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Jennifer Government
  • Jennifer Government: US hardback
  • Jennifer Government: German large paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Italian paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Spanish paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Dutch paperback reissue
  • Jennifer Government: Brazilian paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Taiwanese paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Swedish paperback
  • Jennifer Government: Swedish paperback


Mon 28

Ph34r my paperback

Jennifer Government Jennifer Government hits bookstore shelves across in Australia and New Zealand today, as what may be the world’s largest paperback. This thing is enormous. It’s like one of those giant Fosters cans they put out in other countries to trade off the stereotype of Australians as hard-drinking beer guzzlers, even though in Australia Fosters cans are just the normal size. Ah, marketing. But I digress.

Later today I’m going to check out bookstores and quietly move all their Jennifer Government copies to more prominent locations. (Oh come on, other authors do it.) I just need to limber up first. They are really big paperbacks.