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Max Barry wrote the novels Syrup, Jennifer Government, Company, Machine Man, and Lexicon. He also created the game NationStates and once found a sock full of pennies.


Sun 05

They love me… they really love me

Syrup The L.A. Times has just named Syrup one of “The Best Books of 1999”!

That’s so cool — thanks L.A. Times!

Wed 17

Future covers

Syrup I’ve got a sneak preview of the new Syrup cover, which will adorn the US paperback release next year. What do you think? Yes, I’m getting interactive: vote for your favorite cover now!

And one other thing: the German-language Syrup is coming out shortly, under the name Fukk. That gives me an alarming amount of adolescent enjoyment.

Mon 11

And home again

Syrup I’m back in Melbourne after the Newcastle Young Writers Festival — my first writers festival, and a great experience! Things have been very busy for the last couple of months, especially since I’m just a few weeks away from finishing my next novel. (No, it’s not a sequel. No, I’m not going to tell you about it… yet.) Stay tuned!

Fri 13

Send a friend some syrup today

Syrup Zowie, this is pretty cool. Thanks to Penguin Australia, you can now send a Syrup e-postcard!

Thu 12

Syrup in Oz

Syrup Back to Australia after five months in the US! I had such a great time in the States, but boy, it’s good to be home again. Syrup is already on the bookshelves here (and wow, it’s everywhere I look), although most of my publicity stuff won’t happen until September. (I argued hard for a Godzilla-style teaser campaign, starting to build about nine months before publication date, but you won’t believe how obstinate these publishers can be.)

Fri 30

After the tour

Syrup Thanks to everyone who came to hear me read on my US tour! I think my favorite question was: “Did you really write this?” Indeed: did I, or is this exotic Australian exterior nothing but a slick marketing idea designed to attract publicity? You be the judge.

Tue 06

We have lift-off

Syrup It’s publication day! Woo hoo!

Tue 22

See Max Run

Syrup U.S. tour dates & places are now finalized: you can come giggle at my accent in New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco or Boston.

Mon 14

Getting Closer

Syrup Less than a month until Syrup hits the shelves, and new reviews (below)!

Tue 18

It Begins

Syrup Early reviews!

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