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Machine Man (serial)

My legs stopped at a busy intersection somewhere south of downtown. I didn’t know where, exactly. All I knew was they had been running for ten minutes and I had been hanging on, begging them not to kill me. Like all my legs, the Contours had been subjected to some pretty rigorous quality assurance in the lab, but some things you couldn’t simulate. One of those things, apparently, was that mortal terror interfered with the legs’ ability to interpret mental instructions. At least, I hope that’s what it was. The alternative was that they were wilful.

I had gotten a lot of alarmed looks over the last ten minutes, and some screaming and fleeing, but now, as I stood swaying and sweating on the street corner, passers-by barely glanced at me. A man put his hand on his wife’s shoulder to guide her around me; that was all. I realized that with my tie hanging over my shoulder like a tongue, my shirt dripping with sweat, my pants almost shredded and my jacket gray with concrete dust, I looked like a hobo. And I started to laugh, because that was a very normal thing to be, and my legs had stopped and I was still alive, and that had been the most out-of-control freaking ten minutes of my life.


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Machine Man subscriber Craig Barron (#1276)

Location: Leeds, UK.
Quote: "“Trust Elizabeth to get upset over a donut.”"
Posted: 5465 days ago

Max, this one day will be made in to a film.

Love ya work, buddy.

Machine Man subscriber Ian Manka (#3916)

Location: Los Angeles, California (school) | Akron, Ohio (home)
Quote: "Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance."
Posted: 5465 days ago

Any particular reason why you used the variant of "willful" and not the word itself? To me, it looks odd.

I'm a bit confused why Charlie has to "hang on" to his legs. I would have thought they had attached, or if not, Charlie would have foreseen the necessity of a seat belt to stay in the seat whilst moving.

Well, I'm sure the kinks will be worked out in Contour 2.0.

Machine Man subscriber coolpillows (#3749)

Location: new york general sort of vicinity
Quote: ""It's not working" -- Joseph Clark"
Posted: 5465 days ago

Whew...finally "standing" still. Up to now the action has been paced along the very leisurely reading of a page a day. But when you've got a chase on...that lasted for several days of just wanna catch your breath. Charlie, hang out, look around for a minute at the mess you created.

Machine Man subscriber C Leffelman (#3968)

Location: IL
Quote: "You can only be young once. But you can always be immature. - Dave Barry "
Posted: 5465 days ago

"and that had been the most out-of-control freaking ten minutes of my life."

Believable, but what about the time he chopped his first leg off, presumably the accidental one? haha.

But the patience is killing me with this style. It is a great to open my inbox to these emails but I can't wait to see what happens!!! :D

Machine Man subscriber Ben (#3924)

Location: Alberta, Canada
Quote: "I don't wanna ride the elevator."
Posted: 5465 days ago

@Ian Manka, Im not sure how a simple seatbelt would work if one was lacked physical legs, especially to strap you too fake ones. A complex harness would likely be required.

@coolpillows, "And beware the trailing mob out to kill you for it..."

@Charie, Good idea to incorporate a complex extreme emotion sensing algorithm into your legs, and without even consciously thinking about it. Genius.

@Max Barry, You should get some robotic facial hair. It is superior.

Machine Man subscriber Yannick (#3858)

Location: Heist, Belgium
Quote: "he reads things"
Posted: 5465 days ago

Suddenly a violent solar flare bumps some satellites out of position, leaving Charlie essentially lost with his broken GPS-path-finding-whatchamacallit!

Then again, hopping out of the Contours and dragging himself back to the lab would be pretty kickass too. A bit hard to implement in the movie, perhaps.
Well, unless the lead star doesn't mind chopping both his legs off.

a steel wool moustache? Try shaving that!

Machine Man subscriber fredzfrog (#2368)

Location: Moe
Quote: "Fredzfrog"
Posted: 5464 days ago
maybe the next page? :P

Machine Man subscriber Wiz (#3990)

Posted: 5464 days ago

"It's the wrong trousers, Gromit, and they've gone wrong! Stop them, Gromit! Stop them! Help me! Gr-Gromit! The trousers have gone haywire!"

David (#1848)

Location: Texas
Quote: "Delighted!"
Posted: 5464 days ago

Max, you are an inspiration!

stanley becker (#5283)

Location: black hole
Posted: 4751 days ago

some men are dominated by their penis, some woman are dominated by their vagina, so I guess that Charlie's wilful legs are plausible ........ what confuses me in todays episode is why looking like a "hobo" [? dated americanism ?] is a "normal" thing to be - 1. Charlie is as far away from normal you can get 2. Charlie Chaplin looked like a hobo and he's not eponymous with Charlie the Machine Man - as Descartes put it "I think therefore I am"

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