Sun 09

Syrup 101

Syrup Today I achieved one of my life-long goals: I was used as a case study in a marketing textbook! This is cool because in Syrup, Scat lives in fear of becoming a “How Not To” case study. Now I am one! Only in a good way.

Just in case this is of interest to anyone other than myself, the textbook is Strategic Internet Marketing 2.0 by Susan & Stephen Dann, and it talks about how the NationStates game I wrote helped promote Jennifer Government.

Mon 28

Syrup returns

Syrup “It’s baaaaack.” Hmm, it really is hard to get the inflection right on that. But the point: Syrup is back in the US & Canada! It went briefly out of print in what was a terrible, dark time for, I think I can say, all of humanity. But especially me.

What this means: whether a bookstore has copies on its shelves or not, it can order some. So feel free, if your bookstore doesn’t have a Syrup, to demand they get some. Pound the counter, too. That makes you more persuasive.

Fri 28

Back in black & white

Syrup Great news: Viking is going back to the presses! Yes, copies of Syrup, which have been increasingly hard to find in the US & Canada lately, will soon be nestled on bookstore shelves again.

To all those people who wrote in for the SaveOurSyrups e-mail campaign: thank you so much! Your support really helped.

I don’t yet know when the new Syrups will be available. If you’d like to be notified when the book comes out, e-mail [email protected].

Tue 11

I can’t get no love

Syrup The film option period has expired, and I don’t see any Syrup movie posters around featuring Matt Damon, so I must have the rights back. This means I get to sell them all over again, which isn’t a bad deal, really. Apparently some writers make a pretty good living just re-selling film options to their books, with no film ever being made. Not bad work if you can get it. But… I’d love to see the film get up.

There’s some interest from a few different production companies, so we’ll see how we go.