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USASyrup went briefly out of print in late 2002, before being revived in April 2003 when its publisher realized the nation didn't deserve to be deprived of this excellent work of literature, or could sell a bunch of copies on the back of Jennifer Government, or something.

This means that although Syrup isn't especially common on bookstore shelves, it is available: any store can order it in for you. You should also have no trouble picking up a copy online.

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CanadaSyrup has never been easy to find in Canada: according to my royalty statement, it sold a grand total of about 150 copies there. This must make it one of the most unpopular novels in Canadian history. What happened? I don't know. Maybe the truck with all the copies rolled off a cliff somewhere between New York and Toronto.

But otherwise, it's the same deal as in the US: bookstores will either have copies on the shelves or be able to get one in for you.

AustraliaNew ZealandCopies were plentiful in Australia and New Zealand right up until Jennifer Government came out, at which point Penguin promptly ran out of stock. You couldn't buy it for a while, then they discovered a whole bunch of copies that had slipped down the back of a couch or something, and they sold those. They decided against reprinting, so eventually I got the rights back and passed them along to Scribe, who released a new edition in 2008 that looks like this. It's reasonably easy to find in Australian/NZ bookstores and online. Booko Readings

UKSyrup was never released in the UK, and there are no plans for a British edition yet. Why this is so is one of those questions that plagues mankind throughout the ages, like where odd socks go. The feedback I got at the time (1998) was that the story felt "too American." Since I'm Australian, this made me laugh and laugh until my throat got all choked up with hot, bitter bile.

Recently, however, has made the American version available to Brits - and it's even discounted.

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