

  • Was Barack Hussein Obama actually born in the US?

    Donald "The American Dream is dead" TrumpWed Jul 29 12:54:30 2015

  • Are you Tupac?

    yrraB xaMWed Jul 29 12:36:56 2015

  • After reading Lexicon, I wonder why you choose Rosalía de Castro as the main representative of Spanish chapter for the organization. As far as I know, Rosalía is a major poet in Galician language but within Spanish literature she has a minor role, as far as the academy goes. So I wonder why you choose her! - Actually, I'm from Galicia so I'm sympathetic with the election, but the wonder goes anyhow. If you want/have the time to explain how you choose other poets it'd be awesome too!

    Andrés (#6932)Tue Jul 28 08:30:39 2015

  • What can you suggest to read in what is left of the summer? As an author, I'm sure you have to have had encountered some good books.

    PFNSSun Jul 26 14:05:15 2015

  • Dear Max, I'm just curious as to your thoughts about ebooks vs Paperback. Which is better for Authors? And which is better for readers?

    Thanks, Baz

    BazSat Jul 25 18:24:00 2015

  • what is your take on Nationstates current dramma over the resolution that created the "World Space Administration"?

    BitelySat Jul 25 12:34:25 2015

  • Max, please tell me you are bringing Tales of Corporate Oppression back? I just submitted a new tale, I think you might like!!

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 24 17:59:21 2015

  • What other sites did you make just like NationStates. Ne

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 24 14:14:36 2015

  • Do you even lift?

    Anonymous • Mon Jul 20 22:48:05 2015

  • So what did you think of Mad Max: Fury Road? I assume viewing is mandatory for Australians.

    Anonymous • Mon Jul 20 14:05:30 2015

  • Max, you've no doubt heard of Xlibris and their exploits. Is there an efficient way of warning all new writers about them?

    Matt (#6869)Mon Jul 20 12:41:53 2015

  • Which, if any, of your characters do you think is most like yourself? Also, if you were to make the casting decisions for a movie version of Company, who would play Eve?

    ShawnSun Jul 19 18:40:47 2015

  • Aloha Max, glad you're back. When you write near-future work, do you ever despair? If so, how do you handle it?

    Yours, Ilsa

    Ilsa (#6785)Sat Jul 18 21:14:36 2015

  • Max, I moved to Melbourne in early January and you went silent on Twitter on that exact moment. I feel like I've jinxed you. P.S. When are we hanging out to talk about the frustrations of writing?

    Bennett GavrishFri Jul 17 19:28:03 2015

  • Hi Max,

    Although initially I'd assumed that all questions typed inside the Ask Max Super Cute Bubble must be related at least tenuously to the art of writing the quick scan I made of of your blogs suggests a more inclusive question-scape. I like inclusive . I like that I just coined the term 'question-scape' even more... So here's my question:

    I have a pet lamb named Martin who has developed a vitamin d deficiency due to lack of sunlight. Martin is a special needs lamb and can't spend endless hours outside and so to remedy the situation I purchased a metal-halide hydroponic grow lamp and suspended it from my lounge room ceiling directly above the spot where Martin and I have out daily 'hood massage and burp snuggle' session. His vitamin d deficiency is almost a thing of the past now so it's working - great news! But When I think of telling someone other than via a cute bible interface I feel a mixture of anxiety, restraint and the kind of spectacular, shooting star, glamourific, hurts-so-good pain that can only be truly experienced outside of a tour bus by standing in close proximity to a stream of hot metal shavings.

    Question 1 (a&b) am I just channelling the baggage created in my youth when I hesitate in speaking of this 'indoor hydro-lamb' situation? Could the 'Try to grow weed in my bedroom closet' debacle from 25 years ago still be affecting my decisions to such an extent?

    Question 2: is this enquiry sufficiently long enough to have made the Cute Bubble forever tied to the frustration felt in knowing that a rope a crossbeam are indeed nowhere to be found and to not finish reading the whole message would be like not watching Xanadu through to the final credits?

    Thanks Max!

    Kindest regards,

    Blythe and Martin the Imagination Lamb

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 17 15:14:19 2015

  • Even if you want to keep quiet about the game, can't you tell us anything? Something as abstract as concepts (Time management, moral decisions, resource optimisation) or as geeky as technology (programming language or challenges.) I might regret it since it would be a tease, but I'm willing to undergo that risk! ;-)

    Xavier Desroches (#1840)Fri Jul 17 14:34:30 2015

  • Did you ever read "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and if so did you like it and are you going to read the newly released other novel she wrote "To Set a Watchman"? (Sorry, that's 3 questions, technically.) And welcome back, can't wait for your next book!

    Lynne in NYFri Jul 17 13:20:20 2015

  • What kind of wildlife you you normally see around your house? Does this influence your books in any way?

    coletteFri Jul 17 12:05:52 2015

  • I have a question, if you're not too busy.

    Your books, rather than sitting in a single genre like many writers, are much more varied than most I come across (sci-fi, action, satire, fantasy usually more than one in each book).

    Do you think there's anything that unifies your work? Any particular concept or idea that keeps popping up in your books that you think drives you to write?

    Fluffybunnyboo (#3921)Fri Jul 17 11:09:29 2015

  • Max, you've broken the silence, hooray! Admitting you have a problem is the first step. :)

    What dystopian ideas have you pondered and then seen happen in real life?

    TracyFri Jul 17 10:38:48 2015

  • Why is everything in Australia up side down?

    Dale BirchFri Jul 17 10:26:50 2015

  • Is the game you're making a MUD? Because I love MUDs.


    MollyFri Jul 17 09:23:47 2015

  • When is the next serial?

