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Machine Man (serial)

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Date: Thu Feb 26 04:07:29 2009 +0000

Page 4.


One morning I woke to find an extraordinarily beautiful woman sitting at the foot of my hospital bed. She wore a green suit with large buttons. A thick black folder lay in her lap. Her hair was long and straight and corporate. She was a lawyer.

“Hey, you,” she said. “Feeling better?”

“Uh… yes.” I noticed she was holding a tiny black box, with a blinking red light.

She followed my gaze. “I’m recording our conversation, remember?”

“I just woke up.”

“I’m pretty sure you were awake when I notified you. It was right before you stated that you felt on the path to a full recovery.”

“Are you from the company?”

“I’m Cassandra Tourney.” She smiled. Her teeth were like needles. Or maybe that was the drugs. I was on a lot of painkillers. “I’m here to help.”

“I’m not going to sue.”

Tourney glanced at her black box. “You just confirmed that you decline to take legal action against Better Future, is that correct?”

“Wait.” I was starting to wake up. “Now I’m not sure.”

Cassandra Tourney rose from the bed. Her face was blank and terrible. She came closer until her face blotted out my world and her hair touched my cheek. Her breath smelled of betrayal and cinnamon. “Are you trying to blackmail me?”

“What? No.”

“Threatening legal action following a commitment to desist from same is tantamount to fraud,” she breathed. “Did you know that?”


“Who’s advising you? Seddon?”

“I don’t know any Seddon.”

She exhaled. It was like a summer breeze. “This isn’t over.” She straightened, turned on her heel, and trotted out of the room. Her skirt was very snug.

I realized I was holding my breath. I felt shaky and excited and strangely close to tears. I had never been in love before.


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