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E-mail Max

Here's the thing. I replied to all my e-mail for a long time. And I really enjoyed it; I liked getting it, I liked writing back, I loved hearing that someone had their car broken into and the only thing the thief took was a copy of Jennifer Government. But this took a lot of my time, to the point where I just couldn't keep up with it. So, sad to say, as of January 2005 I'm no longer replying to all e-mail.

I do read it all. Reading e-mail is faster than writing it, and I don't have to try to be clever and witty. I just sit there and move my eyeballs. And, as mentioned, I love getting e-mail, so please do feel free to write to me. But in most cases, I will be sending you back happy vibes rather than an actual message.

I am sorry about this, because I wrote to an author once and when she e-mailed back I just about died at how cool it was. I hope the fact that I'm blogging pretty regularly now makes up for it.

Oh, which reminds me: if you do e-mail me and don't say otherwise, there's a chance I will quote you on my site. A pretty small chance, but I should make sure you're aware of it. You know, just in case you're litigious.

My addy: My first name followed by an underscore and my surname <-- This address gets enormous amounts of spam. If you put the word "duck" in your subject (e.g. "[duck] Why you're an idiot"), it's less likely to be accidentally junked. *

Note: If you have a question about NationStates, you probably want to visit this page instead.

* About that "duck:" Apparently many people are suspicious about my motives. I'm not actually just sitting here giggling at making you put a silly word in your subject lines. Well, I am a little, but that's not my main motivation. I have a message filter that auto-flags anything with "duck" in the subject as non-spam. I chose the word "duck" because it's short, difficult to misspell, and not used by spam. Also I like ducks.