Cec Busby
September 1999

Maxx Barry makes an impressive debut with his comic novel Syrup. Set in L.A. amidst the corporate world of the nation's largest company - Coca-Cola - it's a hip and clever satire on the nature of the marketing business. Armed with an hilarious antihero Scat (real name Michael George Holloway), Barry delivers a perfect send-up of an insane industry. From backstabbing boardroom shenanigans to outrageous gimmicks pitched at cornering a new sector of the demographic, Syrup skirts just close enough to reality to make for a truly entertaining read.

While Coke mightn't be thrilled with the way their marketing department is depicted, you've got to hope the soft drink giant remembers that old adage that any publicity is good publicity and that they don't try and pull the plug on this hilarious new book.