    Ben (#3924)Fri Jul 17 08:04:00 2015

  • What was the first fictional world you remember falling in love with? I mean total immersion, the kind where you don't want to return to real world.

    Lindsay EdmundsFri Jul 17 06:26:36 2015

  • Hiya Max! Glad to see you back, looking forward to new stuff. I was wondering how you come up with the ideas for your stories?

    -Katie, Chicago

    KatieFri Jul 17 06:21:42 2015

  • As a gamer how do you feel about the current trend of remaking and remastering previously released games?

    RyanFri Jul 17 05:35:41 2015

  • What does a typical day of writing look like?

    RScottFri Jul 17 05:01:24 2015

  • A game by you would be very cool. I tried out NationStates for a short while but couldn't give it enough time. I will for this one! My question is: what programming language are you using, and do you need any help :)

    electrichead (#3898)Fri Jul 17 04:58:15 2015

  • Max,

    How fast are you going to get sick of people abusing the "Ask Max" feature of your website just to keep themselves entertained at work.


    p diddy

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 17 04:31:17 2015

  • Max,

    I have a life size cut out of you in my bedroom. Do you prefer to be the big or the little spoon?


    Pee tear.

    Anonymous • Fri Jul 17 04:28:19 2015

  • What are ten items which should NEVER be used in the bedroom? If you tape a list to your wall until you come up with ten that's fine :D

    Anonymous MooseFri Jul 17 01:22:57 2015

  • long time no hear or see Max - I would not follow you through the social network route - my intuitions weren't auguring positively - I am also busy writing my first [hopefully] novel - it has been percolating since 1984 - [the year my first book was published [actually 1985] - what types of variations to handwriting and console tapping - other than these two aforementioned do you use any other mediums? - your old fan, stan

    stanley beckerFri Jul 17 01:18:29 2015

  • I've written an unpublished novel, and I'd like to remove the "un." Do you have any tips for getting a publisher or agent to give me the time of day?

    MikeFri Jul 17 00:27:35 2015

  • Max,

    I have an abscess on my inner thigh. What ratio of milk do you put with your eggs when making scrambled?

    PetriFri Jul 17 00:13:02 2015

  • Might be completely cliched, but I'll throw you an easy one: If you knew somebody that wanted to be a writer like you, was in a similar sort of spot in life (married, kids, tall, balding, etc), what advice would you give them to rock the shiz as hard as you do?

    JuddThu Jul 16 23:59:55 2015

  • Why even, like, wear clothes?

    Mr. Private Email-sanThu Jul 16 23:44:52 2015

  • It's awesome you are doing a game, games need great writers.

    What genre is the game?

    Alan W (#1427)Thu Jul 16 22:18:20 2015

  • Max,

    I noticed you've started brushing left to right instead of up to down. Are there dental benefits from brushing in this manner I am not aware of?

    Not peterThu Jul 16 22:14:43 2015

  • Max,

    Last month I found out I was pregnant. Off the top of your head, do you think I should keep it?



    PeterThu Jul 16 22:10:06 2015

  • Are you really answering questions?

    R (#1653)Thu Jul 16 21:34:32 2015

  • Which one of your books you've written is your favorite? Also... how about Pluto? Freaking awesome huh! Why doesn't Australia have a space program? (that I know about?)

    BobThu Jul 16 21:27:35 2015

  • What is your process on getting started with a story and making that an appealing read that fans like me want to pay for?

    JayThu Jul 16 20:51:48 2015

  • Hey Max, can you please confirm this new computer game is *not* Nationstates 2.

    TimThu Jul 16 20:50:46 2015

  • When are we going to see the new book! I have gone through all your books and love it, I have been holding on Lexicon because I want to save it for the right moment! The rest I ate through them!

    MarzouqThu Jul 16 20:28:37 2015

  • When is Company coming to the big screen? BTW reading about Ask Max was the best thing I've done all week.

    ChristyThu Jul 16 19:45:24 2015

  • What's your thoughts on Plenti, the multi-company loyalty program just starting in the U.S.? Are we getting closer to Jennifer Government?

    IanThu Jul 16 19:25:05 2015

  • if you were to one day snap and cut off a limb and replace it with something, which do you think it would be? oh and what would you choose to replace it with, a fork? a chainsaw? potato peeler? back scratcher?

    Chase R. (#5827)Thu Jul 16 18:50:34 2015

  • Need any help programming or beta testing? I am here for you. Also, have you seen the movie "Frequencies"? Had some intriguing Max Barry allusions, not as good as Lexicon though!

    Brian Tatting (#6923)Thu Jul 16 18:47:44 2015

  • How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?

    SmughornThu Jul 16 18:41:18 2015

  • Did you die? Love your work. You disappeared. How was the other side?

    J.E. MacThu Jul 16 18:32:24 2015

  • Did it give you a warm, fuzzy and rewarding feeling to help The South Pacific, from NationStates, pinpoint its creation date? :)

    Kris KringleThu Jul 16 18:29:18 2015

  • Max! Welcome back - all is forgiven. So will this game be safe for Good Game SP, or is it more for the 'grown ups' Good Game?

    Cameron GovernmentThu Jul 16 18:25:06 2015

  • Do you think universals exist as real and distinct entities, or only as mental constructs?

    that Ikea dresser you wont put togetherThu Jul 16 18:16:38 2015

  • How involved are you right now with the nation simulator you made, Nationstates?

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 16 18:16:17 2015

  • What is your stance on microwaves? The machines, not the particular wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Though you could also present your stance on those too, if you want.

    Anonymous • Thu Jul 16 17:57:20 2015

  • Why are you so sexy?

    Max (#1)Thu Jul 16 17:39:39 2015

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