Tue 10

French letters

Syrup I received some Soda & Cie’s in the mail, which is the French version of Syrup. Ooh la la! You can check out the cover if you like.

I’ve also added an Other Books section, since the most common question I get asked is: “Are you writing another book?” (Right after that is: “What’s taking you so long?”) It’s spectacularly devoid of information, but you can take a guess at which of six possible books I’m writing. (I don’t tell you if you’re right, you just guess. It’s a little cruel.)

Tue 05

Hello again

Syrup This is what happens when your computer dies: you stop updating your web site. But I do have some new goodies: Syrup Extras! If you’ve read the book and want to take a look behind the scenes, check this out.

Everyone else, read the book first. You should be ashamed.

Wed 24

Reprints for Syrup


It’s about a month and a half before the Syrup paperback (with that controversial cover) hits the shelves in the US, and it’s just gone back for a second printing! This is pretty exciting, since I’ve never been reprinted before.

The smaller, cuter, Aussie paperback comes out in a couple of weeks time, and I’ll be doing a reading at Readings Books in Melbourne on 29th June.

Mon 07

Der Roman Zur Neuen Weltordnung

Syrup I got my hands on the German version of Syrup, which is called Fukk. It’s a fairly weird feeling to not be able to read my own book. It’s also very strange to see Scat and 6 in L.A. saying, “Ja, ja.” But it is an interesting way to learn German: I go to where the naughty words should be and look them up.

You know how when you stand a book up, the writing on the spine faces left? Well, German books face the opposite way. Either that, or Fukk is the result of a really big screw-up. (I just found that interesting.)

The Australian mass-market paperback is due out in a few months’ time, and I love the new-look cover. I have so many different Syrup covers now that I’m going to make up a special page for them all. Until then, you can compare the US hardback and forthcoming (June) paperback here — and boy, that paperback’s really getting its butt kicked in the voting.