Mon 07

Der Roman Zur Neuen Weltordnung

Syrup I got my hands on the German version of Syrup, which is called Fukk. It’s a fairly weird feeling to not be able to read my own book. It’s also very strange to see Scat and 6 in L.A. saying, “Ja, ja.” But it is an interesting way to learn German: I go to where the naughty words should be and look them up.

You know how when you stand a book up, the writing on the spine faces left? Well, German books face the opposite way. Either that, or Fukk is the result of a really big screw-up. (I just found that interesting.)

The Australian mass-market paperback is due out in a few months’ time, and I love the new-look cover. I have so many different Syrup covers now that I’m going to make up a special page for them all. Until then, you can compare the US hardback and forthcoming (June) paperback here — and boy, that paperback’s really getting its butt kicked in the voting.