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SOURCE P39 V2/6.
Machine Man (serial)

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Date: Thu Apr 30 11:49:12 2009 +0000

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The place Lola Banks had arranged to meet turned out to be an upmarket cafe. It had smoked glass and a deep green awning and wrought iron furniture out on the sidewalk. I felt a twinge of doubt about my ability to navigate this place without creating a scene, but then I saw Lola through the glass, sitting at a table with her hair in a pony-tail, and my heart jumped, and so did my legs. They jogged up the step and inside almost before I could duck beneath the doorway. A few people turned toward me, pasta dangling from their forks, and I stopped, feeling self-conscious. I looked like a vagrant, you may recall. A six-foot six, dust-covered vagrant with titanium hooves. But Lola turned toward me and I stopped caring what other people thought, because she was radiating joy.


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