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How do I read it?

Read the first few pages online, and pretty soon you'll catch up to a live feed. This will offer you two main ways to get the rest: by email (a page in your inbox each day), or by news feed (for people who know what that means).

You can also just read on this website, via this page (or, for mobile devices with small screens, this one). But then I would have written all this daily delivery code for nothing. You might as well slap me in the face.

How often are there new pages?

Five days a week: Monday to Friday.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes. If you have a device with a small screen, like a phone, and you're browsing pages directly on the site rather than getting them via email or feed reader, you may wish to use the mobile version. This gives you pages without any extraneous sidebars and banners, like my face grinning at you. So that's a plus. As an example, here is normal Page 1 and mobile Page 1.

It's not working properly on my device!

Please email me to let me know! I want to fix any glitches.

What format are pages?

They're HTML, which means you don't need anything special to view them. They are not locked up with one of those terribly clever Digital Rights Management schemes that work perfectly for eight people out of ten, none of whom are you. I'm not a fan of those.

Why do I want to own it?

Because you get to read the whole thing. Also, you get your own feed, which you can control. You can rewind and pause. You can reach the end and start again from any point, or give it to a friend to read from the beginning. It's your book, served one page at a time.

Will it work forever?

Yes, for a practical definition of "forever." If the internet is rendered obsolete by new carrier-pigeon technology or similar that makes it unfeasible to maintain this delivery mechanism, I'll put up a free download of the entire serial for subscribers.

How do I buy it?

What an excellent question. Buy your own Machine Man feed here!

About Machine Man | Technical Help